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An Hour And A Half Of Gameplay Footage From Mario Party: Island Tour

Are you on the fence about picking up Mario Party: Island Tour? A gameplay video consisting of an hour and a half of footage has surfaced on the internet and gives a glance into the many minigames in the latest installment of the Mario Party series. Mario Party: Island Tour was released in North America yesterday and has been met with mixed reviews. Are you planning to pick up Mario Party’s latest outing on the 3DS?


  1. Some how Xbox One sold a million units in one day. So ummmmm what’s wrong with aggressive advertising? Kiddy advertising doesnt work fact of PS4 and Xbox One. People rather pay $500 than $300. I told ya but y’all were all against me.


  2. I want to know how many 3D Mario Worlds sold. They need to sell 4 or 5 million. How many Wii U’s did Mario sell.I just hopw Nintendo sold a million Wii U’s yesterday because of new Mario game then I’ll feel better. Does anyone have that info?


  3. I don’t get it. The media can find out PS4 and Xbox One selling over a million what about Wii U because of 3D Mario world? I want to know if the game helped hardware sales to a million or not? Then how many units did Mario sell did it sell a million or more? When ot comes to PS4 ánd xbone the media will put that info right away yet not going tp do that with Wii U. I hope it sold 1 million units too. If it didn’t then I guess those survey’s were accurate that “you thought” posted after all.


    1. Get a life, whatever console you like the most, they’re just for playing videos. You don’t have to get that obsessed with them, that’s just quite pathetic.


      1. Please don’t get mad at me because PS4 sold a million and one day not Wii U because of their kiddy advertismentt that proved it don’t work. No way around what I said huh? Lol. You are pathetic.


      2. Super Mario 3D World and Zelda Link Between Worlds had kiddy advertising. They are both in 8th and 7th place respectively in Amazon Best Sellers in the video game category.


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