Wii U GamePad To Get Quick Start Menu Function In Summer

The Wii U GamePad will eventually feature a quick start menu function, enabling users to load one of the software titles they’ve recently played without being routed to the console menu. The quick start menu uses the same mechanism as the controller’s TV Button, which can be used without starting up the Wii U console. The new function will become available in the summer through a system update.

“We think that this function will make you feel that the time to start up a Wii U software title is cut by more than 50 percent, and that it will also lead to more Wii U users understanding the appealing nature of the GamePad,” Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said today.


    1. This is a cool feature but it doesn’t really take that long to start a game lol. It’s gonna go from 20 seconds to 10 seconds.


      1. This feature is why we got the WiiU! … and now it has come.

        my WiiU will stay shut off until this feature is granted to me!!!

        all WiiU buyer holdouts … what are you waiting for? … it’s coming … this summer!


      1. Unfortunately, that is the case…for now! We may get more unannounced games tonight (Irish time) with the Nintendo Direct later on. Fingers crossed :) I have cancelled my preorders for Watch_Dogs anyways and got my money back. Ubisoft are at the same crap again :/


    1. Essentially, it takes forever for you to actually start playing a game, so there speeding up the loading process (not necessarily load times, just process). You won’t have to go to the menu/plaza if you don’t want to, and you go straight into some of your most recent games played. At least that’s what it looks like.


  1. Nice Iwata,there has been alot of news today,you have impressed me……Lets hope something good happens tommorow….and I’ll stand up for you when they the haters hate.


  2. About damn time they added a feature like this. Nintendo set asked 1GB of RAM for the OS and they have barely used it. Nintendo is the king of wasting potenial lol.


      1. I may be a troll and I may put “lol” at the end of my sentences but that doesn’t make my point any less valid.


      1. I mean, I’m sure it’ll work if I have the disc inside, but what if it shows me 3 games? It’s really silly to complain because you just have to stick the disc inside, but I think this idea would work better with digital downloads. As I said before, still a great idea. What I’m still waiting for is the compact home menu for in game use, like 360, where you can check friends, chat and stuff without the need of pausing the game. Imagine posting on miiverse instantly :D


  3. When are we getting a New Mario Party? I know people don’t like the series as much any more, but I still think they are great games. And it could REALLY take advantage of the Wii U gamepad with some of the minigames.


  4. Think nintendo can come up with a vr-headset with the same cost as wii-u gamepad that cost $140? Would be pimp and interesting…to have a vr-headset with the same latency as the gamepad, gyros, built in speakers. With most wii u owners having wii nunchucks or pro-controllers I could see this taking off!


    1. VR is such a dead end and problematic indevor, honestly it might be cool if they had it for the 360 maybe even the Xbox one, but honestly why would I want a hemit when I have a big HD tv and one day a 4k tv?


  5. This is a neat additional feature. I’m not quite sure why it’s slated for Summer though. It doesn’t seem like it would be a feature that would take that much time to implement since most of the software components are already in place for other existing features. My guess is that they are planning more than just this for the update.


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