Sonic Lost World Price Slashed To $30 At Amazon, Best Buy

The price of Sonic Lost World has been reduced at Amazon and Best Buy. Both retailers are selling the Wii U platformer – which normally costs $49.99 – for $29.99. Best Buy is also offering the Nintendo 3DS version of the game for a discounted price of $19.99. Sonic Lost World launched October 29, 2013, in stores and on the Nintendo eShop. Prior to the title’s release, Sega explained why it was being developed exclusively for Nintendo platforms.


      1. I like it more than the WIiU one
        for some reason, handheld really capture the old Sonic Style, specially like those on Sonic Advance series

      2. That’s because Dimps made it, they made the Sonic Advanced, Rushed and Episodes 1 and 2

        This is their first time making legit 3d sonic stages besides the unleashed ports for the Wii and PS2

      3. IDK, Sonic Team has them on an awkward track but I am sure they will let them do their own thing now since they need to worry about putting Sonic back with another good entry (people don’t except it even though more than half haven’t played it)

    1. Haha my moment to shine brighter than this horrendous game!

      Fuck this game. It’s still not worth purchasing! It’s a shameless plagiaristic tread of mediocrity! Have you already played Super Mario Galaxy 1, or 2? Then skip this game, for it’s an unworthy copycat, and it offers nothing new but fresh frustrations. Are you a brain-dead Sonic-obsessed fanboy who will play games like Sonic & the Black Knight, Secret Rings, Sonic R, Sonic the Fighters, Sonic 06, Shadow the Hedgehog, (to name a FEW), and still think they’re amazing? Then why have you not played “Flop World”? Yes Sonic Lost World was a flop, it fittingly sold horribly. This is just another mediocre Sonic game. Like all the others. Oh, but fanboys will say, “you forgot Colors, and Generations!” Yeah, 2 barely DECENT games in more than a decade. Haha you’re pathetic! Fuck you SEGA! I hereby predict that the next Sonic game will suck too! As there’s probably another one coming out later this year. Man Sonic is a fucking mess.

  1. I purchased a week after release. I really enjoy it. It’s not perfect but it is fun and replaying some of the levels has been common. The bosses however, are stupid and should’ve been left out along with the dialog.

    1. Great at sucking Mario’s hairy cock. As it seems like it’s all Sega can do with their pathetic mascot nowadays!

      1. Yuji Naka isn’t involved in sonic games anymore? That explains why the franchise is nosediving to the lowest of lows!

      2. You want to know the entire story cause it will piss you off, this is why I really dislike Yuji to this day

  2. I can only recommend Lost World to Sonic fans, but if you want a good review, check the one by Somecallmejohnny. It might be a long video but he’s one of the best reviewers I’ve seen on Youtube .

  3. I enjoyed the demo, but definitely am glad I held off on it. I was gonna get the digital version, but I got Mario 3D World and Zelda instead. Guess I’ll be getting this on disc at that price!

  4. There is no point anymore in getting any Nintendo game at launch just wait two months & get them half price.

  5. This game is highly disappointing, having tried the 3DS version and comparing it to the Wii U version, the Wii U version seems utterly lackluster and unfinished…

  6. When I read the comments here, it’s no wonder 3rd part developer don’t want to publish a Wii U version of their game. Cause nobody want to buy it. Now I wonder which titles from 3rd part Nintendo fans boys/girls would like to see on the Wii U? cause at the minute when a title is specially develop for this console it’s a failure (101 wonderful joe, Sonic lost world, Bayonetta 2….)

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