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Game Informer Clarifies That Nintendo Will Show A Previously Announced Game At VGX

Game Informer has clarified that Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime will be showcasing a previously announced Wii U game at the VGX awards. There was a little confusion on Twitter regarding whether it was an unannounced game, or one that has been previously revealed by Nintendo. Most people bets appear to be on Reggie showing off Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Game Informer has partnered with Spike TV to host the live stream on their site.

“Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America, will be on-hand to talk about a previously announced Wii U title.”


200 thoughts on “Game Informer Clarifies That Nintendo Will Show A Previously Announced Game At VGX”

    1. Of course it’s Donkey Kong. That’s the next big release for Nintendo, so that’s the game their promoting right now.

      1. It might not be. Nintendo might be trying to target the larger VGX audience/demographic with a game with wider appeal, like Super Smash Bros Wii U, Bayonetta 2, or Monolith Soft’s “X”.

        Nintendo will use this opportunity not to just advertise a game, but to hype up the Wii U, get more people excited about the system, and in turn make more people inclined to purchase the system.

        Either way, we’ll find out tomorrow!

    2. if it’s donkey kong, i expect a wave of disappointments once again. we don’t want to see more trailers for donkey kong, and by we i mean the people that know nintendo is going down the drain. they must show zelda or x or star fox or metroid, not mario kart, not donkey kong, not smash bros, we already know what those are going to be and look like.

        1. Yeah, we KNOW that it is going to be a previously announced game, but what we WANT is a NEW GODDAMN FUCKING iP FROM NINTENDO RIGHT FUCKING NOW IN MY Wii U TO PLAY THIS GODDAMN INSTANT!!!! FUCKING FUUUUUUUUCK!… Nintendo disappoints me too much.

            1. Wonderful 101 got a bad review and obviously isn’t going anywhere. I know Miyamoto is working on a new iP, but I want to SEE it already. What I WANT is a NEW, GOOD iP that has lasting appeal like Mario and Zelda with characters that become timeless after 50 years. Basically, Nintendo needs to make another blockbuster series like their big hitters… that’s what I want…

        2. Zelda U has already been OFFICIALLY announced by Eiji Aonuma. It was even announced on an episode of Nintendo Direct.

      1. i’m afraid that’s what they meant.. zelda hasn’t been officially announced but i hope he just considers all the talk about it an unofficial announcement and is going to show it anyway.. but that hope is rather slim

        1. It was officially announced in a Nintendo Direct earlier this year. It doesn’t have to have a trailer to be officially announced.

          1. they revealed that an “unnamed zelda title” was in development.. sorry but that’s not an announcement

            an official announcement includes a name and a tentative release date.. usually also some footage but not necessarily

          2. also aonuma has already stated that he’d be showing zelda at e3 2014 so the chances of them showing it at the VGX are slim at best

        2. Zelda HD was “Officially announced way back on the E3 2011 Zelda HD Tech Demo. While that wasn’t an actual Zelda game, we learned that Nintendo had started development on it. Nintendo always starts certain games as soon as they have a working prototype of their system.

          1. learning that development has started on something != an announcement

            and no that didn’t show us that they had started development on zelda U and now we know that the tech demo has absolutely nothing to do with the game itself

            1. You say that, but when we look at Zelda U and how impressive it looked, that was just the early stages of Wii U. Imagine what EAD have been potentially been able to do.

              I have to doubt 2014 will be Wii U’s year.

              1. we have yet to see a zelda U!!

                it was a fricking tech demo, aonuma has already confirmed that it has nothing to do with the game itself since it will not feature a realistic graphic style

    1. That’s definitely NOT Zelda U…NO it has not been announced It was however mentioned IN PASSING during the Wind Waker HD announcement. That is again NOT a Zelda U announcement…Enjoy Reggie and your trailer for DK Tropical Freeze

      1. It will probably be announced, but Zelda U most definitely WAS announced. Wind Waker HD was only made to tide us over for Zelda U, and also for ideas to implement into the new Zelda. So yea, although I highly doubt it will be shown anytime soon, it WAS OFFICIALLY announced to all the people here saying it wasn’t.

      1. That doesn’t mean there can’t be anything before E3. Ugh… why do I set myself up for dissapointment, you’re probably right : /

    1. Crono from Chrono Trigger=nintendo wins the next gen… I mean this gen, since all consoles has benn released. Im going to flip out of joy if it would happen.

