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Industry Analysts Call For Nintendo To Bring Their Games To Other Platforms

News publication Bloomberg has spoken to a number of industry analysts who all seem united in saying that Nintendo needs to bring their intellectual property to other devices such as smartphone, tablets, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. You can read their views, below.

“Nintendo should offer Super Mario or Zelda games on smartphones and tablets and raise money,” said Tomoaki Kawasaki, an analyst at Iwai Cosmo Holdings Inc. in Tokyo. “If such games become popular, some people may want to play it on Nintendo’s machines.”

“Nintendo has a treasure trove of highly recognized characters. They could make billions in carefully devising a strategy that could exploit its strength in content without the price destruction that would come from abandoning its hardware.”

“Nintendo’s console side is broken,” Pachter said in an interview. “They’re not even an also-ran there, they just don’t matter.”

Iwata “has to take responsibility for the Wii U missing the mark,” Pachter said. “He will be under pressure to make dramatic changes. If he can do so while remaining in charge, more power to him, but they need to make some changes.”

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102 thoughts on “Industry Analysts Call For Nintendo To Bring Their Games To Other Platforms”

    1. well that settles it then … Joseph said “no they don’t” … it’s basically the word of god to be interpreted as you like, but do not discount these holy words.

    2. the first four letters in analyst spells anal and the what they are. how are they analyst but don’t know shit about business.

    1. Nintendo should buy up SEGA and Platinum Games.
      then let those studios work on exclusive T and M rated games (vactorman, bayaneta, madworld, house of the dead, golden ax) and then they can include sonic in more stuff. As well as they can do more cross overs, and just about double their IP library.

      Nintendo has the advantage in 4 years as Xbox one and ps4 well be in the middle of a 10 year life cycle, and Nintendo updates every 5 years. So long as they beef up to a 400$ system with a 100$ full tablet based controller (one that can function as a tablet when not being used as controller)
      they should also look into making a modular system.

      1. It would be great if they did this as both companies have some great games. Nintendo needs to advertise more and with those companies under their umbrella maybe they’ll start now. They have to do that. A modular system would be fantastic! Some of the Sega & Platinum characters in SSB would be great too!

        1. Buy Sega, make Shenmue 3. Everyone wants that game it seems! Or just fund the development of the game like they did with Bayonetta 2 and make it a Wii U Exclusive!

    1. Especially considering Nintendo is the ONLY console maker to actual MAKE MONEY in its history… You would think analysts would be calling for xbox or ps to fold. Both of those “leading consoles” divisions are actually billions in debt over their lifetime.

      1. Yea, you guys will continue to praise every thing they do and wont criticise them and help FIX Nintendo. You (Servents aka Fanboys) are the ones who keep thinking Nintendo is perfectly fine. Yes money wise, they aren’t going anywhere. But as a company they are fucking up a lot. And you don’t call them out on their BS. So your just helping them stay in denial by saying everything they do is great.

    1. I also agree 100%. The analyst says “oh you should make games on other platforms!”. Problem is, people will buy, no doubt, however, since they have been spoiled, they won’t want to go back to a (“inferior”) Nintendo console because they will think “oh I won’t buy it because, it’ll happen like on the wiiu: it won’t sell and they will bend again and release it elsewhere!”

      Hardware AND game maker ’til the end. If one stops, the other one will too. It is then that people will realize that there is something big missing and will regret saying “lolz Nintendo’s 4 kidz” and “lol wii n wiiu”. You may or may not like it but without Nintendo, it feels empty. And then that you further realize that Zelda and Mario, was something the video game industry needed.

  1. These are they type of people Nintendo shouldn’t take advice from, if they start developing for PS4 and Xbox One, they would have betrayed 5m Wii U owners by giving up on it. People who suggest to put games on other devices have no idea about the long-term effects on Nintendo. Sega went that route, making a new console every few years until it was too late. Dreamcast was considered an advantage for Sega, but they already lost trust of the consumer. Sonic ended up dying down in sales as a result as well, not by a huge margin, but a notible difference, still popular nontheless. The same thing would happen to Nintendo if they did it, they would lose consumer trust if they kept throwing away console ideas 2-3 years in the making, making Mario and Pokemon not sell either.

