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Nintendo Is Now Considering Mergers And New Game Studio Acquisitions

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has said to investors that the company is considering future mergers and acquisitions as a move to revitalise the company. We already heard earlier today that Nintendo is looking to expand their character licensing business. It certainly wouldn’t hurt for Nintendo to acquire some new studios. Who would you like to see Nintendo merge with or acquire?

“Nintendo has undergone continuous changes over years, moving from Hanafuda playing cards to video games, and offering newer systems like the Wii. But we’ve been preoccupied with a fixed idea of what a game should be like. The game industry is at a turning point amid new developments like the rise of smartphones.”

“…Mr. Yamauchi (former President Hiroshi Yamauchi) often said “Shitsui-taizen, Tokui-reizen,” meaning that we should act regally when things are bad, and be calm when things are going well.” Were he alive now, he would tell me to carry an air of confidence.”

“We built up cash reserves when earnings were strong. Because the entertainment industry ebbs and flows in wild swings, Mr. Yamauchi insisted it is vital to have deep pockets. Without savings, we could not have recovered from a single failure in game systems. Even now, we can afford many options because of our robust financial standing.”

“We’ll change the way we sell products, by managing customer information via the Internet. We’ll offer discounts to steady, regular customers. We’ll cultivate emerging markets and launch new businesses in health and other areas. In an emerging country, you can expand the user base only after you offer a product line different from advanced economies in pricing.”

“We should abandon old assumptions about our businesses. We are considering M&As [mergers and acquisitions] as an option. For this reason, we’ll step up share buybacks.”


208 thoughts on “Nintendo Is Now Considering Mergers And New Game Studio Acquisitions”

    1. Talk is cheap. I want to see ACTION from big N, and soon. Like next direct announcing the acquisition of a number of studios soon.

      1. Well if this does happen then we won’t be getting another direct for a while, I’m assuming. Unless, Nintendo has already been working on before the announcement.

          1. Except Nintendo actually makes polished games as opposed to the same glitched crap year after year from EA? Hopefully if true, they would combine certain studios that were too small to increase production, and let the majority run independently, but on Nintendo’s systems. Nintendo needs to produce content and with all the big 3rd party running away from WiiU they can either make moves or whither away as a niche.

          2. I guess it really all depends on what Nintendo plans on doing with the acquisitions, but knowing Nintendo they’d most likely help develop 2nd party devs or make them part of one of their own under supervision of one of their directors (Miyamoto, Sakurai, Aunoma).

            Or they could just merge their companies….my, very unlikely, hope is that Sony and Nintendo merge or partner up on their next console. Sonyntendo entertainment station 5, anybody?

            1. You do realise that Nintendo and Sony almost did that once already. Was for I think the snes but Nintendo scrapped it, Sony got pissed and then the ps1 was born.

        1. The 27% shares bought from Panasonic? It may be far-fetched, but the very fact that the acquisition consisted of subsidiary PUX Corporations, who is currently working on voice recognition, motion tracking, and video & audio codec solutions.

      2. Im erring on the side that moves to acquire studios are already in place and are either finalized or near finalized. Nintendo wouldnt (hopefully) just tip their card before having some things already in motion and risk Sony/MS or other studios making a grab on studios.

    2. there’s speculation from some that attended the meetings, that nintendo and disney are currently working out a deal.

      Was Nintendo taking about Mergers and Acquisitions of other studios? Or were they talking about being acquired by another company? Other news outlets are reporting the latter….

        1. From what Im now reading it seems like the latter. Which is the whole reason for the stepped up buybacks on stock.

          Wow, just Wow.

          Iwata needs to be gone if this is true.

          1. I COULD however see a Sega/Nintendo merger…. but Sega doesnt bring THAT much worth to the table imo, unless they are getting a smaller share. Other possibility is Nintendo being acquired by Disney. I thought Sony would be a possibility as well, but they are swimming in debt and it wouldnt be a good deal, unless Sony spun off their gaming division into a seperate company and merged.

            I dont know what to think anymore…. O_o

            1. Disney would not buy Nintendo, but if…sorry when Sony goes under Disney well be one of the companies buying their stuff, possibly the PS brand, most likely each of their games well be sold separately.

              point is Disney isent buying Nintendo, and Nintendo wants to be on top, not owned by others

    4. Its actually better this way, their new systems co.e out every 5 years, so their next system well come right out in the middle of the Xbox One and PS4 life cycle. It well be all th better this way. It was pretty clear that the Wii u was to be a stop gap system to hold fans over till the next system. It still is a great system, its just not crazy ambitious

    5. They should’ve done this last year- they were in a perfect position to buy Vigil Games and Atlas, yet ignored both.

    1. I was thinking Capcom as well. I’d love for Nintendo to own (or merge with) the classic game companies that were around since the NES days. Konami and Natsume are good too. And Hudson (are they still around?).