      Though I think its “X”. It cant be dlc for Mario World.

      1. Yeah. I would love new information on X!! VERY excited for that game. Also a teaser for Zelda Wii U would give me goosebumps.

    2. I hope so. Better be someone GOOD and not shitty…

      Add Krystal, Ridley, Bowser Jr. or GTFO my T.V set Reggie. I swear if it’s some random obscure character that no one asked for, I will punch a baby in the throat.

      1. Krystal…. Why… ;_;

        Also, Boweser Jr I feel like he would be a bit unnecessary, but I guess he’d still make an okay addition.

        P.S. please don’t punch any Baby Throats…

        1. I have wanted Krystal and Ridley in Smash since Melee. They are in my top ten favorite Nintendo characters. I want Bowser Jr, because I hopped onto the “Bowser Jr. for Smash” bandwagon. If they base his move-set off of his appearance in Sunshine then he would be a great character addition.

          1. but… What would Krystal do? And… I don’t know, for some reason I just don’t want her in… I wonder why?…

            Plus, they need to make the 3 Star Fox characters that are already in more different. They’re all basically clones…

        1. They are most certainly not shit. Krystal with her staff could easily replace Wolf who is a damn clone. Krystal would add females to the roster and an actual GOOD, ORIGINAL character. That is why she is a good addition.

  1. I doubt GameInformer knows the game that Keighley said he didn’t know and that Reggie was personally bringing. They’re probably just playing off the VGX press release.

    I still think it’s going to be Zelda. They is no way Nintendo would go to VGX for the first time and make this big of a deal about it for Donkey Kong…

    1. Well we said the same thing about E3 and look what happened? The big, huge, mystery title Retro was working on was Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. I would not put it pas Nintendo to pull that mess again.

      It’s good though to see Nintendo fans coming around to the realization that what Nintendo has been doing is not good enough and are ready to hold them accountable for foolishness.

      1. Nintendo didn’t say that the DKCTF was a big, huge or a mystery title, idiots just over hyped themselves, and got disappointed, Nintendo can’t control people’s expectations, blame the journalists for over hyping something that should’ve been kept at low.

          1. I was hoping that the statement was true based on the fact that retro probably has more than 1 team and another team may be working on either star fox or metroid in secret. They hired a lot of crytex and darksiders personnel to beef up their staff

        1. Nintendo may not have hyped the mystery title, but Retro definitely did hype it up, and said things like “It’s a game everyone wants us to make.”

    2. LMAO….Seriously LOL this is the same company who claimed to have the major HOT holiday line up for this Christmas with Mario 3d world and Wii party U LOL

      It’s not going to be a damned Zelda game, in NO way was Zelda EVER officially announced in any capacity. It was mentioned in passing during the WW HD announcement. Again in passing, not an official announcement……Enjoy your DK tropical Freeze trailer with the only thing new being april 2014 added to the end of it

      1. Zelda U was technically announce in january along side WindWaker HD and was suppose to be at E3 and NYComicCon so you never know

      2. FUCKING WRONG. It was said WE WILL SEE ZELDA HD AT E3 2014. It was never said we wont seen anything BEFORE E3. Most likely actual gameplay and release date at E3, but CGI trailer and official name in the big January Direct.

    1. NO IT HASN’T since when is mentioning it in passing during a reveal/announcement for WW HD and official reveal or announcement….Man some of you geniuses are STRETCHING to claim Zelda U being announced or revealed EVER which it hasn’t

      1. Dude….as stated above on one of your other comments….it WAS announced. If anything wind waker HD was CREATED in passing while they were getting Zelda U ready. You really think they aren’t working on Zelda U? Come on now. Aonuma even wanted to show it off at the new york comic con but felt it wasn’t quite ready to show. Unless you are up to date on your info, don’t call other people genuises or say they are stretching things out, cause the people you say are stretching things out clearly are more informed than you on this particular topic. Actual gameplay hasn’t been revealed, if that’s what you mean. But the game being developed has certainly been announced. Here’s an article from October talking about the history of the game:

  2. It should be Zelda, but I would settle for X, or Shin Megumi Tensei X Fire Emblem which we haven’t seen any footage of yet. They can make reference to DKC:TF but it would pretty stupid to waste an opportunity like that on a game that is coming out in a few months anyway.