  2. I kinda just wish these idiots would shut the fuck up. Sorry for the swear, but frankly, I’m little sick of this crap now. Sales aren’t amazing on Wii U, does the 3ds just not exist? And Wii U sales may not be amazing, but Nintendo have dug themselves out of many holes. Honestly, these people don’t know what they are talking about, especially since these exact acquisitions were given after the 3ds’s sub-par early sales. It’s just struggling now, it’s not in ‘death status’. If they go anywhere, they’ll be making more apps like that Pokemon app for iphone. Maybe a Mario encyclopedia, I dunno, but doing apps like that to help out would be far smarter than jumping third party. Not that it needs to jump to Iphone either, I’m just saying if they get really low.

    1. It’s so annoying that they think one mess up means the end of the road for Nintendo and they should just give up their property…

      This really just proves that everyone really wants to see Nintendo fall down and get hurt. I don’t know why but so many people have a grudge against Nintendo. It needs to stop.

      1. And it’s honestly just stupid, seriously. When Nintendo gets hacked, our credit cards aren’t at risk. When I’m using my Wii U, I don’t expect to get the ‘red ring’. Seriously, some PS4 consoles didn’t work when they were purchased! Yet, ‘Nintendo is for babies who play baby games because babies only play them hahurhur.’ It’s honestly just stupid. People need to learn to get a life, and these ‘professionals’ really need to sort out their crap.

        1. Yeah, I LIKE the benefits of using Nintendo’s home console… I wouldn’t buy a stupid PS4 and Xbox One to play Nintendo games anyway… I also have the sneaky suspicion that other Nintendo fans would do the same which would mean that Nintendo would lose a good chunk of their following by going 3rd party.

    2. Thank you. Couldn’t have said it any better myself. Drives me crazy when they go on and on. Yes, Nintendo is in an awful spot right now but they are acknowledging it which is important. They can’t go on the way they have been and now they need to look at the market, maybe listen to their fans and what we’ve been asking for all along – region free systems, online multiplayer, cross-game chat, achievements, VC games more often and from more systems, quicker release schedule without these gaps like we have now before DKC:TF, more than one game a month in different genres so they aren’t relying on one game to sell consoles each time. If after the big games come out in 2014 things are the same as now then I’ll be saying a different story but for now they can turn it around imo. A price drop & ambassador program for current owners will help. Another update to speed it up would be good. With apps like Nintendo TVii they need to get it out in Europe and stop promising it. No wonder sales there are tanking. As I said they need to listen now to fans. Now that more indie developers are coming on board they need more apps and games there which I think are starting soon from articles I’m seeing online today.

  3. u know why every1 wants Nintendo to make for other platforms is becuz they are that good :) years from now sony and microsux will be forgotten Nintendo only truly missed a mark in the west 1 they can fix im American and I still respect Nintendo far more than sony and micro sux.

  4. Yeahhh…. no. These analysts are Microsoft and Sony fanboys clearly. Nintendo should NOT bring their games to other platforms.

    Nintendo CAN make a more powerful home console than MIcrosoft and Sony, they have just chosen not to over the years. Hopefully they change their ways the next generation.

      1. Whoever they are. They have a dumb vendetta against Nintendo.

        Also, why would anyone want Smartphones to become the next big thing!? Why are people even on the side of smartphones?!?

  5. Why does noone call for Sony’s games to come to Nintendo platforms instead? Why the hell do all these analysts jump on this Nintendoom band wagon every week. Leave them alone, god dammit!

    So let’s reverse-troll for a while :

    Yeah, that was stupid.

