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Eurogamer’s Game Of The Year 2013 Is Super Mario 3D World

Eurogamer has picked the critically acclaimed Super Mario 3D World on Wii U as their Game of 2013. Mario’s latest adventure beat big hitters such as Grand Theft Auto V by Rockstar and The Last of Us by Naughty Dog. The publication awarded indie title Fez their Game of the Year in 2012. Anyway, here’s an extract from the article.

“In fact, as far as I’m concerned Super Mario 3D World is the most delightful of any of the 3D Marios. I found Mario 64 and Sunshine’s structure of sending players back to the same maps multiple times to be plodding and tiresome. The Galaxy games improved on this by taking you to different parts of the stages, but the general theme would remain the same. Unwrapping a new level was always met with a mix of excitement countered with a mild groan of, “I guess I’m going to be stuck here for the next 20 minutes.” 3D World changes that by merging the big-budget 3D splendor of a modern console Mario adventure with the quick, breeziness of its 2D forebears.”

79 thoughts on “Eurogamer’s Game Of The Year 2013 Is Super Mario 3D World”

    1. Why would they be rioting? A good game is a good game. If it were the Last of Us would the Wii U people be rioting? How about if it were Halo? Why all the animosity?

        1. Are you serious? I’ve seen some pretty descriptive stuff Nintendo fanboys have said about Sony/Microsoft. Not sticking up for them(M$ and Sony), but I’m not naive enough to say that the crowd following Nintendo is more docile. There a plenty of dbags in all three of those camps.

          1. The extremists known as the N-Dub Nation does not represent our empire as a whole…

            Although hiring them occasionally might not be a bad idea if the situation would become desperate…

          2. Some people do but they usually said has a means to counter the Nintendo bashing you will never see it be brought up without provocations.

    2. I used to play nintendo home consoles till the original wii. Since then i always buy a nintendo portable and a microsoft home console because of personal taste.
      Im not rioting, its a good game which come after hard work from nintendo so… Greetings from here (not riotinf xD)

      1. If Nintendo pushes me any farther, that’s what I’m going to do. I’m giving them through 2014. If they can’t convince me to stay, and show enough software muscle for me to get my brother and best friend on board to game with, I’m gone.

        Not sure if I’ll go xBox or PS4. The advantage of xBox is everyone I know IRL games on it. So I can play online more often. Personally, I like the PS4 better.

        That said, they both need a solid year to get their bugs worked out and their shit straight. (prices will drop also)

        I’ve given Nintendo over 25 years. I can give them one more.
        I’ll always get their handhelds though.

        1. You’re leaving Nintendo cuz of bugs but you’re goin to Xbox or Microsoft? Lmao both of those systems are even worst than Nintendo good luck having complete games on those too! Hahahahahahahahaha.

        2. PS4’s 1st parties have barely been scratched, so you ought not to “jump the gun” on this one. Keep your Wii U and buy a Ps4 or Xbox One, then you’ll be satisfied!

  1. Finally got U. Waiting until I have a few friends over to play 3D World. Hope it’s more fun than Arkham Origins… it’s not bad, but not exactly fun either…

    1. I’m pretty sure you’ll have a lot more fun with 3D World. While it is better with friends, it’s still fun to play alone as well. Considering we’re all usually too busy, I wasn’t going to wait until I played with friends to start the game. lol

      1. I prefer playing it single player to multiplayer, but its still a blast with some friends or family!!

        I agree with Eurogamer, it’s the best game this year. That being said, I’m half way through ALBW and its giving 3D world a run for its money.

        1. Hoping the U’s Zelda is just as captivating. I’m also hoping Link finally reveals his saiyan blood, but if not, I’ll settle for an awesome game/story :P

          1. How do you feel about Mario? NSMBU and NSMB2 were nothing special, but they were spin offs. I think 3D world is a worthy succesor to the Galaxy games!!!

            I love Mario and Zelda :D

            D you have 3D world, I haven’t seen any Miiverse comments????

            1. The NSMB series was the worst Mario ‘series’ Nintendo ever made. Rehash, rehash, rehash was the only thing there… Personally hated NSMBU

              1. I never played NSMBU but I agree…

                It’s the laziest series ever made, not even 10% new music in any of the games…

              2. “The NSMB series was the worst Mario ‘series’ Nintendo ever made. Rehash, rehash, rehash was the only thing there… Personally hated NSMBU”

                Personally I agree.

            2. Oh wait, I meant to say ALBW was way better than 3D LAND … I said “World” by accident. X.x

              Yeah, I can’t compare ALBW to 3D World.

              I loved the First NSBM game, but I bought the DS version, then the 3DS version, then the Wii version, then the WiiU version…and in the end, I feel I paid nearly $200 for the same content. Well, maybe 2 games worth of content. I am so sick of platformer Mario, like a kid that ate too much candy.