      1. It’s not Bayonetta. The first game didn’t sell very well so it’s not that popular. At a huge mainstream event there not going to show off something niche like Bayonetta. It’ll be something big like Zelda.

          1. Thats exactly why they bitched and complained. Fanboys are fanboys. As someone who played the game, it didnt really cared. although i am planing on getting a Wii U when smash releases, im not picking up Bayo2 untill it drops under $20.

        1. I’m not sure where YOU were last year when it was announced Bayonetta 2 was a Wii U exclusive. The gaming community went bananas over that.

        2. WRONG! Bayonetta 2 is a very big dealfor both Nintendo and fans. Its been completely overhauled, she’s been redrawn, more action, violence, and guns. Just look at the development videos. Hell haters sent Platinum Studios death threats! You sound like a fool or a Zelda head!

        3. But Bayonetta 1 was amazing, I played it like 3 times. Work of genius.

          We all need to stop giving Nintendo a hard time. Don’t you feel bad that it’s too much pressure for them. If you keep it up like this you won’t get any excitement.

      2. X is more of a action-adventure RPG and we don’t know what Shin Megumi Tensei X Fire Emblem is. It could be an RPG, fighting game, or action adventure.

        Not only that, any mature game is good to show at the VGX regardless what genre it is.

  3. It probably is gonna be something stupid like wii u sports golf. Hopefully im wrong. if not then i will be very made at nintendo.

  4. Well let’s hope is not Donkey Kong, I have not problem with the Kongs, but I do not think they are what Nintendo need to show off at this very moment.

  5. I doubt they are right about that but if Nintendo does, I’m sorry but I like Iwata and Reggie but they will need to go if they show Donkey Kong. I’m sorry but they need to go if they do that cause it shows they truly lost touch with the gamers and this is America, yea we like Donkey Kong but that isn’t stuff you show at VGX. This is their first time showing a world premiere on this show an they wanna waste it on Donkey Kong!? Don’t do it Nintendo cause if they do, I will not be looking forward to the Wii U’s future.

    But yea, this could easily be false cause there is no way Game Informer knows they are showing a previously announced game when the head of the VGX doesn’t even know.

  6. Well ZeldaU was announced in january so it still could be it what other reason is there to go to the vgx to announce cranky kong for dkctf or a new character for smash both could be done in a direct

    1. NO IT WASN’T, quit calling it announced period when all they said was here is WW HD while we work on a new Zelda . Which means diddly squat. That is NOT an official announcement of a Zelda U title, that is them saying “We need to mention thinking about a Wii U Zelda, so that the Nintendo cult wont explode over WW HD”… Hell in reality it still might not even be on paper, nor has it been announced…..

      Enjoy your new trailer for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

      1. “all they said was here is WW HD while we work on a new Zelda.” Way to contradict yourself ace! Aonuma even considered showing it off at the new york comic con but decided not to, and it’s gonna be shown at e3. Aonuma was gonna show off a game that hasn’t been started? Come on now, that’s ridiculous. And I highly doubt they will be showing it tomorrow, and it probably will unfortunately be Donkey Kong, but that doesn’t change the fact that you are wrong, yet are jumping down everyone’s throat on this comment section acting like you know what you’re talking about, when in reality you don’t. Having an opinion is fine, but you say everything matter-of-factly is unnecessary.

      2. Are you an idiot? On the January Direct they stated to be working on 2 Zelda games for Wii U 1 was WWHD and the other Zelda U if thats not announcing it I dont know at its or by announcing you mean have a trailer because in that dirct they announced Mario3d,MarioKart,YarnYoshi and 2 Zeldas but they didn’t show trailers you know their is a difference announced and revealed ZeldaU was announced almost a year ago and was intended to be revealed at both E3 2013 but they chose not to bring italong side WWHD and NYCC again they chose not to bring it along side ALBW do you see the difference now

  7. Guys a new take on a old IP means that the game was completely changed so it could be X or yoshi but atleast what ever it shows haters and pretendos will cry.

    1. Uh last I heard that Yoshi’s Yard game or whatever it was called was cancelled…..It’s DK: Tropical freeze get over it

  8. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    If Reggie walks onstage and shows off Donkey Kong, I will be the first one to throw a tomato at him. What a joke.

    I knew it was going to be a previously-announced game. It was obvious. But whether or not Zelda, since it was announced it was being made, counts is the question.

