New Super Mario 3D World Commercial Stresses Multiplayer Aspect

A new commercial released by Nintendo of America for the upcoming Super Mario 3D World is titled “Be Together” and emphasizes playing together with family. It shows off the four player multiplayer aspect that game has been designed around further emphasizes that this holiday season, Nintendo is trying to appeal to casual gamers and families with releases such as Wii Fit U, Wii Party U, and Wii Sports Club. What do you think about Nintendo’s marketing strategy going into this upcoming holiday season for the Wii U? Should they be catering more towards the core gamer?


    1. This is sad and cringy! They lied to me and everyone else. They said they were going after the core audience and getting 3 parties back on board. Lies, all lies. It’s worse than ever. I’ve no interest in all this casual muck.

      1. You’ll have to forgive them… THEY’RE TRYING. But it’s tough when the only people who make great games that really use the hardware effectively is your self because 80% of 3rd parties (excluding indy developers) use the same controller, a slightly cuter and more powerful hardware, and same game formula and have been making the same 4 or 5 games for the last 10 years…
        Gritty 3rd person action game.

        or some combination of the 3… There are exceptions, but not many. so just…….. okay?

        1. Ohh also before everyone Says. BUT WAIT. NINTENDO DOES THAT TOO.

          at least Nintendo has a bunch of different IPs that are all really different. We might get a lot of similar games, but theres a LOT more of them and you actually DO different things. Not just shoot and stealth and sports.

  1. well that is exactly why nintendo is going to fail (there a natural) this holiday season and probably towards the whole life for the wii u. they will be catering towards the diminished casual crowd, that has moved to other things long ago and say fuck you to the rest. where the ps4 and xbox one will be catering towards the core and know that people who play their systems dont like fat asses in cat suits to be there killer app.

    so since nintendo keeps on shitting on its fanbase and is chasing that easy diminished $$$$$$$$ they will fail with wii u. please understand but, fuck you all. wii u sucks and is for the casuals. we will not make any fresh games or bring back old ones, but we will dumb down our franchises because we care so much about our fans. HAHAHAHAH AT STUPID FANBOYS WHO CANT SEE ALL THIS.

      1. all i read was “i need my macho hardcore dose!, because i’m confused about my sexual orientation”

          1. beaten all of them, never bought a single one, and no, you are the one who is crying for a tv commercial

    1. That is a very unintelligent comment! Iceazeama. Nintendo said it themselves that for the end of this year, they are trying to appeal to the casuals while for 2014, they are going for the core for the releases of smash bros, X, mario kart, donkey kong, bayonets 2 etc. nintendo is just trying to build up fanbase and get WiiU sales up

      1. Don’t even bother with Iceazeama, he is a lost cause, did you know that he goes to different Nintendo News sites for nothing more than to bitch about Nintendo, even Youtube, he is unlike other troll, hes… A super Asstroll

        1. proof it asswipe and proof on youtube i only trash talk nintendo. proof and show us that i go to any other site. you nintendork. there is no speaking to you fanboys because you beleive nintendo is god and are perfect little perfection. when they are just perfection as in the perfect little baby they are.

          1. Please I don’t need to prove shit to scum like you,

            you bitch and moan like a paranoid conspiracy nut

            you talk like bipolar, retarded, mentally challenged 3 year old with torretz

            You do nothing productive with your life

            Yeah im a fanboy I like Nintendo a lot, hence my username

            you on the otherhand are a waste of human flesh, no wonder people hate you and wish you would just die, frankly I can see what they mean you are something else, I never usally wish ill of humans but you are not human, so really I hope God deals a hand due upon your pathetic life, everything bad that happens to you is deserved

          2. Babies can still be developed into something Amazing, nice analogy, I have a feeling your grandparents thought you about that.

