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Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson Announced For Japan On Nintendo 3DS

The latest issue of Famitsu has revealed that the popular side-scrolling action series Senran Kagura is set for a sequel. Developed by Tamsoft once again, Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson will be launching for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan this summer. The 3D action game – featuring large bosomed females – will have field boss encounters and two new male characters.

With Senran Kagura Burst localised and released for North America last November and Europe in the first half of this year, the sequel could very well be on the same path. But until we get official confirmation, overseas fans will have to look on in envy when the game releases for Japan on August 7.

56 thoughts on “Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson Announced For Japan On Nintendo 3DS”

    1. I am sick and tired of this behavior. Why does everything have to be about breasts. Breasts, breasts, breasts. That’s all everything is today. They need to start showing girls asses, everyone knows we love girls asses way more than breasts. A girl with a disgusting face, tiny tits, and a big ass is still very much doable. The order goes ass, face, tits it’s a proven fact.

      1. Yet when women see men, we don’t think about their lower regions first, or their bums, or even how muscular they are. What we see first is a man’s face and if they’re judging our body or not. If you’re looking at anything other than my face first, you’re out the door. And I think that stands for most women.
        Sorry for being so verbal, heroponluigi, I just thought your comment needed addressing from a feminine perspective. :)

        1. No worries. Just an FYI though, by the time we go talk to you we have already stared at your body for a while lol. Another thing I want to point out is that when we talk to a girl it’s really hard not to stare at her breasts so don’t get too mad at a guy if he does it especially if we’ve been drinking. At that point it’s honestly impossible.

    1. Nintendo is my Blood

      NC, seriously that game looks waaaaaay to emphasized on those sexual nature, i mean the one in the middle looks like she has 2 basket balls ducktaped to her chest… and not in a good way…

      1. I’m so tired of these horny apes…

        Why always something with sex?…

        Really, that’s all guys think about…

        1. Actually, those games are purchased (at least in Japan) by women a whole lot too. I’m even getting it for my best friend as soon as it’s out in Euorpe, she loves this kinda thing.

            1. Also, the game in itself, regardless of its heroines designs, is fun, enjoyable, fast-paced and colourful. Dismissing it merely because of the looks of some characters seems pretty shallow.
              You should try it out !

              1. I know but I’m sick of these kind of things…

                It’s always oversexualized cheap business moves most do…

                And always girls, throw some dudes in as well some time…

                1. Oh, well, in the West they’re pretty rare indeed, but you’ll find tons of those “male-sexualizing” games in Japan. Most of the time, it’s done with a bit more “elegance”, like in Devil May Cry. Dante might be sexualized a whole lot, but it’s always related to huge class and all.

                      1. Calling them “cheap sluts” just because they’re dressed that way isn’t… very helpful, I think. They’re badass ninjas fucking up everything around them, and I’m not sure about the 3DS version but there’s like zero guy there, so they hardly “slut themselves up” or anything like that.
                        Also, whether or not they’re into grinding someone’s crotch is not sufficient to describe them as “bad” characters. Wonder Pink in Wonderful 101 sure loves showing her pants, she’s an amazingly enjoyable and touching character.

            2. well look at DoA so its on the same boat and i happen to be a proud owner of senran kagura burst and code of princess does have some fanservice so there is nothing wrong so long as its a fun game. look at SC II, some fanservice but a great fighting game. if senran kagura 2 reaches the states (n america in general) then i will buy it too.

            3. Maybe you are a woman, maybe you are gay, or maybe you are asexual but yes us men we think about girls all the time. I know it’s been said that men think about sex ever 7 seconds, honestly it’s probably more frequent than that.

            1. And yet these males think that it’s so sexual with breasts bigger than bigger…

              It just looks absurd, specially on girls that barely look 14 years old…

              1. Nintendo is my Blood

                You know what they say NC, sex sells, we may not like it (or you may, whatever) at the end of the day its all about money and what other way to get quick money, than by feeding sex down the pervert’s throats, (NOT A PUN I AM PROUD OF)

        2. There’s nothing wrong with perversion. I wish people in the world would stop being so prude. It’s a problem we have in the West, ESPECIALLY in America…. God forbid if a naked man or woman appears on your television screen. It’s not like we (the audience) have never seen genitals before.