    If games like Zelda and SMTxFE don’t count, it’ll be X or Smash Bros. My bet’s on X.

      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        Same. If Xenoblade looked like a Monster Hunter game (as X does), it must have been because the trailers didn’t talk about the story. That would mean X will have a great story as well. I want to see some cutscenes tomorrow! xD

  9. sikr is like: LOL, Wii U has no hardcore games for adults to show at VGX, let’s put a picture of a Donkey Kong character.

  10. I am not that interested in Donkey Kong. I liked the DKCR but Tropical freeze looks pretty much identical to it.
    Maybe they are pulling a “E3 SM3DW” on us and showing us really uninteresting material and then bombarding us with great stuff month away from release.



      1. If the audience that plays the games is an indicator of which awards show the game should be at, shouldn’t CoD and BF be the games they are showing at the program directed at 9-13 year olds?

            1. actually noone knows that because Nintendo already stated theres stuff the Wii U can do that they aren’t ready to discuss yet. And that devs (3rd party) probably won’t take the time to work with (which they ARENT) That’s why alot of devs dont want to port to Wii U because they dont want to figure new tech out, but yet don’t want their game to look shitty on the console. I see Ubisoft does a pretty good job of it with RM legends. Hopefully more companies will try and stop whining about deving for the gamepad “oh we’ll just implicate the pro controller” smh Its not Wii U’s power thats the problem its these lazy ass devs!

        1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

          Kids aren’t the developers’ target audience though. It’s rated M-Mature for a reason. They’re not going to show shooting, killing, violence, and cussing at the same show where Spongebob Squarepants is awarded best cartoon every year in a row (it actually is and it should be; Spongebob’s awesome).

          Sure, lots of 12-year-olds play Call of Duty, but they SHOULDN’T be.

  12. He’s gonna announce two new smash bros characters. It’s Reggie and Jill Valentine. He’s also going to show a new pro controller that looks like the GameCube.

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      Although I want this oh so very much, it would be risky for anyone, especially Reggie, to announce their own placement as a character in a video game. Sure, it might get people cheering, but imagine if they booed him.

  13. “New look” was the key word.
    So its something we have seen at least something about.
    Zeld U is out of the equation
    We have seen enough about every other game but X.
    Showing off Donkey Kong would be just plain silly.

      1. Well if you don’t like the game, then don’t watch it.

        It’s Nintendo who are showing what we’re going to get. Don’t forget it’s only going to be a taste. Just you wait…this is advertising don’t forget!

  14. i hope is donkey kong so the fans can rage and meltdown and the troll feed like never before, i don’t care anymore, when you are Nintendo you can’t win

    1. STFU Xbot your time is up wiiu is the most powerful console this GEN Faggot U better buy wiiu before they outsold.XBOTS sux lolz

    1. Que eu saiba, foi anunciado ou no Nintendo Direct da E3 desse ano, ou no mesmo Nintendo Direct que foi anunciado o A Link Between Worlds.

    2. NEVER… was mentioned in passing during the WW HD announcement…Thats it, no it was not officially revealed or announced, it’s not coming anytime soon, unless you maybe get an official announcement at E3 2014…Again NO it was not officially announced or revealed, it was 1 comment made during the WW HD announcement

      1. Alright, it’s time for someone to set this troll straight. “Announced” is not synonymous with “showed a trailer for”. “Announced” means that the public was made aware of its development. That happened when development started about a year and a half ago. Aonuma and Miyamoto have briefly mentioned it many times since. Aonuma’s statements during the January Direct weren’t even brief. He detailed aspects of the game like nonlinearity and multiplayer for like a full minute. Knowing Nintendo, I’m not saying it’s likely for them to show a trailer at VGX for it. However, it’s certainly still possible since Zelda U -is- a previously announced game.