              I totally get that 3D World is getting rave reviews and is different than the NSMB series, but I’m just Mario’d out and feel a little bitter for Nintendo making 4 marios so much alike. Me and Mario are taking a break from each other for a while before I grow to really hate the bastard! :)

              1. Trust me on this, I too share your sentiment on sidescrolling Mario. But 3D world is in a different league, made by EAD tokio the same people who made Galaxy…

                It’s literally a must play game, I can’t say the same for any of the NSMB games..

    2. great! I sugget u get smash and bayonetta next year and if u like racing zerogravity mk 8 too! until then. get some nintendoland or windwaker!

    1. Probably will get one made by the original team (if it still around) by square enix or better yet mystwalker. Because of all the join IP efforts of Nintendo.

  2. Definately one of the best games from 2013, not sure if game of the year, but awesome game is awesome game, definately better than some overhyped garbage like GTAV.

  3. LMFAO!!!Yeah game of the year that to date has not even sold a Million worldwide yet!!!!
    And a game that got beat in the UK sales wise by Mediocre Knack!!!
    Yeah a game so great that failed to shift Millions more units like Nintendo had hoped!!!
    The Last Of Us is a hundred times better than rehash Mario!!!

    1. See this is what I mean. When the vgx where being showed many Nintendo fanboys where hoping that the last of us win instead of gta5 but here comes a retard that base the quality of a title based on sales.

    2. Rehash? Yes, because Last of us isn’t a rehash of Uncharted or anything. There is more of a difference between Mario Galaxy 2 and this game, than Uncharted 3 and Last of us… don’t cry too hard into your pillow tonight.

        1. I didn’t care much for the last of us, I really wanted something different, like Jak and Daxter (in the since of fantasy). Last of us is good, the horror survival part is best part and the best design

    3. Just because you write “LMFAO!!!” in your comment doesn’t mean you are actually having fun and trying to ridicule people here by making fun of the game, just means you are very desperate for attention, so by writing a big laugh you want to make others mad for laughing at these news and get the attention you want so much.

      Oh, and Wii Sports sold a lot, and Wii Fit sold a lot, and Wii Party sold a lot too back when the Wii was out, so they had to be game of the year? Does COD have to be game of the year because it sells a lot? So are you saying FIFA 2014 had to be game of the year because a bunch of horny and insecure heterosexual guy teenagers just want to play sports and sports with that shitty game in the UK?

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  5. Mother fuckers gonna e mad. Let the nintenhate begin, lol I’m currently playing it and I think it does deserve goty. But, that’s just my opinion, don’t like it? Go sit on a d..k….

  6. well it was either this a link between worlds or last of us.

    persoannly : 1., ALBW 2. World. 3. Last 4. fire emblem and 5 . ( I duno)

    1. ALBW was just amazing. Almost done with my second play through in Hero mode. If this is any indication of how Nintendo can breath new life into Zelda, Zelda U could be a system seller. (A real system seller! Pull all the Nintendo fans back.)

      Can’t wait for Zelda U after the epicness that is A Link Between Worlds.

  7. Delicious tears. So much butthurt!

    Yet another GOTY award GTAV will never have, and that’s all I care about. If it went to TLOU, I’d have cheered all the same.

    1. Gameplay in what sense? Controls? Level design? I just finished up 100% in SM3DW a few days ago, and had no problems with it. I had no problems getting used to it. The only differences really, are the lack of the triple jump and no spin, for extra range and the build up for full speed running. So, in that sense, yes, it will take a little bit to get used to, especially if you are expecting Galaxy’s controls. It’s not Galaxy, and the controls in this game are designed exclusively for this game, and compliment it, in the same way Galaxy’s controls compliment that game etc. Finish a few worlds, and you’ll be fine.

      1. Jumping feels kinda floaty. I have finished the first 2 worlds now and it is getting better, but I still think it doesnt beat galaxy :P

  8. LOL The eurogamer comments are at max butt hurt. I love 3d world, my only issues with the game is that few bosses are a joke, like boom boom, pom pom, king clank( spike panel boss). The rock boss is okay. Bowser’s first fight is good, one of my favs. The snake, clown, and bowser are my fav, I really wish they didn’t use boom boom and pom pom, maybe as mid bosses, but not main. Much rather have Bowser jr since he is more expandable. Maybe if they used boom boom and pom pom together it wouldn’t be a issue. I’m only at world 7 so far. Over all a great game

  9. Nice!!! Good to see people coming to their sense and NOT making GTAV the game of the year :D

    Not just that…. SM3DW is an amazing game that definitely deserves GOTY.

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  11. Looking at the butthurt at Eurogamer’s comments section, I wonder what would happen if IGN awarded SM3DW GOTY…. Internet meltdown much???

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