        1. But then they’d turn Mario into an emo cunt and Peach into a tsundere. And Bowser would turn into that flamboyant character that a thousand fangirls will ship with the silent character who keeps to himself and blushes at everything. Point is, doing something with Square Enix would be awful.

          1. You’re missing the point, bringing final fantasy and all the games they make to Nintendo will help out a lot. Have you ever played Super Mario RPG? They helped make it.

      1. If it were ever to be capcom I don’t think it would be for a wile. If they buy up some companies it would be a merger between them and Sega, and they would buy platinum.

        1) platinum has only published with Sega or Nintendo
        2) they almost bought out Sega in the early 2000s,
        3) they have a strong relationships with both companies and both companies have lots of cross overs, and exclusives.

        konami would be another great choice though. But Sega and platinum would be the mist likely. Sure their are lots of great options, but those are the 2 realistic studios

      1. EA still has a ton of developers with familiarity with HD though, which is something N needs badly. They also need different studios to revolve game franchises on so they dont get stale and repetitive.

        1. But still, using 6 Billion on one plan… What if it fails?
          But I agree, Nintendo should buy some companies with famous IPs, and then market the heck out of them when they make a new game in the series! While some fans may not buy it because they do not want Nintendo’s consoles, the real fans will buy a console just for their favorite games! And lot’s of casual players would probably follow with! And once people buy it, they will probably buy more consoles

          1. Pretty much every person interested in Sports would more or less have to buy a Nintendo-console so yeah. IF they bought EA they would sell crazy amounts of consoles! Still, it’s not worth 6Billion right now. If they bought EA closer to next gen it would be better and maybe even a smart move. Then Nintendo could release a stronger machine nad announce that EA is exclusive to them. Would probably make Nintendo next gen’s winner by that move alone.

      1. Ifnit wernt for Nintendo they would have gone bankrupt so they we’ll probably change their minds if Nintendo offers, they could also just let them still have their freedom of disign, but just be exclusive to Nintendo

  1. Nintendo needs to get aggressive now becuz so many pathetic sites want to spread propaganda and bias poison so give them the big middle finger with a loud FU and fight back :)

        1. My eye twitched and then shed a tear when I read “acquire rare ip’s”. I fully agree too, if Microsoft won’t do anything with them they are a huge waste.

    1. Definitely platinum, and Sega. They should save the money for other things, not just buying up studios,

      they should buy platinum and let them work on new IP that are either T or M rated.

      Sega should fully move to the US and focus on “western” style development. Look at Sega in a few different ways.
      1) any of their 90s IP should be their “retro IP” and focus on nostalgia
      2) and 2000s IP should be focused on that time frame as well
      3) Sega has IP exclusive to Microsoft and Sony, and I honestly think that as long as that IP work exclusive for Kinect or move then they should stay making those exclusive IP.
      4) they other wise should make all their IP exclusive for Nintendo systems.

      they should work with Bethesda on a new ice climbers and golden ax
      work with bungi on a new starfox
      and work with the odd world studios to make new vactorman (after HD remakes)

      they should also work with WB/cartoon network and Netflix to make showed based their ip (even if their not direct characters)
      hyrule, sonic, bayaneta, w101, starfox, pikmin, yoshi’s island, vactorman, DK, and more

      their move to healthcare, (not sure what their doing exactly, but they should also focus on education. Use their IP,and entertainment value to make apps for children /college student levels of education. I think they would really shine (as much as healthcare any way)

      1. Bethesda might ruin Ice Climbers by making it an RPG, besides, they aren’t even making any games for Nintendo, period.
        Bungie might get a kick out of making StarFox, but they’re busy working on Destiny to even care. A port of that game would be nice, though.

        We need Sega to drop a Sonic Exclusive and create a new F-Zero. Trading the Speedy Blue for the Big Blue. They did a great job with GX.

        1. The idea is that it would be a RPG, it would be like a ice climbers themed Skyrim (for obvious reasons) and you would explore mountains, collect treasure, have multiplayer, and large scale boss battles.

          bungi is almost done with destiny and it would be a great project to take on befor their next big thing. The point of starfox is exploration, so they be one of the best studios to handle that (and the obvious space theme)

          they should buy Sega and platinum (which at this point its pretty clear they are)

      2. “Bethesda”
        “Ice Climbers”

        Fucking lol’d. Why would they want to do this when they’ve got huge franchises as the Elder Scrolls and Fallout to work on.

        1. It would be for their RPG experience, and basicly make a ice cimbers with the option of multiplayer, have basicly a ice climbers version of Skyrim, and you excplore mountains, look for treasure, battle monsters and bosses.

          and Bethesda is a big studio, games like rage, and dishonered arnt as big as a elder scroll or fallout game, it would also broden the appeal of nintendo

      1. You could make them second party, so they will develop exclusively for Nintendo, but keep doing what they wanna do. I would think that would be awesome.

