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Nintendo UK Pleased With Mario & Zelda Review Scores

Nintendo UK marketing boss Shelly Pearce has said that she’s very pleased with the reception that both The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and Super Mario 3D World have received by the press. She says that both titles have been lauded as must have games by the mainstream media and specialist press. You can read our Super Mario 3D World review here, and our Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds review right here.

“The latest adventures in two of our most loved franchises, Mario and The Legend of Zelda, have achieved 10/10 review scores in mainstream and specialist media and have been credited as ‘must-have titles’ as well as reasons to purchase hardware,” said Nintendo UK marketing boss Shelly Pearce. We look forward to hearing more from the fans.”


      1. Yes the sales are released. In just 2 days the game sold 243k not including uK. Super Mario 64 sold 160k in 7 days. Also Super Mario 64 debuted the same day in Japan. So those results at 160k was global sales not Japan only. Exposed!


      2. Also according to “Kevin” 3D Mario World sold 40k because he says Mii verse is accurate. So um why didn’t Miiverse include the extra 200k buyers if its so accurate. Oh that’s right because those 200k Mario games are wrapped up under the tree like mines and Miiverse won’t count those.


      3. So um Super Mario 64 with 2 countries NA and Japan in 7 days reached 160k. 3D Mario World sold 243 in 2 days in NA alone. Not Japan not UK. Now what would have happen if 3D Mario had 7 days like SM64?


      4. Actually even if people had the game right now many will not go to miiverse or have internet so that guy was stupid.


      5. Exactly i couldnt agree more! Ignore silly trolls… ive been viewing this site for years an only started commenting today haha


      6. I can’t believe they compare d SM64 global sales to 3D world Japan only sales at their launches. I found that on accident BTW.


      7. Any excuse to make nintendo look bad tbh… im su re 3d world will have legs in japan an will do great in the west. Its been on the tv alot here in the uk


      8. I see Wii U commercials a lot now. I just happened to be at the gym and looked up and saw a Wii U commercial.


  1. Getting 3D World today, but Link Between Worlds is just…wow.

    All the changes make the game sooooo much better, the way items work is amazing, dungeons have items that help you rather than ones you need, nothing is boring, there’s a reason to explore every inch of the game, and the music, daaaan.
    But then even beyond that, this is the first time i’ve even bothered to do Hero Mode, and it’s basically Zelda Dark Souls. Planning which dungeons to do, preparing with health items, suspending mid-dungeon because you wanted the item in a specific dungeon first, it’s just amazing, it’s totally different.

    If this is how the WiiU Zelda is going to be designed, on top of all the things the 3D Zelda can do that 2D cant, like more epic design, and story, and larger areas ect….i have no doubts it’ll be the best game ever made.


    1. WOW! I can’t wait to play ALBW I’m saving the best to last if you will. I got 3D world yesterday and it is FUCKING STUPIDLY GOOD. It doesn’t look THAT good when you watch it on Youtube or wwhat ever right ?
      But when you play it…………. I’m on World 4 and I’m fairly confident that by the time I’ve finished it, I’m going to prefer it to the galaxy games.
      Local multiplayer is a blast also if not a tad confusing.

      Also got my PS4 yesterday which is pretty awesome. Killzone looks unbelievable and like 3D world, watching it on youtube just didn’t do it justice. Next gen version of AC4 good and Resogun which is fantastic.

      But it is Zelda ALBW that I am most excited for and I will get it in a few weeks after I’ve finished 3D world, Killzone and AC4!


      1. Meh, i still can’t hype for PS4. There’s just nothing i care about. All the stuff i want like Dark Souls 2, Persona 5 ect is all coming to PS3.
        Still getting one, have Xbox One for multiplats in the meantime but Sony deserve them more, they just don’t have an initial reason for me to buy a console yet.
        Most likely won’t until Ratchet and Clank comes out, only consistent exclusive is really care about from Sony these days.


      2. True. I have an excess of money atm so I had no problem buying it on day 1. There is games that I am interested in on the PS4 in the near future even if most of them are Multiplats. Driveclub and Infamous look pretty darn good. And then the likes of MGS 5 and stuff will be great.

        It’s basically just my next gen multiplat machine and I Suppose an good exclusives that come along are a bonus. Like you, I will get an Xbox one when the price is dropped a bit later down the line.

        Anyway, Wiiu and 3DS are the stars of the show atm, not PS4 or Xbox one lol.
        It’l take them both a very long time before they get exclusives as good as 3D world and ALBW.


  2. Nintendo UK is happy about the reviews, but I thought Nintendo did not care much about review and critics…. It’s one thing to welcome this news nevertheless I wanted to hear now is:”we are going to promote how wii u hardware better and be satisfy when the sell are better”.Let’s face it Nintendo UK has done sh*t so far especially when you compare with Nintendo America. I hope she will start the marketing machine cause so far I did not see it.


  3. Can’t wait for the snarky comments saying these games suck because of utterly arbitrary and subjective reasons that no one gives a toss about


  4. Why want the cowards put a global to global 3D Mario sale comparison. The figures are out!!! Yet they did it in a heart beat comparing 3D World Japan only to other 3D games while some where global not Japan only.


  5. nintendo makes wonderful games, especially when it comes to mario and legend of zelda. some skilled, devoted, talented people are making those games.
    im playing killzone shadowfall now, and im amazed by the graphics, its just so wonderful, the music and atmosphere.. and just all visual art is a big 10+. but the gameplay is meh. though better than killzone mercenary for ps vita which was super cheesy.. just another boring war story.
    so im thinking of getting mario 3d world for purely gameplay..


  6. The scores are great but it’s not the reviews they need to worry about. It’s the sales, especially Super Mario 3D World as this could be Wii U’s last chance at a decent Christmas. Do well and they might get some 3rd party support or it’ll be lonely this next Christmas.


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