      2. thats where your wrong, because dkctf is supposed to be easier than luigi u (another dumbed down game) and will anybody be aware of x and bayonetta that arnt nintendo fans….. no, because nintendo will do zero advertisements because they are cheap bastards. yet they will advertise the casual shitty stuff because there main ficus will still be the casuals, they are scared because they know there shitty wii u cant compete with p4 and pathetically the xbox one.

        1. Keep ranting bitch boy, im beginning to see why so many people wish you were dead you are a bastard

          1. why is this bothering you, did you forget to warm up your bottle. if i was a bastard, i still wouldnt be as pathetic as you. this stuff is true and you know it. you just cant handle negativity towards the all mighty great never can do wrong nintendo. the makers of your favorie plastic that your way to attached too. it has became like a family member and a friend to you.

            1. damn straight iy has, at least I have something special to live for, cant say the same for you, Noone here likes you but you like the attention, think about that next time you think “why do bad things happen to me”

              1. are you n dub nation, you sound just as pathetic as him and all his alts, also say the same exact things. a personal best for the biggest loser here.

                1. I don’t know he N-Dub is but assuming he is someone who post here, he hates your slimy guts, you are so pitiful like a helpless kitten with on 3 legs, sad Ice don’t make him mad or he will cry

            2. we are attached to a plastic box we like, you are attache to a plastic box you hate… yeaaaaaah we are pathetics and you are humanity’s hope!

        2. Since you like hardcore why didn’t you buy GTA V, COD Ghost, splinter Cell? Why you buy Luigi U after buying SMBU and after playing that knowing Luigi u was not going to be hardcorem why not Zombi U?

          1. gta5, played it on my ps3 and also i just fucking answered that question like a few minutes ago to you on another article., cod is garbage, zombie u sucks. i have ninja gaiden 3 and MH3U for wii u and a few other games. harder than any of the other trash on wii u, even if ninja gaiden isnt the best game.

            1. so if you ot all those games and consoles, what the fuck are you whinning like a baby for? You got access to any game you want. Your like a leach to me.

    2. Icky with another one of his Nintendo Predictions… You just can’t stop… Can you? Just do us all a favor and sell your god damn Wii U. No one wants to listen to you cry like a little bitch about you not having anything to play.

      Icky is holding out for that new Barbie game for the Wii U and is upset that it might not live up to his super sophisticated standards.

      1. please a Barbie game is way to macho for pussies like Ice, he needs to grow a brain and then grow a pair

    3. he is actually right, trolling but right, more right than most fanboys here making parties when they see that wii u sells 30k one week in japan lol and going all hooray.

    4. let’s recap, do you Iceazeama consider yourself a hardcore gamer? yes?, do you have a Wii U? yes?, considering that most of the “hardcore” gamers already got a Wii U, damn, those nearly 4 millions someone gotta have bought time right?, THEN WHY THE FUCK WOULD NINTENDO ADVERTIRSE TOWARDS THE HARDCORE IF THEY ALREADY GOT A WII U?! it makes not fucking sense, and by the way the “casuals”(like it was a bad thing) are the one who spend more money

      1. Icky has no sense of how a business works or how share holders think. Share holders don’t give a SHIT about the Hardcore gamer. They care about MONEY.

        Ask your self this Icky. What does the PS4 offer for the casual crowed after the hardcore crowd has bought there systems?

        PS1- Allowed you to use music CD’s while still being able to play games.

        PS2- Allowed you to watch DVD’s and use music CD’s while being able to play games.

        PS3- Allowed you to watch Blu-Ray’s while still allowing you play music cd’s and play HD games.

        PS4- OFFERS NOTHING NEW! Can’t play your music cd’s. No new movie media being offered. Now needing to pay for online. Trying to force gamers to pay for music unlimited so they can play music with there games. So where is that NEW thing that is going to grab the casual? You think casual people are going to pay $400 for a new Blu-ray player and the ability to play COD? Think again…

    5. Respect your opinion and agree with Nintendo catering to casual gamers but they’re going to do better in 2014 since we’re having X, Ssb4, and Mario kart. But catering to casual gamer is actually a good business move but Nintendo does it way too much that they’re losing some of their core gamers. Nintendo should cater to casual and core gamers 50/50 but thats just my opinion.

