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NES Remix Video Shows How To Master Stage 10

Nintendo has released a new video for NES Remix. The one-minute clip shows players how they can get a Rainbow rank in stage 10. Additionally, NIntendo has reminded users that they can visit the game’s Developer’s Room in Miiverse, where they can access messages from director Koichi Hayashida. Priced at $14.99, NES Remix is available on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U.

16 thoughts on “NES Remix Video Shows How To Master Stage 10”

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  2. I felt that stage 10 was one of the easier ones personally. On a side note, NES Remix is such a cool game. Good stuff, Nintendo.

  3. lol this was the easiest challenge to master. do we really need a tutorial for it? seemed pretty straight forward to me..

  4. Really?…

    Why do we need a tutorial for a level that only requires you to jump?…

    Must be made for all the Nintendophobes that can’t even master world 1-1…

  5. Mehn fuck that, it looks easy, until u try to do it yourself, then ending up throwing your controller against a wall in rage….

  6. haha yes nintendomination baby meanwhie my country is going down the shit hole and is worse off than when bush was president talk about mixed priorites... haha nintendo rules! diapers 4life

    Get your shovels ready ’cause Wii gonna give U more casual shovelware for a mentalities of 4-10 than worthy games.

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