          The sooner we start desensitizing our culture, the more accepting the next generation will be until nakedness and over-sexualization is just a normal thing. If it were normal, then people wouldn’t freak out over games like these.

          Problem solved.

          1. I don’t have a problem with some but if the entire human culture is all about sex, then fine go on ahead but I was born to become something greater than a sexual being…

            1. The attitude should be different in America. If people want to be sex fiends… then that’s fine. Let them be sex fiends. If someone else wants nothing to do with sex then that should be fine too. Right now we have this awful, AWFUL “stigma” in that women are sex objects and men are hardwired to only want sex(both are obviously not true to an intelligible person). If someone wants to have lots of sex then we shouldn’t criticize them. There isn’t anything “wrong” with it.

              Then we have the bazaar way of thinking that gay(and lesbians) are a freak of nature which leads into the issue of marriage. People need to stop getting married for the sake of….getting married. Get married if you are religious, not because you want to “fit in.” and if gay people want to (for some reason) get married, then why stop them. It’s a goddamn waste of time considering the divorce rate is 50/50 right now.

              Basically, the problem is everyone cares so much about what everyone else is doing and what everyone else wants when in reality… it’s none of their GODDAMN BUSINESS.

          2. THANK YOU!
            People who freak out over perversion are no better than those who are sold on it. In fact, I’d argue that they’re worse since they stop at one detail and then refuse to look at the big picture. It’s like the gaming equivalent of slut shaming.

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      3. Well, guess I can’t reply directly to NC anymore, weird.
        Anyway, your assumption that the ones designing those are men is entirely false. The example of Wonder Pink fits since a woman designs most characters, and even Bayonetta was her own work.
        Also, prove to me the chara designer for Senran Kagura is male. I’m waiting.
        If you want a sexualized man for just the sake of him being sexed up, play Raiden’s part in Metal Gear Solid 2.

        1. I can’t find anything on the artist’s profile so I guess you win that one…

          I only want equallity but personally I don’t want neither…

                1. Yes because that would just be absurd…

                  I just want games to be games without the need of cheap sexual content…

                      1. I think you are missing the point. Everything a man does most of the time is to impress women. I’m pretty sure the pyramids were built to impress women. Even if they stopped sexualizing women in games, movies, and television it would not make a difference because we would do all the work in our minds anyway. By doing it for us it just makes it easier. You can’t fault us for what we are, GOD made us crazy about girls.

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      5. As a big anime fan, I really wish common developers/artists could have a little more imagination. Every character type in the article’s image has already been done to death. From left to right we have: the energetic one, the quiet one, the skillful one, the bubbly one, the one who’s so normal she needs slightly larger breasts to compensate, the dark skinned, alternative normal (possibly tomboyish) one with an ass instead of breasts, the little one, the classy one, and… fine, I’m not good enough to name the last one, but you get what I mean. All we’re missing is the bitchy one! It’s really hard to convince your friends that anime isn’t just a form of porn when, in fact, a LOT of anime are prolonged teases that throw every stereotype at the wall in the hope that at least one will stick. Even among half the good stuff, there’s a noticeable pair of tits somewhere. It makes me very angry. It’s very degrading.

      6. People are taking this article as a way to prove how THEY FIND THIS OFFENSIVE or how WRONG IT IS TO BE OVERLY SEXUAL. I agree yea, being overly sexual isn’t cool, but don’t take to an article about a videogame where the guy created it just to see how boobs would look in 3D. That is a reason this series exist, now people like it cause the gameplay is fun and unique.

        I don’t think helping the female image in Japan is done by typing digital letters on a blog website meant to share Nintendo News. Not judging you guys but come on dood

        On a brighter side, I love these Senran games, they are cool 3d brawlers

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