Here’s The Japanese Box Art For Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze


Nintendo Japan have unveiled the box-art for Retro Studio’s latest title, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. The box-art is fairly similar to the North American box-art, but it doesn’t have the word “Country”. Also the words “Tropical Freeze” just uses one font instead of two different ones. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze releases in the US and Europe on February 21st.

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    1. It says “Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze”; it’s just a pronunciation guide for the Japanese audience.

    1. I just took a look at my Shin Megami Tensei box and it has Shin Megami Tensei in bigger Japanese font than the English title. SMT IV was obviously made by Atlus, a Japanese studio.

      I think the titles reflect where the game was made.

    1. Donkey, no. I don’t see too many people enjoy the multiplayer in returns that much. Compared to 3D world(which kinda did needed it) this game requires more skill then mario, because donkey country has been made for the hardcore. online or muilt would just put people in rage mode in faster from DK. If it were more nsmb style yes, but as is No

      1. yeah this game would definitely be a lot better if I could play online with my friends… ragemode? Isn’t ragemode usually something that 12 year old kids do on Call of Duty I mean who do you plan on inviting to your game thats gonna go all ragemode for missing the same jump a few times? Very sad so many missed opportunities from Nintendo from nsmb return to dreamland to Donkey Kong Country Returns mario 3d world to this.

      2. If u play dk’s country multiply its level design isn’t really ment for multiplayer I’ve only toched the returns multiplayer twice me and my friends just didn’t like it. DK is really a single player. We couldn’t get online going for dreamland because nintendo didn’t have the right set up. nsmb while it would be nice, it needs more gameplay balance its to chaotic. 3DW should have online since it was more multiplayer friendly, DK is something that doesn’t need it, plus it was retro’s call not nintendo. If u have played the DK country series u can get pissed quick. I’ve seen tons of adult lps rage at DK country. If the game was more multiply focus(or friendly) like 3D world then yes it should have it but as is no it really doesn’t need it.

      3. 3D Mario world having online wouldn’t have worked well because some stages the green stars are well hidden and others would have spoiled the surprise a or killed bosses for you or go through stages with all stars while you hardly did nothing to warn it. What if you are plating against someone looking for stars but can’t because player 3 is racing through the stage. So you zap with that player missing your cat bell, fire balls and your green stars.

      4. wll it could be with just friends, I remember the completeish said he thinks online would work, but not really, do to the camera zooming on the player thats in the lead

  1. Well, I think the world “country” is redundant to say at this point, or there are people that when talk about this game say it all “Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze”?

      1. I got mine 30$ traded some games that my friend gave me that didn’t like too much and I had a 10$ off ticket for the game

    1. If Nintendo would let us play Wii games on the game pad with mapped gamepad buttons, I’d probably sink another 100 hours into that game. I didn’t get halfway, and the game looks like shit on an HD TV… Well, mine. All the edges are very “jaggy” (not to be confused with “Jaggi”) – yes…I’ve adjusted ALL the settings.

      1. I use the gamepad as the screen doesn’t bother me too much, unless its mario galaxy which can be hard to play on the game pad. I think nintendo will try something to make it work, but ith games like galaxy, and skyward sword, they can only make it work so much.

      2. Yeah, and I AM happy I can play using the Gamepad screen, that was awesome, but when I’m laying down, it can be a bit cumbersome.

        still, I’m glad for the game pad option at least.

  2. Another not to trade in masterpease of gaming perfection andabove all xbone ad ps4 games by a fucking million miles plus all that controller choice


  3. The SNES games were titled Super Donkey Kong. I wonder why they dropped the Super part of the title starting with DKCR.

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