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Reaching Zelda: A Link Between Worlds’ First Dungeon Reportedly Takes Five Minutes

link_between_worlds_fightSkyward Sword eat your heart out – or so it would seem according to a report by Kotaku which claims that you can get to the first dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds within five minutes. Of course, this only refers to the tutorial dungeon and, according to the reporter, takes less than a couple of minutes to beat. But even so, it’s in stark contrast to the lengthy introduction of Skyward Sword, which took a whopping 70 minutes to reach the first dungeon.

In the spirit of the game’s predecessor, A Link to the Past, which took just several minutes to reach the castle basement, Nintendo has seemingly cut right to the chase, providing you with action from the onset for Link’s newest adventure. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds will be released November 22 in North America and Europe.


    1. No. Ocarina of Time was the same. As were some of the handheld games. They just change it up sometimes, it’s good.

  1. the legth is not always good, imagine how annoying is when you take too much to reach it and specially when your game is erased and you must done it again, that happened to me, 70 minutes to reach a dungeon IN A PORTABLE GAME?!!! The game is suposed to be small because is PORTABLE…..

    1. Well any game could have it’s file deleted, that’s not really a good reason to make it short. Otherwise no games should be long.

      1. Yeah, you’re right, i should pay 50$, here wher i live it’s 90$, for 19 hours of gameplay? No thanks, i’d rather buy a cod game and play online mp for years to come

    1. MM took far longer anyway. You need to do a whole three day cycle, then all the Southern Swamp stuff up to Woodfall. But that’s one of the things that’s so great about Zelda, they mix it up, no two Zeldas play quite the same.

      1. This ^ I love how almost each and one of the Zelda games are different. And the ones who are simmilar, likeOoX mixes it up with different game play.

      2. the Oracle games mixed it up by being the same, by being complementary, by having this yin-yang system that hadn’t been done before.

  2. If the game has about 18 hours of gameplay, and it only takes 5 minutes to enter the 1st dungeon… Holy shit…

      1. Hahahaha, people gets confused because they are thinking on a console Zelda (which take even more time to beat), rather than a portable Zelda, 18 hours only for the story (excluding the extra missions and all that stuff) is just than enough for me, and reading that it only takes like 5 minutes to enter the 1st dungeon, that tells me that the game itself its going to have a lot of content, just like OfS and OfA.

  3. This is a portable game, so, it has a gameplay specifically crafted for a portable experience. You can’t make a comparison with a home console… i always beat a dungeon in LA, OoS, OoA in 10-15 minutes…

  4. People reviewing the game said the first dungeon (which is a mandatory first dungeon) is small but the rest get longer.

  5. Majora’s Mask was fun and all, but it took far too long to reach the first dungeon, especially on your first play-through. The Zelda game that reaches the first dungeon fastest is either Zelda 1 or Four Swords Advance, whichever you count as the fastest. But I can’t wait to play this Zelda game!

      1. I’d say it’s pretty much a loved/liked title and there are just some exceptions, as there always are. I definitely know people who liked it but weren’t crazy about it, which doesn’t fall under the parameters of a love-it-or-hate-it title.

  6. I don’t get the comments on this site. Normally you have all these immature, baby-like people saying in an immature baby-like way that Nintendo fans are immature and baby-like. And here, when there are good news about a new Zelda game, people interpret is as being a bad thing! Just compare the intro of A Link to the Past with Skyward Sword ffs! But go on, pretend you actually liked Skyward Sword better, please do!

  7. I don’t think that it is important when you reach a dungeon. It’s important to habe worthwhile things to do in and outside of dungeons. Alttp had a wonderful pacing. Hopefully Albw will have too.

  8. The game reportedly features two difficulty settings this time around: easy mode and easier mode. Nah, not really. But I wouldn’t be surprised.

    1. No, it has a hero mode, where you take 4x damage. Some enemies do 2 hearts of damage. 8 hearts with one hit means difficult, not easy.

  9. I swear gamers these days are the biggest fucking whiners on the net. So what if it took 70minutes to get to the first dungeon in Skyward Sword. The pacing of the game was fine!

  10. Gamers are ruining gaming. They bitch and moan so much that developers feel they need to compromise their vision in order to satisfy the fucking whiners then the whiners fucking whine when they get what they want. Stop playing games if all you’re going to do is bitch and moan! Leave the industry makers alone to do what they want so the rest of us can actually enjoy their work.

  11. Is it five minutes of rushing to the dungeon, or are there really only five minutes’ worth of taking-it-all-in to do? This kind of elaboration goes a long way!

    1. According to the source article, the 5 minutes included name entry, the opening cutscene, etc. After all that, the amount of time to be gained from rushing probably wouldn’t be very much. The article gives the impression that he didn’t rush it, but he didn’t check every drawer or talk to every NPC either

  12. Well, this is actually a good thing. I want to get the game started, not wait around for everything to finally start moving along.

  13. don’t give a fuck cause I know the game overall will be beast. no zelda game has disappointed me to this day.

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