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GameSpot Lists Zelda Link Between Worlds Their Best Game Of 2013

US gaming publication GameSpot has chosen The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds as their best game of 2013. The publication says that Link’s latest adventure see’s Nintendo finally realise the long-dormant potential of The Legend of Zelda, and created an incredible experience that will be admired for years to come. They also said that Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is a stunning masterpiece that’s so consistently rewarding, so unexpected.

49 thoughts on “GameSpot Lists Zelda Link Between Worlds Their Best Game Of 2013”

  1. I feel guilty about saying this… But ALBW hasn’t appealed to me.

    It’s more of a personal thing more than anything. I’ve had a bad history with handheld Zeldas. Both Link’s Awakening and Oracle of Ages took years after I first got them to complete do to one obscure puzzle. And with this game apparently having tougher puzzles, it’s turned me off from it…

      1. actually there were no problems with the puzzles (if anything it was too easy) my biggest issue was the length of the dungeons, I finished most of them in under 2 minutes and finished the game in roughly 3 hours

    1. Its understandable, its not a crime to dislike one game because of personal or some reason so there’s no reason for guilt, I liked the game all round but there were some things that I didn’t like as much as the other Zelda games

    2. I wouldn’t say the puzzles are more difficult. In fact I they are much less obtuse.

      I mean really WHO whould think to throw a pot at that door in Links Awakening. Honestly.

    3. This is by far the easiest Zelda game. I’m by no means a gaming expert, but I managed to blaze through the game without even once stopping to think or coming close to dying.

      1. And Hero mode? I started Hero mode, and you have to use more strategy. It’s a lot more challenging. It’s almost like playing the Master quest because you need more of the upgrades and side items, forcing you to quest more.

    4. I wasn’t the biggest fan of top down zeldas but i bought this because Its supposed to be good and it was it was amazing I couldn’t stop playing for 3 days straight until i had completed it and the puzzle aren’t really hard plus the way you can do any dungeon in a any order is great because i got stuck on a boss and just went an did another dungeon and then came back to it

      1. True, I am no Zelda expert but there was a time I thought I can beat the game without a death, until I enter a boss room unprepared…. But the game is really the easiest Zelda game I have played.

    5. The GBC games are a little weird, and i honestly don’t like them that much, but ALBW is way more like LttP design wise.
      Puzzles aren’t hard, or difficult to figure out, but certainly areas where you need to think outside of the box.
      But good thing is it’s pacing. Missing an item or deciding to go explore doesn’t hinder your progress, you just kinda play it naturally, it’s awesome.
      I went through the entire game my first time without even getting the pegasus boots because i just didn’t think properly, but they’re optional.

      1. Ha, I did the same thing. Got the Pegasus boots on hero mode. This was an excellent game. Very easy. Even hero mode I found easy once you got around 6 heart containers. I still think ALTTP was better, but this was a good buy

    6. Just make an effort and think a little…I’m not trying to bash you really. It’s just that when you actually think and solve a puzzle for yourself you will get a nice feeling called satisfaction, which in the end is the whole reason why we play games.

    7. Let me put your fears to rest; i had a tough time in links awakening too, during the bird tower, and a few times during ages, too.
      But i didn’t get stuck like that in albw. I was challenged a few times, but i never got stuck.
      I get the feeling you would be able to pass the first play through just fine.
      Its hero mode you’ll have to worry about, but not due to the puzzles.

  2. Wow, really?

    I did not expect that at all, most places are giving it to either the most popular and mainstream game, that doesn’t deserve it AT ALL, or The Last of Us which is in the top 10, but it’s too basic to be that interesting, both in gameplay and story telling, or some indie shit that really nobody cares about unless they rub one out over Adam Sessler.

    I’d personally give it to W101, but LBW easily 2nd, followed by Bravely Default.

    1. Did you just say the story in The Last of Us was “basic”? Say what you want about the gameplay (which was basic) but the story was amazing.

      1. “Basic” isn’t necessarily bad thing. I would rather have a “basic” story than convoluted non-sense like BioShock Infinite.

        1. That’s not what i meant at all. Bioshock’s story is a mess, but a game can have any kind of story, be it realistic, non realistic, dark, humorous, simplistic or over the top.