  6. How can I listen to an analyst that never, in the past, said something true or even close to reality? Why this Patcher guy has so much attention? ok, i’m a Nintendo fanboy and all but c’mon, he never do a proper, in depth, serius analisis! He just say what is on his mind with no proof, data, serius work material. How can people listen to him? How many times he had to be wrong or simply demonstrate is total ignorance in gaming’s matter?
    The “broken console part” is the same one that sell more 200 million hardware pieces in just one gen. (Wii + DS)

  7. The first guy is an idiot for acting like Zelda and Mario aren’t well known popular titles already.

    And as for Patcher… do I really need to say anything? That’s the same dumb ass that went around saying the 3DS was garbage that would never sell and Nintendo should just give up. Now that the 3DS has proven itself he’s changed his tone and is going after the WiiU, the guy just wants Nintendo to fail and likes talking down to them.

  8. Nintendo has already stated that they are working in to something smartphone/tablet related to attract consumer from that market to the Nintendo market.

    But i doubt that Nintendo will turn their old games into app, chances are their going to make some sort of new games for that devices, I’m looking into NES Remix kind of games.

    1. I know, I know but…

      What if Nintendo put some old games on smartphones to generate some cash, I mean, if Nintendo doesn’t do it, there are tons of illegal emulators, so might as well make some bucks of of it, oh but nothing like newly developed, stuff like NES games…

  9. Nintendo is a company that has been built around long-term success. There have been and will continue to be peaks and valleys along the way, but ultimately the story of Nintendo’s life is one of massive success – undisputably the most successful company in gaming history. These guys would sacrifice it all for 10 minutes of cheap success.

    To Pachter I have only one thing left to say – fuck off.

    1. I absolutely hate it when companies sell out for a quick buck, but lose their long-term fans in the process. Like what EA did with Battlefield 3. The rushed the game out the door half-finished, and still, all Battlefield fans bought it, expecting a good game like Battlefield games have been. What they got instead was massive disappointment and a broken game. Only about a third of the people I know that were fans of the Battlefield series ended up getting Battlefield 4 after the third game. So sure, EA and DICE got a lot of quick sales, but they ended up losing many of the series long-time fans… fans that will never return.

  10. Funny thing is, the press seem to be confusing Nintendo with being out of cash, sure they are taking losses but they are hardly out of the game yet.

    I wonder if these market prediction people remember Sega and how pot-less they were once the Dreamcast had it’s run, does everyone honestly think Nintendo are going to pull the Wii U in shorter time it took Sega to pull the DC?

  11. Nintendo is doing fine. They just need more games to market for hardcore gamers, and I can promise you they will do better. Look how fantastic Super Mario 3D World has been? If they can keep up that kind of stuff, they will survive.

      1. No one is denying Nintendo is having a bad patch, but it’s still an incredibly safe company with it’s large amount of money in the bank. If your judgement of businesses is one day stock markets then you don’t understand anything about business.

  12. sony and microsux use subliminal advertising to poison peoples minds then u have dorks like this posting negative stuff all the time and even with that Nintendo fires back. a wounded animal is most dangerous when backed into a corner you’ll see :) I bet this so called analyst is some pimply faced geek ive owned systems a lot have never heard of and ive been a gamer since b4 this dork was pissing in pampers his word means a whole lot of nothing in this industry. respect is earned not given freely and Nintendo earned my respect even when the cube and the 64 didn’t do projected sales they never douched on their fans like sega. I owned thousands of dollars of sega stuff and then they pulled all their bs I wasn’t happy so I don’t even buy their games if I see sago on the case I say FU. Nintendo is far from washed up and its sony and micro sux that want their games bad to pull their asses out of the fire. they stand the best chance of going down and they know it. I don’t care about ps4 sales whats that in like 50 countries that’s not impressive numbers. that would mean competition sells at a 5 to 1 becuz they are offered in fewer countries. I soled all my playstation stuff they lost me permently also cancled my ps4 pre order and glad I did I see all the negative reviews on amazon and I listen then u have sony fanboys jumping on those that are truthful so to psn FU I still have an account and may just use it to log into sony blogs just to give em a bad time every day lol

