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Iwata Announces Nintendo’s New Business Plan Focusing On “Quality Of Life”

nintendo_qolNintendo has outlined a new business direction primarily focusing on Quality of Life (QOL), engaging users with entertainment by promoting a healthier lifestyle. CEO Satoru Iwata emphasised in the corporate briefing that Nintendo’s core business is still focused on producing video games, however, the new business plan will develop “non-wearable” technology and create a blue ocean strategy.

The company hopes such a focus will provide consumers with enjoyable platforms that seek to promote a healthier lifestyle, and eventually expand “non-wearable” technology further in the future.

“We wish to achieve an integrated hardware-software platform business that, instead of providing mobile or wearable features, will be characterized by a new area of what we like to call “non-wearable” technology.” Iwata outlined within the corporate briefing earlier today. “When we use ‘health’ as the keyword, some may inevitably think about ‘Wii Fit.’ However, we are considering themes that we have not incorporated to games for our existing platforms. Including the hardware that will enable such an idea, we will aim to establish a blue ocean.”

The CEO continued: “However, what is generally good for health requires some kind of effort to be made by the individual, and, as I am sure that many of you have experienced this, it is sometimes difficult to stay focused and engaged, and it is not uncommon to give up after a few days. This is where our strength as an entertainment company to keep our consumers engaged and entertained comes into play, assisted by the non-wearable feature, which is the biggest differentiator of this new business field, as well as user experiences that integrate into people’s daily lives, all of which help us overcome this difficulty. If we do indeed succeed in doing so, we will be able to provide feedback to our consumers on a continual basis, and our approach will be to redefine the notion of health-consciousness, and eventually increase the fit population.”

The corporation’s new business direction may take up to two to three years to establish a connection with consumers after its launch, but Iwata hopes to expand QOL from its initial health theme into new areas and games, which can then operate on Nintendo’s future video game platforms.

Nintendo is set unveil more information on QOL later in 2014, addressing the specific features and identifying a clearer definition of the term “non-wearable” technology. The new business platform is set to launch during the fiscal year April 2015 to March 2016.

89 thoughts on “Iwata Announces Nintendo’s New Business Plan Focusing On “Quality Of Life””

      wtf do you mean it sounds interesting?? Iwata hasn’t learned SHIT, he still plans on focusing on the fucking piece of shit casual fuck fest fucking FUCK that brought the company this down the drain in the first place and doesn’t care about the fucking dumbasses of REAL FANS that bought their stupid useless failure of a system that only has Mario 3D world and wonderful 101 as awesome games, and we’re still here waiting for 3 awesome games to come (bayonetta, smash, and mario kart) 3 FUCKING GAMES, and that’s it, cuz Zelda is nowhere to be seen. STOP glazing your eyes and sucking Nintendick they’re bending you over and jizzing in your assholes and all you can do is make your eyes sparkle like a highschool girl after her jock bf told her he loved her and then dumped her a week later. FUCK. Open your eyes, this is bullshit and I fucking HOPE he gets fucking fired and someone that knows WTF to do with a VIDEO GAME COMPANY takes the FUCK over!

      1. The fuck is your problem? Have you not read a thing of the actually investor meeting, which you can find on Nintendo’s site? They said they was going to try this, but is still going to be a gaming focused company! And if they released all their good games in the first two years, what are they supposed to released after that? It takes time to develop HD games, especially with the quality Nintendo is known for. I’m not going to say everything Nintendo does or have done is good things, because they have made lots of mistakes, some really bad! So I hope, for their own future, that they makes some big changes, at least here in the west!

    1. I’m literally puzzled by this whole “non-wearable” thing, not because the term makes no sense on it’s own, a kettle it’s technically wearable, neither is a 3DS/WiiU, but the fact it’s placed in a timeline, that comes after actually wearable products like google glass….
      So…holograms? Mechs? I’d fucking buy a Nintendo based mech.

      1. I would buy a fucking Nintendo based mech. That would be improvement in Quality of Life and fun too. and its “non-wearable”.

    1. Yes, they are, they’re just waiting until the 20 bottles of nyquil and tequila kick in, and trolling like rockstars who are about to die.

    1. Blue ocean also means that they’re not focusing to a competitive business model :) so they’re ignoring somehow what Microsoft and Sony do…

  1. I dont get this much, but remember the rumours and what Nintendo said, they were working on the “third” platform. Then they said it was tablets for children or schools and blah blah blah. But it seems like they are working on 3rd platform, some kind of console or something. Interesting to see what it will be like

    1. Dude, Nintendo are still a BUSINESS.
      They’ve said that over and over, if they want to just make games, they’d go 3rd party and shut down all console manufacturing…but they’re not, they don’t want to.
      Nintendo need to, and want to, look to the future, for technological innovations, and something that will sell, thats what they do as a hardware developer, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t make “hardcore games”.
      They even said in this article “that doesn’t mean we’re redirecting our confusing into making videogames”.

      You have 5 games coming to WiiU that are all going to be amazing, and actually well designed games, with gameplay in them, beyond “shoot these hitboxes with your shitty gun”.

      Calm down…

    2. False. I am a GAMER that does NOT want to just sit on my ass and play games while getting fat.
      The gamepad lets me play Mass Effect or Monster Hunter while on the elliptical, as does the 3DS.