    1. Oh and Rare
      Banjo Threeie on Wii U?
      Killer Instinct 3 (The one on the XBOX One) on Wii U
      Perfect Dark 3D?
      The Possiblitys are endless
      (and if the get Platinum Games Vanquish 2 for Wii U anyone?)
      ALSO Tecmo Keoi would be a good buy seeing as their is Hyrule Warriors
      Also work on more collabs like maybe Kirby X Pac-Man or Zelda x Persona?

      1. Xbox wont sell rare, just forget about it, but Xbox is making rare games so just get a Xbox, all the same as people saying Nintendo should bring their stuff to Xbox. Its not going to happen just except rare as part if Microsoft the same way Sony fans have to except bayaneta 2 isent going to come to play station.

        1. xbox won’t sell rare? xbox owns rare? really?….

          and why would i want to buy an xbox for rare games when rare has gone to shit? the name rare isn’t worth 2 dimes anymore thanks to microsoft and their xbox
          the same would probably happen to nintendo IP if they brought their franchises to the xbox

      2. why would they acquire rare? all the talent is long gone MS made sure of that

        and i can’t blame the employees either
        nobody with any notion of genius in the gaming industry wants to work on bloody kinect titles

        1. 1) You wouldn’t buy the company for their current employees, but for the intellectual property (I thought it was self explanatory that people are asking for the games from back in the day, not for the people working there right now).

          2) In case of Nintendo buying Rare (which honestly is still REALLY far fetched), I wouldn’t be surprised of seeing at least some of the original developers returning to Rare, simply because Nintendo would let them do more fun stuff than the Kinect games Microsoft made them develop.

          1. well then the right move would be to buy the IP and nothing else

            it’s not like they have to buy the studio to buy the IP as the IP belongs to microsoft
            but microsoft prolly won’t part with it

            to your second point: that’s a pretty big if.. if there was any interest in teaming up with nintendo again they could do so without needing rare

            most of them should be employed elsewhere now

      1. Yeah, RARE’s IPs are the only thing of value. RARE itself isnt worth it as next to all their talent that made those IPs great are long gone.

      2. “except the rights to the franchises”

        You’re saying that as if it would not be a HUGE deal. Seriously, you don’t NEED another reason. :P

  2. Partner with Capcom to secure the future of the Monster Hunter series, and also partner with Square Enix for a sequel to Super Mario RPG (as in an official sequel). And acquire Way Forward, then get them straight to work on a 2D Metroid title.

    1. i dont think SquareEnix would do it
      about capcom, i dont think their franchises, aside Street Fighters or Megaman are worth
      I think it is easier for them to buy Megaman’s right before capcom as a whole, specially since capcom has been doing poorly with megaman(all series)

      1. Square Enix doesnt have much of a choice. They are one bomb away from shuttering. Nintendo could approach them in a buyout situation as a core gamer branch. Im sure they would be willing.

      2. Yeah I wasn’t really saying they should buy Capcom, just make an official deal to keep Monster Hunter on Nintendo platforms.

      3. Capcom really did make the best arcade games. People seem to take the nostalgic road these days. 1942, ghosts and goblins, final fight, knights of the round, and gun smoke could collectively have some value re vamped

    2. They should focus on Sega and platinum first. Then after they make money and some good games coming out, then come back to capcom.

      if they do buy capcom they need to remake the whole megaman franchise in new 3D modeled games (still side scroling)
      turn resedent evil back into a survival game
      do a bayeneta DMC cross over
      keep street fighter separate from smash

    1. YES TO RARE! And approach a number of the old Rare emloyees (ones with actual talent) such as Chris Seavor/Shawn Pil, to join back as they have said in the past that they would. Old Rare loves Nintendo. Banjo threeie would be huge. Banjo kazooie/ Conker in SB? YES PLEASE!

        1. Oh I know, but Im sure they would jump at the opportunity to have a MUCH larger budget and under the Nintendo umbrella. Everyone from old rare were huge Nintendo fans and have stated they would love for Nintendo to buy the studio back and bring some people back.

      1. a definite no to rare
        rather hire the old rare talent for another studio

        a definite yes to their IPs though however MS prolly won’t sell them

    1. Would be great if Nintendo could lure a bunch of the old rare employees back to a new “RareWare” studio. Keep retro doing other stuff. Old Rare was super efficient at churning out great games. Retro needs their own identity and they have released some pretty great games. OH and let Rare do DKC4 with kremlins and . K Rool!

  3. I think it is wrong to assume that he meant that they were going to buy game studios. They might want to venture into other areas outside of video games.