  15. :( … bem, calma, calma… pode ser Zelda… ele foi dito antes… Aonuma já falou sobre ele antes… Iwata já anunciou que estavam fazendo, então pode ser ele… pode ser o novo jogo do Miyamoto… SACO REGGIE, CARAMBA!!! SABIA QUE SERIA ISSO! PRA QUE MOSTRA DCK: TP ou MK8? SÉRIO, QUAL O SEU PROBLEMA?! QUE VÍCIO POR DKC É ESSE? Não que eu não goste do jogo, eu AMEI o Returns e o MKW, mas caramba, era o momento da Nintendo mostrar algo novo, totalmente diferente. “Ah, mas pode ser ‘X'”, é pode, mas ele é um tipo de jogo que nós já vimos em um Direct, vimos seu modo de jogo(estou viciado naquela música até hoje) e seria interessante um Metroid, um Zelda, um Star Fox, um… algo novo, uma novidade para chamar a atenção de todos… como o WTF Ivysaur disse: ” Mas bem, já embarquei no trem do hype. Destino: decepção!” :(

    só espero que eu quebre a cara amanhã e seja algo diferente :/

      1. Why everyone already knows about DK Tropical freeze….Sure it looks interesting but what a waste of a mediocre announcement….It’s not even a game reveal it’s just going to be him talking about his body being ready before showing a trailer for a game the world already knows about which in true Nintendo let down fashion will be DK tropical freeze with the new coming April 2014 at the end, maybe he’ll have a slightly altered tie color and thats what makes it new and exciting

    1. Fuck the guillotine, i’m sharpening an axe. I want the pleasure of doing it myself. If this is really Donkey Kong. That would be twice this year i’ve been fucked over by the same game.

        1. Don’t care if they added Jesus Christ him self to the game. The game will most likely be good and all just like Returns, but Nintendo is pushing it way too fucking much. The people want to see other franchises like Metroid and Zelda and something new god damnit!!!!!!!!!

          1. Don’t you think you’re being a bit unfair here? Retro Studios made THREE Metroid Prime games in a row, and nobody complained. Last generation, Wii users got Metroid Prime 3, Metroid: Other M, and the Prime Trilogy as icing on the cake. Plenty of Metroid for a generation, if you ask me.

            So, why is it so bad for Retro to make another Donkey Kong game, especially considering how damned good the first one was? Let them take a break from Metroid for a while.

            If you felt “fucked over” because of the new Donkey Kong game announcement, I think you’re being a bit way too entitled.

            1. The last Metroid game they did was fucking Prime 3! That was 6 years ago!! They have had a long enough “break.”

              I don’t think he is being unfair at all. I am sick and tired of having nothing enticing to look forward to. Gamers are greedy and Nintendo needs to fill our wants; our needs. If they can’t do it then it’s not our fault, it’s Nintendo’s for not providing us with what we want.

              This is also coming from someone who is not a fan of Donkey Kong as a character or as a franchise. I did not like DKCR…. I probably won’t get Tropical Freeze… I just want my goddamn Metroid…

            2. All i’m saying is that if Nintendo is going to the VGA’s/VGX to make an announcement (which they have NEVER done before) it better be something more than “Cranky Kong is the 4th playable character”!!!!!! Also, most of us were expecting something HUGE from Retro at E3 from all the things that were said about the game, especially when a guy who used to work for NAUGHTY DOG tweets how great his project is at Retro. I’m sure you can understand the let down from “you guys wanted a core game from Retro that would show off the Wii U? Too bad, it’s Donkey Kong trololololol”. Like I said, it will most likely be a great game just like Returns or even better, but I was still expecting something more.

            3. To the contrary, it is perfectly understandable to be disappointed with Tropical Freeze.

              First of all, right before the game’s reveal, Retro had hinted at developing a “well loved” franchise. Now obviously this could mean just about anything, but considering Retro is best known for the Prime trilogy, a new Metroid game would’ve been a safe bet.

              The second thing you have to take into consideration is that the Wii U was (and still is) in desperate need of better games. The games revealed at E3 were supposed to be ones that would bring Nintendo out of their slump and define the next generation of Nintendo gaming. Let’s look at Tropical Freeze and a potential Metroid game and see how well they accomplish this:

              Tropical Freeze:

              -Generic Nintendo platformer that doesn’t really stand out as much as other Nintendo franchises
              -Doesn’t add any new interesting, gameplay mechanics (the 3D doesn’t add much to the level design and the throwing mechanics aren’t really different or interesting enough to add much).


              -Shooter/adventure game, different from the usual Nintendo games
              -Appeals to hardcore gamers
              -Chock full of potential for interesting gameplay mechanics (Gamepad would be useful for visor controls, for things like scanning or controlling Samus’ ship, and Retro themselves said they’d use it for extra touch features and stuff (

              Now with that in mind, Tropical Freeze is an utterly baffling choice, it’s simply a repeat of a game we saw 3 years ago with nothing added to the gameplay to make it feel next gen, while Metroid would’ve been a new, next gen experience that would’ve help save the Wii U. Quite possibly one of the biggest missed opportunities I’ve ever seen.

