Rayman Legends Receives Permanent Price Drop In European eShop

rayman_legends_wii_u_gamepadNintendo has slashed the price of Ubisoft’s Rayman Legends this week on the European eShop. Fans of the limbless character who have yet to pick up his latest adventure can purchase it on the Wii U for a cracking £23.99 or €29.99 from November 21. Reduced in a permanent price drop from £36.99/ €44.99, Rayman Legends received positive reviews across the board, with Digital Foundry claiming the Wii U edition was the “definitive version” by using “GamePad-exclusive mechanics that are well thought out”. Sales for the game, however, were not quite up to scratch as it didn’t reach predicted expectations. Will you be purchasing Rayman Legends for the Wii U at the new reduced price?


  1. Does transferring data from a 3DS wipe all the memory on the current 3ds? i was wondering for when i get my albw 3ds on friday. will i still keep the albw download?

      1. i went rummaging around on some forums. one guy said:

        Example: 3DS A has 10 NES games. 3DS B has ACNL. You do a System Transfer, and 3DS B will have both 10 NES games and ACNL. 3DS A will have nothing.

        Hope this is the case.

      2. Not true I transferred everything over from my original 3ds to my ACXL and it does not remove the bundled game… We’ll technically it does but since the game is tied to system you simply redownload from e shop for free

          1. @quartz

            No problem but just a quick tip on how to re-download when you going to the E shop you go to the left and go to account activities and then you’ll find your download history in there… Enjoy

        1. @quartz

          Don’t worry the transfer process explains it all… You will still have all of ur games but only on new system

    1. I don’t know about the US, but here in Europe the console comes with a download code.I’m going to transfer fra old XL to the new, and sell the code with it.

        1. According to the Shopto website it does lol. GAME didn’t make that clear (what a surprise). well that’s great

  2. News flash: Nintendo doesn’t set the pricing for 3rd party titles on the eShop, they just set the minimum. The developer sets the price, so this article should have read, “Ubisoft has slashed the price…”. Just saying.

    1. Uggghhhh, what? That makes no difference. The article title is correct; the price on the eshop has been lowered.

      No one said Nintendo was lowering it.

      Just saying.

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