  13. These “Analists” have about a maximum of 14 months foresight, it would seem. Would making Nintendos entire VirtualConsole Library available on PC, PS4, XBO, Android and Apple cause a sudden and dramatic short-term spike in sales of those games? Absolutely! Profits would SKYROCKET … for a little while … As soon that happened though, Nintendos relevance as a major hardware and software developer would begin sliding down a slippery slope they likely would never recover from. Once fans of Nintendos classics already have every Zelda game from NES to GameCube on their PS4 and Vita, why would they be content buying a WiiU and 3DS as well to play the new ones? Nintendo Hardware sells because it is the ONLY place to get Nintendo Games. (minus pirate emulators).
    Nintendo is able to experiment with new controllers, displays and other user interface innovations (with mixed success), because gamers are willing to take a risk on them with their money to play the games only Nintendo provides. Take away software exclusivity and they lose hardware viability and relevance. Take away hardware relevance and they lose the ability to take risks for innovation. Take away Nintendos ability to innovate and not only does Nintendo implode into a 3rd party developer with a fraction of its former power, relevance and market value, but the entire maket suffers without them taking the risks no one else is willing to try. The world of videogames would never be the same … for the worse.

  14. They should NOT take advice from them. If they, for some odd reason, decide to put games on phones/tablets, let it be Dr Luigi.

  15. While I generally don’t list to Pachter, Nintendo did lose 1.2 billion in stock. They are doing poorly. Also, considering how slow Smash bros development is, I wouldn’t be surprised if that game gets pushed to 2015. Mario and Zelda are no longer the system sellers they once were. Nintendo needs to bring out their huge catalog of games to the VC, and give fans what they want, namely, Starfox, F-zero, Metroid etc. And why not release a real Pokemon game for Wii U? …that would have doubled the install base.

    1. Zelda not a system seller????? What are you smoking. We haven’t gotten a new one on Wii U yet. And Windwaker HD especially with the bundle is what triggered the rise of Wii U sales. Sure they still are low but ever since Windwaker HD sales have went up every month. Twilight Princess was a System Seller on Wii, Skyward Sword sold quite well aswell. Zelda HD will be a system seller. And Smash Bros wont get pushed back. You honestly think we will get pic of the day for the entire 2014 year and some of next year? Sakurai doesn’t take time off, he works and works and works and has damaged his wrist from working so much. He wants to get the game done as soon as possible (without lowering quality) With Namco helping development time is greatly increased. Smash doesn’t have that slow of a dev time. Its characters, items, stages and that’s about it. Most of the characters are just updated from before (excluding new moves)

  16. Nintendo’s consoles are irrelevant, Pachter? Has he forgotten how much success Iwata brought to Nintendo with the Wii? So what if Nintendo’s latest console has gotten off to a slow start. That doesn’t make Nintendo irrelevant as a hardware maker! If he really wants to talk irrelevancy, he should look in the mirror… Fuck off, Pachter.

  17. These guys call themselves analysts? They should take a few minutes to analyze history. Nintendo going third-party would lead to a slow death of the brand as we know it. I wouldn’t want any part of it.

  18. These guys have a point. Outsourcing to Xbox would be awesome for Nintendo………………..

    On another note, I get that a lot of people like the Wii U, but you guys should not defend them using games. Like, “The Wii U is great because we’ve got Mario 3D World, Wind Waker HD, and Wonderful 101. Plus we’re getting Smash Bros, X, and Mario Kart!” Video Games are great, but they don’t determine a console. It would be like saying that the new 60 inch TV is great because you can watch Arrow and Gossip Girls. The shows are great, but they’re around anyway. It’s like how the Nintendo games could have been for any console. If one likes the Wii U, it should be because of the Gamepad, System Design, Pro Controller, or something else. Either way, it should be a console reason as to why you like it.

    Back on topic, Mario on X Box One would be something to think about. Imagine a Nintendo Call of Duty game? Only Smash Bros characters allowed plus a generic human for the CoD fans. It would be E-10 for fantasy shooting violence, but I’d probably get it!