    1. I agree. Nintendo needs to show me what Miyamoto is working on. I swear if his supposedly “new iP” is some crappy party game or a $5 downloadable title I will quit gaming forever. I refuse to buy a shit box and a Sony station, because I will not pay for online content.

      Nintendo, don’t let me down!!!

  16. it better not be tropical freeze because that would be anticlimactic to say the least

    hope he was just referring to zelda wii u.. even though it hasn’t technically been announced there’s already been enough word on it for people to consider it “announced”

      1. It “can’t” be a 3D Donkey Kong, because the title they are showing is an already announced title to the public and no 3D DK title is in the works that we know of. PLUS, they are currently working on a DK side scroller so why would they be working on ANOTHER DK game?

  17. Basically all hype went down the drain. It’s a previously announced title-yawn. It will probably be DKCTF- double yawn and what a waste….

  18. the way things are going, it’s probably going to be Cranky at Tropical Freeze.
    Not that I would hate it (in fact I’m very excited to see gameplay of Cranky), but this is something for a Nintendo Direct and not for VGX.
    VGX should either have Zelda U, Smash Bros. newcomer(s), or X footage.
    X footage would be the best choice because it can potentially bring a new group of players for the Wii U a.k.a. the JRPG crowd

  19. I think it’s Donkey Kong, but all their upcoming games might be a possibility. Definitely not Zelda though, no way in hell.

  20. nintendo will disappoint, thats why this shitty wii u is the last console I’m going to have from them, its my time, ike it was for people after the n64 and gamecube. i gave nintendo a chance and wooaaah did it suck. they lost there touch and abandoned there fan base, the core market and keep on making retarded decisions. I’ve gotten sick of mario a while ago and zelda isn’t doing anything. so long.

  21. Oh my fucking god, please don’t…
    Don’t embarress yourself for fucks sake, show Zelda, get everyone hype, not a game everyones already seen.

    1. And if it’s Donkey Kong…just…fuck off.
      Im excited for the game, it’ll be amazing, but EVERYONE is sour about that game, because it means Retro aren’t spending their time making Metroid, or having the chance to do a new IP.

  22. I really hope it’s X, I wish it was Zelda U, but the possibility of it being DKTF is more likely. I think they would use this opportunity to advertise a game that’s coming out early next year than a game (Zelda U) that might come out in 2015 at the earliest.

  23. I’d like to see the reaction of yarn yoshi. Lol. Man i hope its a new starfox with 4 player story mode air and ground missions since your teammates dont do shit anyways. I also want a longer story customizable arwings and krystal titties. Lots of krystal titties.

    1. Fuck krystal, I want Katt Monroe back, in the last REAL star fox game. No offense to the games after that, but Star Fox 64 was the pinnacle of the series hands down. Star fox adventures wasn’t even a star fox game at first, it was dinosaur planet and they slapped star fox on it. And I want Peppy in an arwing telling me to barrel roll, not sitting around being old as dirt lol.

      1. Even though Stairfax Temperatures wasn’t a traditional Starfox, I enjoyed it. However, yeah I want to see something like Starfox 64 again. Katt titties?


    1. You are correct, lots of whiners. I will admit I was a little let down from DKs announcement only because of how Retro made their mystery title seem like something that was gonna blow everyone away. I love Donkey Kong but I can’t say it’s a game that will blow everyone away. I will be getting it day one myself though, already have it paid in full. Someone above even said gamers are greedy and it’s not their fault if Nintendo can’t fill their needs. That statement alone is a huge problem with modern gamers. Since when is being greedy acceptable? I do think Nintendo needs to step up their game in a lot of areas, but at the same time, Nintendo has practically raised me for going on 26 years (started gaming when I was 4 with NES) now, and I have so many great memories thanks to them. I may get pissed off at certain decisions, but I still support them, and I will most likely be Nintendo only this gen. They need help and support, and they have mine. I respect sony but they aren’t Nintendo, the only true gaming company of the big 3. The only one that actually MAKES games. Microsoft, I hate them as a gaming company, and have since day 1. Honestly tomorrow’s announcement will be nice no matter what. I wasn’t expecting anything and they decided to make an announcement a few weeks back that something would be revealed tomorrow, and that was unexpected. I’m expecting Donkey Kong, but who knows. Also, Cranky Kong would be awesome as the 4th player, I hope that tomorrows announcement isn’t about that though. I’ll be torn when playing if he is in it though….I love using Diddy since the first DKC, and Dixie was mine in part 2 (my twin took Diddy and Donkey Kong in the first). Never played 3 due to the baby style, turned me off big time. DK 64 was awesome, would love that on VC or remade in HD.

