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New Super Smash 3DS Screenshot Shows Off Kapp’n And DK On New Leaf’s Island

3DS_smash_bros_kappnSuper Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai has posted a new 3DS screenshot showing Kapp’n and Donkey Kong having a little chat on The Island in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. In fact, this is the first time The Island has been shown in the daily pictures for the 3DS version, and has sparked up conversation in the Miiverse community, with many users questioning Sakurai as to whether it’s a new stage. For the moment, at least, he’s left us with this caption:

“Yar, I wants to watch some o’ that Smash action, too, ye great beast!”


      1. *You’re* Can’t forget to use proper grammar even if we’re online.

        Since you have a picture of the Wii Fit Trainer, you should be more excited for Smash Bros

      2. hang on what are you talking about? ‘You’re’ is correct.
        “You’re (You Are) an accident”
        fucking dumbass.

      3. *sigh* You spelled it as “you’re” as opposed to “You’re” Since it is the first word of the sentence, you need to capitalize it. Cmon, we should know this by now.

        Anyway, resorting to name calling is pretty petty. Just get hyped for Smash Bros and await it patiently

      4. Are you fucking kidding me? You’ve missed out two full stops in your last two comments.

      5. Please Understand, “Whatever the norm, do the opposite” Just because I make grammar mistakes, doesn’t mean that you should get sloppy in your own writing. Also, what’s with all of the colorful words? They aren’t necessary and make having a rational discussion pretty much impossible

      6. Don’t get butt-hurt just because you’re a hypocritical cunt mate. Accept defeat and move on.

      7. Please Understand that the extra words do not help your argument. What defeat? None of us are victors or losers since we’re just commenting on a site. It’s not like we’re debating or punching each other out at the nearest Famiglia while eating a burrito from Chipotle on top of an Xbox One. Anyway, I am moving on, this discussion is going nowhere. #DebatingWorldProblems

      8. Are you two really debating over grammar errors on a Smash Post? come on let it go and talk of smash please

      9. The site does have a lot of tricky members, but we’ve got enough people on the site who legitimately like Nintendo. To be honest, I don’t think that the trolling is quite as bad right now as it was a while ago. I haven’t really seen any in a while. (With one exception)

    1. I’m interested in both versions Wii U first though. I wonder if both versions will be released at different times.

    1. It’s called staying true to a character’s design style. An non-human Animal Crossing character wouldn’t look right if they had realistic fur or humanoid limbs.

  1. As much as I want Sakurai to focus more on the Wii U version and give it exlcusive content and characters because it is being held back by the 3ds. The 3ds version’s character models just look damn good, I don’t get how this tiny handheld could stay this relevant next to the HD version. Its no where near on par but still

    Guess that shows that a good developer can pull off a lot on limited hardware.

  2. DK doesn’t look like a walking turd anymore! I’m glad they are improving the visuals as best as possible.

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