Conception II Coming To North America On 3DS Spring 2014

Atlus and Spike Chunsoft has together announced that Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars will be making its way over to North America. Announced back in March, Conception II was released in August as a Japan-exclusive 3DS title and is a sequel to the original title – Conception: Ore no Kodomo wo Undekure!

Though the RPG is the first of the series to be localised into English, it is a standalone story focussing on a young man who is gifted with divine powers from the Star Gods, allowing him to fight the monsters inhabiting the world. But there’s a problem with the Star God’s powers – they only exist in humans until the age of 18, so the power must be passed on to new generations of Star Children. In order to save the world from the horde of monsters, you must build on relationships to procreate.

Conception II is due for release on the 3DS in Spring 2014, priced at $39.99. The game’s website can be found here, there’s not much more than screenshots at the moment, but as time draws closer to the game’s release, Atlus is sure to pop in a few surprises. Be sure to check out the Japanese trailer of the title above.


  1. “Conception”
    If you what I mean.

    An RPG that makes you build your own harem, in other words. Hahaha.

  2. Nothing to do with this article, shoot me, but is there anyone here 23 or older with Miiverse that is cool and not a troll? If so let me know. Not that there are any games to play online atm lol…

      1. True that, I’m 29 myself. I check up once day or so, would be more but none of my friends use it, and the friends I made on it mostly seem to be kids and I a mature crowd that can joke around and not take themselves so serious. What’s your miiverse name?

      2. 24, ill have miiverse when the 3ds get an update. Idont troll I just speak my mind when nintendo does things I dont like. Recently ive been very happy with the Big N though.

      1. Thanks. I’ll get it for Vita because I’d assume it would run better on the Vita, and trophies.

  3. This game is ridiculous.
    And this trailer doesn’t show shit but another generic anime sequence. Lame.

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