      1. I think the scientists at Retro Facility were just trolling us a bit by saying “A game everybody wants us to make”…

  25. It’s going to be X or Bayonetta 2. VGX is for the hardcore crowd. DK won’t cut it. I’m still holding out hope its Zelda wii u. Technically they did announce it’s existence in a Njntendo direct already.

  26. I totally called this. The wording pretty much implied something already revealed. Not to mention that now’s not really a good time for new game announcements, since they want to focus on selling existing games for the Christmas season.

  27. I really hope they show Donkey Kong. The game is hardcore. A lot more hardcore than Metroid Prime( though I do love Metroid). It sucks that people precieve games like DK and think that the game is for kids and bash it because its cartoony. What’s worse is that the Nintendo fanboys on this site are eating up the bullshit from those people that they feel insecure. They fear that if DK is shown at the VGX they will get trolled by those people. You know what i say ” Who gives a shit what they think! We are gamers. We play what we want.” I know people see DK as just another platformer. But it is much more than that. Rayman Origins and DKC Returns are one of the best platformers ever made. I just wish people were more grateful for what they have, and what Nintendo will bring for all us who love their games. That goes for people who also enjoy games from Sony and even Microsoft.

    1. Donkey Kong IS just another platformer. What does it bring to the table that other Nintendo games do not? Nothing about it really makes it stand out from other Nintendo games.

        1. I have in fact, I’ve played the GBA remakes of the first 3 (although I never finished 2), and part of DKCR, but I got bored of it around World 4. And Tropical Freeze just looks like DKCR2 with nothing interesting added to it, so why bother?

          1. You got bored around level 4?? So you judge a game without finishing it? Get your head out of your ass first, then we’ll talk if you want!

            1. You’re the one with your head in your ass. You don’t need to play every single minute of gameplay in order to form an opinion on the game, just enough that you get a feel for the gameplay. By your logic we may as well ignore the opinions of everyone except for completionists who squeeze every ounce of gameplay out of it.

  28. New announcements are for Nintendo Direct. Nintendo should just have packaged a improved GameCube controller in with the Wii and now with the Wii U as well as the Wiimote and Nunchuck straight out of the box with all three controller schemes.

  29. It really doesn’t matter what they will reveal. I just know i will be able to enjoy the product that will be given to me because i absolutely love video games, no matter what platform the game is on. I just wish people felt the same way as i do.

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  31. I really think it’s Zelda. Nintendo isn’t stupid, they know that the VGX is for the hardcore crowd and they know that they need a huge announcement to get people pumps about wii u. Zelda is the only game to do that right now. Remember, it was already stated that nintendo twice was already considering revealing the new Zelda at comic con and E3 but didn’t to not take attention from WW and aLbW. Now that they’re out, expect it soon.

    It might be X as well, but I really think they will throw the gloves off and show zelda.

  32. If Nintendo shows donkey kong it will be absolutely ridiculous lol.. you can imagine everyone comes to watch games that are for mature people and they show their monkey. leave the fucking donkey kong for nintendo directs.

    1. Since when shooters are for mature people? Funny ’cause insecure 12 year olds are the most people that play that shit and insecure guys of other ages that just want to insult each other in multiplayer. HOW MATURE!

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  34. Don’t you people want to live life to the fullest as a gamer and less like FANBOYS? There is so much to be had in the gaming world. PLEASE OPEN UP YOUR EYES! You only live once guys. Just be grateful for what you got and stop posting negative comments. Look i love Metroid just as much as the other guy, but DK hasn’t had much love in the past. PLEASE UNDERSTAND!! DK deserves your sightful attention, not your blindless hate.

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  36. Nintendo’s Miyamoto DID announce he was working on a new IP ya know. Nowhere did I just read that the game has already been SHOWN.

  37. Hmm is anyone else encountering problems with the images on this blog loading?
    I’m trying to determine if its a problem on my end or
    if it’s the blog. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

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