  2. Nintendo should cater towards kids, families and core Nintendo fans. Which they have done so.

    W101, Pikmin 3, Zelda WWHD, Super Mario 3D World, Sonic Lost World, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Lego City, Deus Ex, Batman. Plenty of stuff for core gamers.

    But Nintendo needs to recapture, or try to capture the casual market they had with the Wii, with Wii Sports Wii Fit, Mario and Sonic, ect.

  3. This is good, Nintendo need to reach out to the casuals. We gamers know about the game, the casuals don’t.

  4. I was done with this game as soon as they said how short it was. Fucking ridiculous that they havent developed a proper 3d mario for the Wii U. Have some no online multiplayer shit instead -_- i’m not even going to buy this.

    1. shhhhhhhhhhh……. dont say that. its the greatest insult to all these fanboys. are you talking bad about something nintendo. you cant have an opinion so stfu before you die. go kill your self you waste of life, im bove you, so let me fuck nintendo in piece plleeeaasseee, iwata and reggie is my life!!!!!

      just a recap of what they wil say.

  5. Oh look, another baby Wii U commercial targeted at the casuals lolol. Hey mommy go back to the kitchen and finish washing the dishes! lolol. They forgot to add a granny there, they shouldn’t forget the grandmas. This is the type of crowd that will be playing the Wii U during it’s entire life cycle. The target audience of the Wii U are babies and casuals lolol.

    And just look at how lazy Nintendo is, since their target audience is mommies, daddies and babies, these casuals won’t notice all the copy pasting going on there. The Wii U has no games, Nintendo is just desperate to get something out there They just make one lame low polygon tree and copy pasted it everywhere. They just make one low polygon set of flowers and copy pasted it everywhere. The same bush copy pasted everywhere. Look at the awesome environment we just created from filling it up with the same tree everywhere, this area is a little empty, let’s just paste another tree here, oh it could use another one of those flowers lolol. Oh look we created another Mario game out of nothing lolol. How lazy Nintendo is, they probably using the same low polygon models and engine they created for their games 10 years ago lolol.

    1. Commercial/Advertisement is meant to make the customer aware of the product. The so called “Hardcore” gamer already know about the product, so it would be pointless to make TV adds for them.

    2. Desperate? Ignoring all the attention is more on 3DS than Wii U. Also ignoring the 3DS direct.

  6. Great website! Just discovered this one ^^ A lot of news updates compared to some other Nintendo websites… shame the comment section here is plagued by an illiterate, generalising, idiotic, no-life troll. I’ll just ignore what he says when I spot his avatar and all should be well.

  7. I understand Nintendo, you’re a family company and you want to make people happy, but you could have given a better cat suit to that girl? That thing looks truely uncomfortable.

  8. Nintendo has always made a lot of their commercial aimed toward kids. They did it when we were little but for some reason it’s not okay now?? I for one don’t need a commercial to know a game is good. Didn’t need one for Super Mario World or Sunshine or Galaxy or any other good Nintendo game. People are such cry babies. These commercials should actually appeal to those people seen they’re acting like kids.

    1. Not true N64 commercials were mature. They started doing this when GameCube got out. They need more masculine aggressive commercials like PS4/Xbox. Those two make their commercials look so good.

  9. Hmmp, Wii U casual, this holiday season I will be playing, Batman, assassins, COD, Mario. Yep, Wii U = Casual.

  10. I think Nintendo should target and cater equally to both casual and core gamers. All they’re doing this holidag season is saturating the Wii U with mostly subpar party games.

  11. just like I expected, fake family looking like retards in cat suits. they all look like they enjoy playing with their phones and tablets than a console.

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