Get Mario Party, A Link Between Worlds, And Super Mario 3D World Early

nintendo world store

Nintendo is offering fans the chance to get several of their key holiday titles a bit early in the United States. If you attend the Nintendo World Store in New York as early as 8pm on November 21st, you’ll be able to get Mario Party: Island Tour, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, and Super Mario 3D World four hours early. The event runs from 8pm to 12am and is a wonderful opportunity for diehard fans to pick these games up before anyone else has the chance to play them. With so many key Nintendo holiday titles coming out all at once, which games will you pick up on day one?

“On 11/21 it’s 3 times the fun! Get #MarioParty #SM3DW & #LinkBetweenWorlds exclusively at #NintendoWorld from 8pm-12am.”


  1. oh yea because i really want to go out of my way to get a copy of a game 4 hours earlier yeaaaaaano. anyway i dont even live in the US so screw these bullshit launch events. Know what im NOT getting this weekend? a ps4. problem is theres like 0 games out for it. most of them are shit aswell like killzone. it’s the Wii U all over again. I suppose this is good news for nintendo though.

    1. don’t hate cuz you can’t afford or live in a bobo country. next gen visuals make it work the jump and the console pricing is fair, whats to wait for….

  2. Having played ALBW for the last week i can safely say that it’s not worth your time. The dungeon design is absolutely atrocious. you’re literally walking through a linear corridor in the fire dungeon waving your ice rod to get past several hundred lava pits. The boss design is… far worse than lttp. they basically stole 60% of the fights and made them easy as hell. The rental system is really dumb, sure it allows you to tackle dungeons in any order but it’s much more rewarding to receive an item in a dungeon. There are HUGE framerate drops in some dungeons with several enemies in a single room, not what i expected from a game that’s a major step down graphically than oot 3D. The best way to grind rupees is doing one of two available mini games in the entire game which is extremely boring and tedious. Spoilers: the last fight is Ganon and you literally hack and slash him for 15 seconds before he dies.

    Don’t buy this.

            1. Why are you quoting professional when i didn’t even call myself professional? I’m merely a student who reviews nintendo games on a local tabloid

              1. Soooo I shouldn’t listen. Your statement seems sloppy. Getting rupees have never been a easy task in zelda, the only time i’ve seen rupees being easy is windwaker, other wise rupee gather has never been fun task either way. Ur comparing this zelda too others which should not done. A review looks at this one game and no other game from its series. Also talking about graphics is kinda silly if u compare to OOT

    1. I’ve also ;played the game.

      The game never drops its frames,the bosses and the dungeons are the best in the series. The dungeons are somewhat linear, but there are two ways to tackle all of them. You’re really bad at solving the games puzzles and finding its secrets. Which again are the best in the series

      Plus the game is always in 3D. And its smooth as fuck


      See how easy that is? Opinions and shit.

    2. Bullshit on the frame drops and the assertion that 60% of the fights are stolen material from LTTP.
      I got a review copy of the game too and it’s not giving me framerate issues.
      You’re just trolling because you didn’t like the changes.

    3. don’t care hasn’t come out yet is a sequel to one of the best games ever is a Zelda game and it got perfect tens on reviews am I really supposed to believe you lol

  3. I live only a few minutes away from NYC but I have class the early the next day. I guess 3D World will have to wait a couple of hours LOL

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