          The basic part refers to the fact it does nothing movie haven’t already done.
          Video games are an interactive experience…
          Being shown a cutscene is not, therefor the story was basic, simple A to B, you watch what we want stuff.

      2. It was enjoyable but it wasn’t anything special.
        I will never give a damn about a character in TLOU more than i care about Legion from Mass Effect, who’s a freaking robot.

        Why? Because i’m allowed to talk to it, choose to have a conversation, know more about the character ect, and that’s just one character, let alone ones like Garrus, Tali and the rest.

        TLOU is impressive in motion capture, and voice acting, and the writing is good, but in terms of taking advantage of the fact it’s a video game, it’s about as complex as the FMV’s in a Sega CD game, that’s literally the equivulant.
        If i could go up to the characters, and talk to them, and get to know them, rather than have forced dialogue down my throat, with the implication that i actually want them to talk, or that they’ll say anything interesting is basic.

        TLOU could be an incredibke franchise, but it won’t ever REALLY be one. It won’t a AAA version of DayZ, or anything, where you live in the world.
        It’s a simplistic point A to B game designed to catter and be accessible to the mainstream, who are fucking stupid, and can’t play even slightly complex games. They just want pretty shit waved in front of their face, people to flap their mouths, a narrow path to follow and kill dudes. That’s it.

  3. This played like a console Zelda game, and ranks in my book among the greatest Zelda’s. It certainly raises the bar for handheld Zeldagames.

  4. i play games since the 80’s. this one is easily, without a single doubt in my top 25…if you do the math, it MUST be a goty, at least to me :)

  5. Weird.. Gamespot usually hates Nintendo. ALBW must really be a great game… well. I should know, I just beat it yesterday :D The ending was so sweet. I just wish they showed us Yuga again :(

  6. wow a major reviewer of games has finally picked a nintendo game for goty and you’re all complaining….seriously you’re all fucking morons somtimes

  7. Hmm, not sure how I feel about this. Truth be told, I’m not sure how I feel about ALBW. It’s a great game no doubt, but it doesn’t feel as polished as previous games. I wasn’t fond of the story. It was WAY too basic, not what I usually expect from Zelda.

    Comparing the two Zelda 3DS games, I’ve played through OoT3D more times than I can count. I just beat ALBW for the first time, and honestly, I feel little desire to play it a second time. The replay value is pretty low.

    And I think other 3DS games were better this year (Pokemon XY, M&L: Dream Team, Fire Emblem Awakening).

  8. Am I the only one surprised that the difficult to pleases and occasionally NIntendo haters at GameSpot gave this game Game Of The Year?

    These Sony and Microsoft fanboys are so mad in the comments section! XD

    I’m glad that this game that is about gaming, gameplay, and a brand new experience won. And not other huge games that even if they are fun and good, gamers today think they should be GOTY just because they are pretty looking and have guns, like a guy saying Battlefield has tanks and airplanes, well, that doesn’t make a game good, we live in a society where shooting and killing stuff makes a game good because it makes you feel like a man. Guess what? A game is good because it’s good, doesn’t matter what it is about, and if doesn’t have any blood in it, stay with your COD if you are so insecure about yourself, I’m a guy, I was born one, and that’s all I need to know to know I’m a guy, I don’t have to play any type of game to feel manly, I just play what entertains me.

    Great choice, I’m glad an actual game won, and not just a “perfect graphics with violence and gore for the men but actually insecure teenagers” won. This is a great game that it focuses on being a game, not a movie with pretty graphics, or making you feel the baddest man in the room, no, just entertain you with fantastic gameplay, mechanics, story, and fun ideas.

  9. Ok why are Gamespot Nintendo haters? Is it only because they gave Skyward sword a 7.5?

    And they did not like the touch controls for Murphy in Rayman despite them being a lot of fun

  10. Wow…didn’t see that coming. They usually hate Nintendo and never give a Nintendo game a score higher then an 8.

  11. Never underestimate the quality and glory of the Zelda franchise! Aonuma and the gang did very well. I’m sure Zelda U will have similar success. ALBW is more than worthy to be game of the year!

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