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Pokemon X & Y Reach 1 Million Mark Faster Than Any Other Nintendo 3DS Title


Nintendo of America has celebrated today as it has announced that the highly regarded Pokemon X & Y has reached the one million mark faster than any other Nintendo 3DS game to date. The company has also provided the infographic that you can see above which shows just how much Nintendo 3DS sales jumped with the release of the title. This is clearly good news for Nintendo’s latest handheld which has battled against tablets and smartphones.


      1. What kind of pokemon? i now imagining a pokemon game with a tales styles gameplay for the rpg portion and for spin-off´s a simulator like a full pokemon amie or nintendogs, or a figthing game, or a shooter(just to see if they pull it off)

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the 3DS eventually surpass the DS in lifetime sales. Lets just hope that what saved the 3DS, will also save the Wii U. Honestly, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t. That said, there are WAY too many good 3DS games, and one would almost think that maybe they should cut back on some of the games, and put them on the Wii U instead lol.

  2. I’ll never understand the powerful love that people have for the Pokémon games. I played Diamond, and thoroughly enjoyed it. But every game I attempted to play after that felt like the same old thing, and I always grow bored VERY fast. I don’t even plan to buy this Pokémon game (except for my niece. I’m getting her X).

    Nearly every freakin’ person I pass on street pass is playing Pokémon X or Y. Hardly none is playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf anymore. I want to visit other people’s houses, but I don’t pass very many people who’s playing it anymore.

    1. i know that feeling… sometimes i take alittle pokemon x and y break to play acnl but nobody gets on it D:

  3. Pokemon x and y are what the series really needed. Those 3ds games in the photo are so good except Nsmb2. It was such a basic cash in. The levels were so easy and way too short. Coin rush was really good and could have been better if you could download ghosts online to have insane replay value.

  4. People also adopted the 3DS at this point, so more people had it than when the other games came out. Of course, Pokemon will sell like crazy anyways, the name alone sells the games (except the spin off games).

  5. Deserved. Undoubtly the best Pokemon game so far, challenging and at the same time acessible enough for newcomers to the series. A game which experience is pratically mandatory to every serious gamer

  6. The games already have 6.78M units sold and there’s still christmas coming really soon, just wait and see.

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