  19. I like the first quote the most. Why would anyone buy nintendo hardware to play games that theyre already playing on a console theyve already bought?

  20. Dropping out of home console business and just make software for other consoles (while continuing making handhelds) is of course an option. After the lifetime of the WiiU, of course. The other option would be to try again to make a console everybody wants. Both routes seem quite plausible.

  21. If the bring there IP lines to any other system, then they will not have a console. As no one is going to by a Nintendo Console if they can buy the game on another one.

  22. Oh what and make Wii U suffer even more than what it needs to, and not bothering with the console at all?! These analysts really are very stupid.

    Nintendo will never put their IPs on anyone else’s stuff. That’s just like asking MS to put Gears of War onto PS4 and Sony to put Gran Turismo onto X1 – It will NEVER happen! So why does Nintendo have to do what these people say?

    Yes the console isn’t selling well, but when the other huge guns like Smash and MK8 come out, they will hit and they will hit HARD!

  23. *facepalm* I doubt these “analysts” even remember the Gamecube at all…
    It was an AMAZING console to gamers… but the public didn’t like it. The only console it beat was the Dreamcast, with lifetime sales totalling 22 million. While Wii U sold at least 4 million its first year, Gamecube only sold 3.8 million.

    1. I love the cube when it was out. I played it to death. I play my Wii U to death as well.

      Just need more stuff for it.

  24. Not to mention, we are talking about the video game company which got gaming to where it is today and their standard is what it is.

    Not to mention Miyamoto has played perhaps the biggest part in gaming for many years.

  25. This doesn’t help Nintendo out in any way, the so called “analysts” are just saying stuff they want Nintendo to do, not what would be good for the industry.

  26. Going to mobile devices is the lowest you can get. Putting some classic Mario and Zelda games on mobile (similar to how Sega put Sonic and Chu Chu Rocket on mobile) wouldn’t be awful, but developing titles specifically for it? No.

  27. No. Nintendo should not abandon consoles or put any of their games on other platforms. Believe in your product, Nintendo. Roll out those virtual console games. Make more games for the rest of your IPs like Star Fox and F-zero and your consoles will sell more. Don’t listen to these nay sayers.

  28. Yet Another Patcher quote on this site, wtf ?!? Interesting how you leave his name out of it, until the Forth paragraph !!! Seems to me this site is trying to hurt Nintendo, in the guise of being a pro nintendo site … I’m getting close to deleting the bookmark…. It should he called patchers propaganda site !!!

  29. If the games become popular….Mario and Zelda IS POPULAR. And “To make money.” Nintendo has money. More then Sony does and more then Microsoft’s gaming division. The 3DS is giving them loads of cash. Nintendo has no money issues at all. They could never make a penny again and literally throw away $257 million every year. They would last till 2052, then selling stocks, buildings and technology they would last till 2075. So Nintendo aint going anywhere for 61 years AT WORST.

  30. Don’t do it nintendo! All nintendo has to do to bring their company back to profitable sales is make a high end gaming system that is also innovative by using today’s technology to make their hardware instead of using yesterday’s technology. C’mon nintendo. WTF are you waiting for?

  31. Putting their games on another system means they are no longer in control of what can be made in said games. Microsoft crushes dev teams and takes away all creativity. Look at Rareware…Iwata has said it before, “Mario on a non Nintendo system? Over my dead little body.” So when Iwata dies then maybe there is a sliver of a chance. But even then. Nintendo goes, their games go with them. That simple.

  32. You know what? Fuck Patcher, fuck him and the horse he rode in on. I’m sick of this fucking site getting a massive boner for every word that comes out of that cunt’s head.

  33. These anal-ysts are seriously starting to piss me off, they can take their shitty suggestions and shove them right up their asses…

  34. Again, we don’t care! And now! Smartphone games are horrible, are not the same, and their quality sucks!

    Stop posting this shit, they are all idiots that only care about the money!

    Why they are not saying this about the exclusives on Xbox One and PS4?

    That would be the death of Nintendo consoles, FUCK THEM ALL!

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