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Kirby Swallows Massive Eel In New Kirby: Triple Deluxe Commercial

Nintendo has released a new commercial for Kirby: Triple Deluxe. As shown in the 30-second clip, Kirby’s expandable mouth and body allow him to inhale things that are significantly larger than himself, such as a giant eel or an enormous tree. The Nintendo 3DS game launches January 11th in Japan, and it will arrive in North America and Europe later this year.


    1. Kirby has always been good at roll playing. How many outfits does he got? That kinky bastard! XD

      1. if you watch carefully, smash bros brawl is Kirby Super Star
        both made by Sakurai, no wonder Kirby could attempt something similar the other way around

      1. I heard women are fond of massive eels. I love seafood personally. I ate at a sushi conveyor today. My missus loves the eel but i despise it

      2. Ceviche is one of my favorite things in the world. Ceviche and beer = best combo ever.

      3. Every time i hear the name Kirby, I think of the big black guy from The Suite Life on Deck… so yeah a girl named Kirby is bad

  1. I’ll get this, i haven’t had a Kirby game since that kirby racing game for the GameCube.

      1. The robot from chibi robo takes the crown for the least popular Nintendo character.

      2. actually if you think about it Nintendo’s most popular franchises are as follows:

        1. Pokemon
        2. Mario
        3. Legend of Zelda
        4. Donkey Kong
        5. Kirby

      3. Switch Mario and Pokemon though…

        As popular as Pokemon is, nothing will ever beat Mario since he is more known than Pokemon even amongst non gamers…

      4. I guess you could switch Mario and Pokemon, but i was considering since Pokemon has a wide array of Merchandise, from its booming game division, its immense Trading card market, or its insane anime series stretching across 17 seasons, over 1000 episodes, and of course it’s 16 or so Movie deals

      5. In a research, Mario’s more known than Mickey Mouse… Says much about the popularity of Mario

      6. It’s weird when you realize Kirby is more popular than Metroid and Starfox :0

      7. It should be sad that they aint more popular. That’s why we dont have anything new from those franchises.

      8. Biggest Nintendo IP’s in order

        Mario: 512.76
        Pokemon: 224.47
        Wii Series: 198.76
        Legend of Zelda: 71.40
        Donkey Kong: 63.33
        Kirby: 33.36
        Animal Crossing: 24.54
        Super Smash Bros: 24.40
        Metroid: 17.58
        StarFox: 11.20
        Fire Emblem: 6.66
        F-Zero: 5.80
        Pikmin: 4.37
        Excitebike: 4.16
        Punch-Out: 3.26
        Ice Climbers: 1.84
        Chibi-Robo: 0.77

        I got that from some guy on IGN :)

      9. he’s high uo because he smokes the reaver. dk is an a class stoner. have you seen any ape eat so much bannas, munchies. he is so paranoid from his weed he makes his friends collect 500 bananas for him in dk 64 when he already has 10 thousand from is earlier adventures in the country. that explains why he has a been bag chair in his room with an xbox 360 with cod in it, because after he grabs his dope he trash talks on cod.

        so now that i had to explain all that for you are you FUCKING HAPPY!!!!!!!! next time you will remember why donkey kong is so high up in the clouds!!!!

      10. the only reason there is so much spelling errors is because dk has a gun to my head……. he says that he actually isnt a douchbag….

        OH no iwata took DK!!!! “please undastand that to…. night im having…. a troppiicall dina!!!” *nintendo direct starts* ” we have some unfortunate news….. *grabs out bib and puts it around his neck* dk tropical freeze has been delayed till february…. please understand that……..i put him in my tropical freezer instead,…… for a tropical diner” * grabs fork and knife while licking lips* “wii failed u and no refunds for wii u” *bows and falls threw table, reggie grabs dk and puts him in pot* “see you in februuuuary”

      11. The funny thing is Pokemon would easily take over Mario if they released as many Pokemon games as they do Mario games… But, Nintendo would NOT like their mascot being beat by one of their other franchises.

      12. its going to be the year of getting ready to say goodbye to wii u with all its games.

      1. the game was awesome, not to mention it is the only game that is actually a direct sequel
        other Kirby games are or prequels or separated totally

  2. We actually saw the Eel in the original reveal trailer, I believe. They cut it off early in this trailer, but in the original one, Kirby is sucking and sucking and the eel just keeps coming!!

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