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IGN Video Reviews Super Mario 3D World Early And Gives It A 9.6, Video Now Removed


Online gaming publication IGN provided a video review of the long-awaited Super Mario 3D Land and promptly took it down. However, those that watched the video say that the publication awarded Mario’s latest adventure a 9.6/10 and cited everything as positives, except for the four player camera (screen real estate) on multiplayer. The Super Mario 3D World review embargo should end on Tuesday, November 19th.

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133 thoughts on “IGN Video Reviews Super Mario 3D World Early And Gives It A 9.6, Video Now Removed”

      1. Hahahaha! Suck my hairy balls Sonic Flop World! Or FURRY/FELINE balls I should say! :D you are pathetic Segaaaaaa!

          1. While it’s great that it’s reviewed so well it does lend credence to the rumours of a buy out. Remember people were saying that maybe this could be Game Of The Year which got shot down immediately because it couldn’t beat GTA V or especially The Last Of Us amongst others. So people said it’ll get platformer of the year or definitely Wii U game of the year. So what was the highest reviewed game in both categories? Rayman Legends. What score did that get from IGN? Hhhmmm, 9.5. What did Mario 3D World get? 9.6. Well now it can win some awards. I await other reviews to prove or disprove this rumour.

            1. Smacks of bu11$h!t. How did this review accidentally get leaked like that and then quickly removed? When does that ever happen with Nintendo reviews on IGN or elsewhere? They couldn’t buy publicity like that or that score now could they? Really, think about it. And, just the perfect score. Sorry Rayman Legends. When other reviews come out and you see the Metacritic score you’ll know what happened here.

              Anything, anything. Anything for money. Lie for you, die for you. Even sell my soul to the devil.

              1. Maybe the video files for another sm3dw based video were named too similarly and the reviewer clicked on the wrong one to upload, & only realized it after the upload…

                1. This is amazing news for Nintendo. First LBW gets 10/10 from GI and 9.4 from IGN, now SM3DW gets a really high score from IGN.

                  1. Apparently some PS4’s have been crashing and having big issues for some of the people who got it early. IGN, Machinma and so forth have had issues. Its hilarious that people actually thought PS4 and Xbox One wont have issues at launch.

                  2. I guess the Sony Japanese guy loves Nintendo. and IGN now wants Nintendo to succeed. Mario 3D world well be a system seller in Japan and US EU everywhere

                  3. Lol they posted it early I watched it and the game looked great and the reviewer loved it even though it doesn’t innovate as much as galaxy 2 it is a very fun party game. His only complaint was four player camera but three or below had little to no issue. Looking good and to think I was angty when this game was announced even if I still kind wish for a galaxy type game large in scale this is a must buy.

                          1. I remember how what’s his name??… Beaten something? Whatever, said no way it would get close to 10… I said he would say its over rated and not play it anyway.., proven right in 3… 2… 1… Anyway I paid off my Xbone and dead rising 3 today, but Am more excited about 3d world… Hopefully my off days get approved for fun times!!!

                              1. To be honest, there’s nothing in their launch that has been given top marks consistently through each version of the game. All release games on both systems look mediocre at best. I bet most of the games have been rushed and if BF4 on PC is anything to go by, I say I’m right.

                              1. I don’t see where you’re cominh from; first of all, it’s a sequel to Mario World, not 3D Land. And that said, the game also does lots of new stuff, and is therefore a original game, not like the NSMB games which was made only for nostalgi.

                              1. Yay, go Super Mario 3D World!!
                                But wait, what?
                                “IGN provided a video review of the long-awaited Super Mario 3D Land and promptly took it down.”

                                I think this is a typo.

                                1. They probably just showed too much of the game than Nintendo wanted, or revealed something’s that weren’t supposed to be revealed at this point in time.

                              2. 9.6 is an excellent score for Super Mario 3D World. Despite the video removal (Non-Disclosure Agreement for a week, LOL), this truly a Wii U must buy come one week from this Friday!

                                    1. Ignoring you would give every Wii U game a lower score than it deserves too. So who would trust you since your biased toward Wii U’s exclusives.

                                          1. @you thought .. Lol feeling o.d crumby about the score so now you tryna get people angry trying to make yourself look right .. Lol The only angry fan boy is you

                                                  1. Ignoring you were wrong. The other day you also swore up and down it wouldn’t get rated higher than Galaxy. It did. So your prediction was off. But you have short term like a goldfish.

                                                1. I’m not surprised by the score. Mario games are mostly always solid, especially the platformers. Man, few other companies make games with consistent quality and polish. November 22 will be a great day.

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                                                3. …Does nobody see the “Super Mario 3D Land ” in the description when it’s supposed to say ” Super Mario 3D WORLD” ?

                                                4. Good for you Nintendo. Hopefully more people will get Super Mario 3D Land. I like to see Zelda A Link Between Worlds win Game of the Year.

                                                  1. ” and cited everything as positives, except for the four player camera (screen real estate) on multiplayer.”

                                                    I love it how you just quoted this from message I sent to you guys! My English skills just got a much needed boost of self esteem!!!


                                                    But seriously, cannot wait for this game :D

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                                                6. I predicted a 5/10 or lower. oh well, enjoy this p.o.s kitty cat suit mess, kiddos and mommies. I’m going to roll with my gold 3ds and albw, among other awesome games for gamers.

                                                  1. did you even know that the major complain with albw is that is really easy?, such a kiddie game for people like you ;D

                                                    1. funny, at least link doesn’t wear a fucking cat suit and meows. also what nintendo game isn’t easy. my god you’re stupid, but I already knew that.

                                                    2. Why do you love 3ds but hate wii u? I love 3ds also .. And I am fucking envious that you are getting the gold 3ds xl!!!

                                                      1. Ignoring ALBW lacks blood, guns, sex, and swear words as well as realistic art work. But you rather play db as if ALBW is on par with violence with GTA5

                                                            1. Well, that’s your opinion… hmm… no, I think I can call that personal preferences, even with this pretty amazing score, there is going to be people that will enjoy this game, and others that will not, probably you are one on them.

                                                              1. of course they will. no matter how horseshit a game is there are those who will enjoy it. there’s no escaping that in gaming.

                                                              1. Funny they bitch about the lie about 8 hours but don’t say nothing about COD being less than 6 hours. Thanks for clearing it up about Mario being 15hours. Iceman loves to believe anything false.

                                                                1. This one goes out to “you thought” I know you mean well but you spew hate way too much), icemoron (don’t respect you enough to even remember your name) and the moronic lion with red eyes.

                                                                2. I can tell that either depression has killed my spirits, or I’m getting too old for games. Because while this news is good, I still don’t feel very excited or enthused.

                                                                3. Sickr, there’s a mistake. The link to the review is labeled as “Super Mario 3D Land” instead of Super Mario 3D World. Please fix it.

                                                                4. But is IGN, they are so anti-Nintendo and aren’t reliable. *sarcasms*

                                                                  I’m glad this and Zelda are getting good scores!

                                                                5. “Long awaited Super Mario 3D LAND?!” Jesus if a Nintendo related website can’t get the name right then there’s no hope for the rest of the world. Wonder how many kids will get 3d land under the xmas tree instead of 3dworld…

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