Nintendo Zone Distributing Koizumi’s Mii To Celebrate Super Mario 3D World’s Launch

super_mario_3d_world_bigTo celebrate the launch of Super Mario 3D World in retail stores this Friday, Nintendo of America are distributing Yoshiaki Koizumi’s Mii via Nintendo Zone hotspots. So if your 3DS is lacking in special Mii characters, particularly after the fantastic E3 Mii giveaways on SpotPass, you can grab the game’s producer at a Nintendo Zone location near you.

But Koizumi is not the only special Mii character on offer as Nintendo of America are also issuing US snowboarder Jamie Anderson’s Mii to celebrate the release of Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. You can download her Mii until November 22, so if you’re intending to visit a hotspot by Friday, you’ll receive both Koizumi and Anderson in Mii form. If you’re unsure where your nearest Nintendo Zone location is, you can find a map guide here.


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        1. 4K is 3840×2160 resolution, with 1080p/2K being 1920×1080, so the double amount of pixels along the horizontal axis, and thus four times more overall.
          Super Mario 3D World will be running at 720p, 60 fps though, but still looks amazingly gorgeous.

          1. Also, the PS4/Xbox One MIGHT be able to enter the 4K domain for games eventually, but it’s a huge leap and will require developers to utilize the hardware of the systems completely, so I wouldn’t expect to see any 4K games until at least the end of the eighth generation consoles.

  1. What is 4K? Never heard of it? Someone tell me. I only learned all this such as GPUs, COREs, OS only from people who don’t play games but play specs. I usually just play games. So tell me what are 4K textures?

      1. I got the Jamie Anderson Mii the other day and had no idea who it was. My brother got it too. I hope this Koizami Mii is available today, because I’m doing the Thanksgiving shopping for my mom in about an hour or two. I am SO going to some Nintendo Zone hot spots. Maybe 3 of them. But I must admit, I feel like an idiot walking into McDonalds all the time just to receive Mii’s.

  2. Well, he obviously wasn’t available today. Because I went to 3 Nintendo Zone locations and got nothing but regular street pass people.

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