New Super Mario 3D World Screenshots And Artwork Revealed



A barrage of new Super Mario 3D World images have been revealed that showcase some of the game’s incredible number of power-ups, as well as some new characters. Among the more exciting additions is a new train level in which the trains look similar to the airships often found throughout the Mario series.

Information, images, and video keep pouring in for Super Mario 3D World as its release date draws nearer. Among the new revelations about the game are the new Captain Toad levels, a trick for getting infinite lives, and the news that a major ad campaign will be arriving soon for the title. Super Mario 3D World will be released November 22nd in North America and November 29th in Europe.


    1. The hype train (or the Bowser Train) is already in full steam on Super Mario 3D World and the U, Commander. After Nintendo releases the gameplay trailer, the buzz continues and the anticipation are already in critical condition whenever there are new screenshots and spoiler clips on YouTube.

  1. Primitive low polygon environments that came straight out of an N64 game. But the babies will love this. Hooray!

    1. Yeah but too bad the babies prefer Mario over Knack weak as graphics. Fke 8 cores oh wait 6 cores the spec sheet fails to state 2 of the 8 cores are for the OS but those graphics suck? For 3 cores the which the Spec sheet fails to state more powerful than a single PS4 core those graphics look great. I wonder why Knack needs more gigs to display thosegraphics and Wii U only needs one? After aall Bayonetta 2 needs 1 gig to do 1080p 60fps. PS4 needs what 3.5?

      1. Yeah ! Sound right :-)
        Maybe ps4 not so powerful …
        WiiU is enough for me of its like those graphics every Times !!!

      2. PS4 can’t handle shit… 900p on BF4, and yet there are framerate drops. This console is a decade late.

      3. Wow it takes 3.5 gigs and 6 cores and it can’t get 1080p? Wii U can get 1080p with 1.5 cores and 1 gig.

      4. Scratch the at less than 1 gig. That’s a damn shame. But according to the spec sheet Wii U is weak. Get doesn’t get into detail into what little the Wii U can do with 3 cores and 1gig.

      5. 3.5 gigs and 6 cores on PS4 and still frame rate drops? But according to the spec sheet that type of power shouldnt have frame rate drops. Right Ice boy?

      6. According to the spec sheet the Wii U can’t handle 1080p 60fps. That’s why I don’t go by no freaking spec sheet but the old fashion Eye Test. But what sucka is since its Nintendo vs. The video game industry what little 3rd party it will get won’t get 1080p not because it can’t handle it but becuae 3rd party is all in PS4’s ass.

      7. Its easy to accomplish 1080p if you are motivated to doing it for your favorite console vs your least favorite.

  2. I want this !!!
    Fuck generic games on ps4 and Xbone!
    I need real games !!!
    Want a WiiU Now !!!!
    Im 28 and I love Mario :-)

  3. So the gig gussling consoles are considered next hen while the gig sipping console is current gen. I though sipping energy instead of guzzling it was the idea for the future? After all the 2014 Corolla is more fuel efficient than the 2008 Corolla.

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