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Luigi-Themed Wii Remote Plus Coming Bundled With Nintendo Land


Nintendo of America confirmed earlier today that they will be bundling the new Luigi-themed Wii Remote Plus controller with copies of Nintendo Land. The new bundle will be available to purchase at North American retailers on December 2nd for $59.99

Thanks, Bewoulf2000

52 thoughts on “Luigi-Themed Wii Remote Plus Coming Bundled With Nintendo Land”

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  2. my fucking gosh!!!! that link on the right!!! what an ugly bitch!!!! “deeerrrr i eat bleach eeehhhhhrrrr, ooohhh boger” *cross eyed* wtf is he trying to shoot, the friends he never wil make. SHOOT THE JELLY GUY your team needs you!!!! stop picking your nose!!!! also what a crappy bundle, great for a rip off!! is wii u still irrelevant??????

  3. I’m glad Nintendo is pushing the Wii remote plus as a standard controller. Looks like motion control isn’t dead after all.

  4. They should have come out with a brand new Luigi game that wasn’t a sequel to a game he already had/ DLC to a game already belonging to Mario. I’m talking about Luigi’s Mansion 2 and NSLU. They could have made those two (like they did), but make another killer Wii U game based on just Luigi.

    1. yeah haha you really do mean take it, as in steal it, and give you a crappy flawed product (like this pathetic wii mote and a crappy game) and a life of regrets….. from buying wii u.


        1. what’s the point? in a 2 days or 3, we will shut his mouth again, and he would have anoooooother breakdown, if he gonna troll, the less he can do, is not having mental breakdowns

          1. yeah maybe ill leave again, to make your life a little easier since you take this so seriously. ive been looking for new houses because they keep burning down from all these shitty consoles!!!!!

                    1. yeah they are pathetic arnt they, all you have to do is talk the truth about nintendos shitty ways and they get pissed!! there so pathetic they google search iceazeama, follow me on youtube and even miiverse!! haha, what losers!!!!

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                      Anyway, i could see why you’ve gotten bored of this site. Most of the people who used to comment on this site and make it fun are gone.

                  2. It’s kinda the same thing that happened to JellyBean. Too many people kept criticizing him for not being a “real” Nintendo fan, or some shit like that, and they kept accusing JellyBean for using multiple alts.

                    For instance they thought you were Jellybean’s alt,and/or Neutron too.

                    Iceazeama probably got fed up with everyone.

                    1. yep but then i kinda found out, who gives a fuck what a bunch of no names on the internet say. this is my first time on forums so maybe i just wasnt ready or maybe most people on here are just the king of losers.

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                    2. So when Tony told me Jellybean left because of a “temper tnatrum” he was telling the truth lol?

                      The alt argument is just used by faggots who can’t comprehend that multiple people share critical thoughts about Nintendo.

                      Anyway, could you leave a link to the article where Jellybean freaked out? I’d like to give it a read.

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    3. Where is this sold? I’ve tried Best Buy and Gamestop nobody at either store has any idea about this bundle or if they will stock it. It was supposed to be in retailers today. Whats up?

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