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Rainbow Road Stage Now Confirmed For Smash Bros On Nintendo 3DS


Nintendo has today revealed a new stage for Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 3DS. The stage showcased is the iconic Rainbow Road from the Mario Kart franchise. The stage was initially  teased in last week’s Nintendo Direct Smash Bros trailer, which can be viewed here. Smash Bros game director Masahiro Sakurai said the following about the stage on Wii U and 3DS social network, Miiverse today: “Here’s a new 3DS stage–Rainbow Road! It can’t be explained in one picture, but it’s going to be a cruise-type stage.”


  1. That looks really cool. Rainbow Road is one of my favorite courses in Mario Kart and the music is amazing. I wonder if there will be a Wii U stage?

    1. Doubt it now that it is specifically revealed for 3DS :/ I feel like 3DS is getting some of the cooler stages lol! Well at least Wii U has the Pilot Wings stage!!

      and at least I’m getting both games hehehe.

    2. Maybe a Rainbow Road from the Wii version (or even the Wii U Mario Kart since it should be released before Smash, if Sakurai is in touch with the MK team) but the 3DS version won’t be on Wii U. 3DS boards are from 3DS games, and Wii U boards are from Wii U games.

  2. Looks pretty awesome! Much better than the last Mario Kart stage, at least, more interesting to look at, based on the one photo. MK7’s rainbow road was awesome, can’t wait to see where else you move to, to fight!

    1. No. 3DS gets handheld stages while Wii U gets console stages. So what demkin said was true. If Wii U gets a “Rainbow Road” stage, it will be from MK8, but seeing as a rainbow road stage is in 3DS, I doubt they would put a different version in the Wii U version.

    1. That sounds boring.. you only play on Battlefield? Lemme guess, with the items turned off too?

      You aren’t a professional so why ruin a good thing?

      1. I mostly play on Final Destination and Battlefield, but I will play other boards too for fun. Serious battles take place on Final or Battlefield, no items (items are fun but not for a serious battle). A lot of the brawl boards suck honestly. One thing I would love to have in this game is the option to turn on/off environmental things like the Arwing on Corneria. Some boards would be so awesome but they have things that ruin it. Having the option would be a major plus.

      2. So you want Street Fighter…punch, kick, kick, punch, dead…Smash Bros is meant to be a chaotic fun game.

      3. Even with items off Smash is NOTHING like street fighter other than the fact that it’s a fighting game. And if you’re good enough matches are quite chaotic when playing someone near your level without weapons. And I guess you missed where I said that I like playing with items and such, just not for a real serious match or like a tournament because than the match has a lot of luck involved in it.

  3. Great to see more info. I’m still holding out hope for two specific announcements for this game:
    1: Dark Samus.
    2: A bundle of both the Wii U and 3DS versions for a cheaper price than getting them separately.

      1. You obviously haven’t played the games if you think Dark Samus is just a black Samus.

      2. Crap, I just realized the 3DS version will get Fusion themed stages… WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN TO ME!

    1. I’ve played the games and I don’t feel Dark Samus (who is blue not black) would be a good choice for SSB4. At least if it meant that Ridley would not make it in, because I would rather have Ridley (and I don’t think Metroid would ever get 3 reps). Obviously she wouldn’t be exactly like Samus, but I do feel like they would give DS some similar moves, because that is just how Sakurai works.

      We have clones in Fox, Falco and Wolf. Captn. Falcon and Ganondorf, Link and Toon Link. Mario and Luigi (yes they have clone moves). We had Pikachu and Pichu. Marth and Roy. and I sincerely doubt that if Dark Samus was added that Sakurai would pass up the opportunity to make her a clone-like character of Samus.

      Ridley is just the better choice as he can’t possibly be a clone of Samus in any way. Not to mention he is a more prominent character in the Metroid franchise, perhaps THE SECOND most prominent character. I do not believe size is an issue.

      1. Not totally, but they still have a lot of moves that are the same, just different. Up B is still the uppercut for both, one is just a combo move while one is a really strong attack. They definitely play a little different but can still be considered clones in a sense. I don’t know how much different they could make the mario brothers though honestly. One thing though, I hope they get rid of Fludd, or at LEAST let him do damage. It is such a useless move unless you’re an edge guarder, and nobody likes those.

    1. Is it the best theme because you are old and feeling nostalgic or because you actually think it’s the best theme?

      1. In my opinion it is the best, not cause I am old or nostalgic, I just think it is the most epic, and sounds most like Nintendo music to me. Yea I know that’s a weird explanation lol but a lot of newer games from Nintendo, mostly anything Mario related (Kart or anything) have some great music, but I don’t feel like I’m in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario Kart 64’s Rainbow Road just came at the perfect time. Growing up from NES to 64, hearing Rainbow Road 64 music was just like a celebration of Nintendo and growing up with them. I’m listening to it now on youtube to make sure I still feel that way and yes. Yes I do lol.

    2. Yes, yes it is. By far the most epic. Love the music and everything. Takes me all the way back to middle school.

  4. Mario should have a new Final Smash where he jumps into his Kart and drives around on the stage, it would be perfect for this stage!

    1. It would be perfect for this stage, but what about all the other stages? Personally, I like the idea of Mario pulling out a Mega mushroom that makes him BEYOND huge and you walk around jumping and stomping on everyone.

      Mario is known for his mushrooms and also pounding foes into the ground with his feet after all.

      1. Honestly I think final smashes should be toned down for some people. It should NOT be a pretty much guaranteed KO fest if you get the smash ball. Some are way too overpowered, whereas some just suck. Giant ones like you describe make it TOO easy. What I hate is people online who play with smash balls on tend to do nothing but try and get the smash ball and get quick kills without really fighting on their own (cause they suck).

  5. I hate mario kart wiis rainbow road. Everyone picks it online and i just shut off the console. Double dash rainbow road was real good

  6. Finally, another good 3DS stage other than that one boring Animal Crossing Island stage from New Leaf.

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