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Longtime Character Designer Leaves Square Enix


Akihiko Yoshida, a character designer who originally came to work for Square Soft in 1995, has left Square Enix. His departure is confirmed by way of a message that was recently released in the Bravely Default art book in Japan. While Yoshida is leaving Square Enix, he will continue to work on Bravely Default series and hopefully its sequel, Bravely Second. Akihiko Yoshido was the lead artist and main character designer for Bravely Default.

“This is a personal message of mine, but I’d like to say thank you for all the support these past 18 years. I have decided to leave Square Enix, but I believe our relationship will continue going on.

And as long as I’m needed [laughs,] I will continue working on the Bravely Default series. Thank you for your continued support.

Bravely Default main character designer & lead artist,

Akihiko Yoshida”


  1. Whooaa baby he’s done with square! :’)
    He probably wants to work for Nintendo if he’s not retiring.

    Damn I hope bravely second is just as good.
    This characters are dynamite
    And the art direction is beautiful

      1. They’re fucking assholes.
        The spent all their money this generation, making mediocre Final Fantasy games, then expecting Eidos and Crystal Dynamics to pick up the pieces, only to blame them for not making enough money, so then they scam people with bullshit, and then they repeat the whole thing all over again, the fucking SUCK. Not as much as Capcom, but they suck, they’re shit, and if you deny that, you’re an idiot.
        Enjoy All The Bravest and Lightning Returns.

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