      “sit on the couch with a controller” – speak for yourself.

      1. ^This right here. I loved motion controls and am loving the maneuverability of the Gamepad. Motion controls were not that tiring honestly. If you wore yourself out playing Wii then you should be worrying about other issues rather than what Nintendo is going to be making next people. Stay classy friends!

    3. Iwata said it was meant to target non-gamers and it’d implement games like Brain Age/Wii Fit U. It’s meant to be a seperate experiment, but they plan to merge accounts. Translation: if it succeeds, Iwata will continue to concentrate efforts on casuals.

    4. I too used to think like you…However as I get more and more mature,I found less time to engage in extensive gaming sessions, and learned to value a walk in the park with my dog. But I still enjoy having a match in Smash Brothers, training my Pokemon or sitting in front of my PC for hours at a time, but I do it more sparingly, as I have other responsabilities.

      My point is that not gamers can sit on the couch and play all the time, I still consider myself a gamer, even if I don’t have that much time to play, and I expect good things from Nintendo as usual

  2. Nintendo is trying to bypass todays tech and guess at what deep future tech needs are? Whew, ok Nintendo, that so fucking crazy it just might work. But restricting to “non-wearable” could be stupid. Guess only time will tell.

      1. That would be REALLY cool, but no way in hell will this happen. You need lasers strategically mounted, or some type of advanced lazer-splitting system…

        Still, I don’t know. So dream on man! ;D

  3. I do not understand the term “non wearable” either. What is this new direction? Is it a new kind of business in addition to gaming or a completely new one? I just don’t get it. They again manage to confuse me.

    1. Well…technically you can wear anything….the only thing you can is something without a physically body…and aside from gases and light, the only non wearable thing that people can make and exists is a laser or a hologram


  5. It’s all in our “imagination” .. Ohh yeah , Nintendo stepping back into the 1800s lol. But seriously , this does sound pretty cool.

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  7. Pretty cool idea, I’d like to see where this goes. Granted its not aimed toward the gamer, but all the same, it would be really cool to see other non-gaming Nintendo stuff out there.

  8. Being crazy on purpose here I would say they might be after the creation of a virtual world (like Matrix or the one in Caprica series)

    Get ready, sit in your chair, close your eyes and after uploading yourself (whatever that might be) and a small loading time that’s you in mushroom kingdom :)

  9. quality of life?

    1) kill the rebels
    2) Kill the reptilians
    3) return of the empire

    Then we may have quality of life.

  10. I’m sorry, but all this talk about ‘non-wearable’ and ‘health’ benefits seems, to me, to allude to a way of exercising while being entertained in some way without the need of extraneous peripherals. It sounds a lot like X-box Kinect. Which would make the Blue Ocean description false. I suppose only time will tell.

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  11. Maybe it’s an in built projector to the console… Meh i dunno, this proves Nintendo have bigger balls than Microsoft and Sony, once again trying something new

  12. The last time Nintendo said something this confusing, they were struggling to articulate the Wii to investors who’d never seen anything like it. And as we all remember– that was a brilliant and massively profitable move.

    Surprise us, Nintendo. I can not WAIT.

  13. That picture scares me a little bit. It’s like they want to abandon consoles and go “non-wearable” all the way if it proves to be successful.

    Either way, I hope they prove me wrong and support their video gaming division more than ever.

  14. I was for the idea of wearing AR sensors in the fashion of sunglasses that will allow you to see the game in the real world just like what the 3DS can do. Imagine bringing Hyrule Field into your very own living room and what you see in the real world is displayed on the TV for others to see the experience or if you want to opt out of using AR gameplay.

  15. LMFAO so their new business plan will not come for another 2 years so what the F are they gonna do in between to fill those year gaps?
    Nintendo well and truly is dead!!!
    They brag about what they gonna do in years time but NOTHING about right now?JOKE!!
    Seriously Nintendo will be Sega come this Xmas!!

    1. Bitch please,
      Sony is almost bankrupt and the next CEO’s of Microsoft are planing to dump the Xbox division because it never even made a tiny bit of profit.

      Also, a company should always look into the future instead of the now, because you can release something future-ish now but if it’s not ready it will only hurt you more than waiting for the right time does.

  16. i really don’t understand the meaning of this , are they trying to make some sort of virtual reality games or something ?? it would be cool but on the other side , i think of the cost , the power of their next console , the amount of support other companies are going to provide , the business strategy of Sony and Microsoft , how the competing consoles gonna cost and how strong they will be .
    if they actually make a 400-500$ console with all that in the near future it’s going to be cool .

  17. It’s good that they want to find the next piece of technology, but they shouldn’t forget the ones that are big now, like smartphones.

    Before you rage on me that they shouldn’t bring Mario to mobile phones they should make on their own.

    They could even release multiple devices that do the same thing, a basic handheld with WiFi only, a basic handheld with WiFi and 3g and another one that has smart device functions and is also made for gaming. Something in the lines of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, but successful.

  18. Nintendo probably knows what there doing they didn’t give much details so i suggest u stop dissing em till we know what there really doing!

  19. Non Wearable. Immediate thoughts are Virtual reality in terms of gaming as for Health i’m not actually sure. It’s good that Nintendo are expanding the business a bit rather than relying on gaming (I wouldn’t be too confident if my company was constantly hated on by the majority of the target audience) I hope this works out for them.

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