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Tantalus Hiring For New Game Which Includes Wii U

The Tantalus website has revealed that the developer who helped out on the Wii U port of Mass Effect 3, and also developed Funky Barn, are looking to create a AAA title. Development on the brand new game will begin this month. Interestingly the job position asks for applicants with Wii and Wii U programming skills. What game would you like to see Tantalus tackle next?

Thanks, Simply G

97 thoughts on “Tantalus Hiring For New Game Which Includes Wii U”

    1. I know we all want a new Funky Barn, but they’ll be working under Tantalus’s “Straight Right” team, who are known for hardcore games. I know, I’m sad too!

    1. lol! I finally got your reference after I looked up first, Princess Garnet and second, Tantalus in Final Fantasy. :P

      I have never played a Final Fantasy game in my life.

        1. Agreed. 4 and 6 where the glory for the FF series. Goes to show graphics and technology upgrades mean nothing. The best ones were 16 bit

  1. These guys have no good games under their history whatsoever… they are probably bringing trash to the Wii U. Something else to bring Wii U’s Metacritic score down in 2014 :(

    1. I have hope in them. If ios developers could scape and make fortune after making so much ios crap then this guys can too specialy since they worked on mass effect 3 and deus ex and can make a game combining both.

      1. Yeah, but a company making lots of money doesn’t make them good. IOS developers make crappy games despite the money they make. These guys have not made anything good on their own. So unless a miracle happens, the game will probably suck.

    2. See it from the bright side: At least it’s ‘AAA’ trash! :D
      …On the downside, it will be more expensive D:

  2. Argh bad timing ;O I am in my last quarter of school :( I would apply for it right away but sadly I can’t until I graduate XP busy with portfolio preparation and intern job ;o

  3. if its not good. get out and destroy ps4 or x1 or whatever’s metacritic score. must be at least 8.5/10 for whatever game they do and sell a lot.

      1. im not a fanboy. if you see me on ign(here I rarely comment) you will see im not a fan boy.

        I love Nintendo as much as I do sony, in fact.

  4. Well that’s good since Wii U uses PowerPC.

    I’d like to see them do something that fully uses the GamePad. Something original and never done before.

    1. Commander, The Tantalus Tribe is a small group of game porters and makers of a few low tier games such as Funky Barn.

  5. Commander, The Tantalus Tribe is a small group of game porters and makers a a few low tier games such as Funky Barn.

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  7. I thought the Mass Effect 3 port was so spectacular, I was less bitter about getting fucked over not getting the trilogy release. I’m hopeful this game could be good.

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