    1. A Nintendo clothesline. They always have the best shirts, it’d be nice to have more of those available to the public…it’s just a thought

      1. Just how would a Nintendo clothesline differ from the Nintendo clothes available now?

        I’m not trying to be antagonistic, I’d just like to know your thoughts on the matter (I hate how I have to clarify that whenever I want to have a discussion on the internet).

      2. Um Why invest in all that overhead when they could just license their brands out to existing manufacturers. There are already officially licensed Nintendo clothing anyway, I see it all the time at Nintendo World.

    1. I think its because Capcom is not doing so well (very little left In the bank for them. Monster Hunter seems to be the main thing making money), and SEGA though doing fine in Japan’s arcades, they not doing so great on console gaming.

      1. Plus capcom has a mobile branch which is what nintendo is looking into. What better way than to acquire a valuable studio to your own hardware and one that just invested a sizable chunk (profits from MH4) into a mobile studio.

  4. We built up cash reserves when earnings were strong. Because the entertainment industry ebbs and flows in wild swings, Mr. Yamauchi insisted it is vital to have deep pockets. Without savings, we could not have recovered from a single failure in game systems. Even now, we can afford many options because of our robust financial standing.

    haha, Iwata just took a shit on all the Nintendo doomers! lmao

    1. We will see. Im still skeptical of Iwata, but this is refreshing news if true and actions are taken soon. Very soon.

  5. there really isn’t anyone i’d like to see them BUY, but i’d like to see new exclusive deals with a variety of companies. granted, those devs don’t bitch out and release the games on other systems.

  6. Hey uhh, maybe you should just go ahead and finally buy up gamefreak and the Pokemon company, just in case. Buying a new western studio or 2 would also do you a world of good, as well as maybe platinum or another Asian game studio. At least they already have monolith soft, that’s a good launching point

    1. Nintendo owns 1/3 of Pokemon. But they also own 53% (controlling share) of GameFreak who also owns 1/3 of pokemon. So Nintendo pretty much has control of the Pokemon Franchise.

      1. 1/3 belongs to Nintendo
        1/3 belongs to Gamefreak
        1/3 minus 2% belongs to the Pokemon company
        2% belongs to whoever is in charge of the anime and dubbing and whatnot (funimation, was it?)

        Also, Nintendo owns 54% of Gamefreak and (IIRC) majority stock in the Pokemon company as well.

        Basically, Nintendo owns pokemon.

  7. Buy rares IPs,get a new conker,perfect dark, banjo and kazooie, And have the rights to make an update on the older Donkey kongs with the kremlings! Work with EA to get Mario sports games!

  8. Nintendo are to blame for the low sales of the Wii u and not the market or consumers

    (1) Wii U was a bad brand name choice for a successor to Wii,they should have called it Wii 2.
    The casuals that already bought the Wii,thought Wii U was just new controller add on for the original. Wii

    (2) Nintendo didn’t do a thorough,extensive marketing for Wii U.
    Identical launch colours to Wii,namely Black and White further added to the confusion of whether its a new 8th gen console

    (3) Lack of a simple perfect fun filled launch title bundled with the Wii U to show what the Wii U is all about like what Wii Sports did for Wii.
    Nintendo Land was a joke,compared to Wii Sports,it had to many games with different play styles,which were to complex and not straight forward for the Casual gamer.
    Wii sports was a simple pick up and swing “EASY” for a 90 year old to even understand and play,the Gamepad was too complex for casuals,and Nintendo Land was too demanding and non captivating for the casual gamer,
    eg (Gamepad,Wii remotes and nunchuks needed for gameplay)
    It lacked the charm,simplicity and fun factor of Wii Sports.

    (4) Lack of a suitable 1st Party launch title for Nintendo fans,namely a true 3D Mario (not Super Mario 3d world),but a follow up to the Mario Galaxy series or even Super Mario Sunshine 2 would have been awesome and the Gamepad would have been brilliant for it.
    Metroid or Starfox sequel would also been a good lunch title,
    I cannot put zelda on the list because those games on consoles take 4 to 5 years to make
    New Super Mario Bros U wasn’t what the fans wanted
    that wasn’t a definate AAA game from Nintendo,that differentiated
    Wii U from the competition in terms of Brilliant Gameplay and Brilliant Graphics,there was no game available which people would buy a Wii U for.

    Wii had Wii sports,(i bought Wii just to play twilight princess)

    (5) Most of the 3rd party games released although great titles,were already released on other consoles,Nintendo was suppose to secure more 3rd party exclusives like they did with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Zombie U,not get old games that people played on other consoles already.

    (7) Nintendo should get more exclusive games from 3rd studios like they did with Bayonneta 2,fund the development of The Last Story 2,fund the development of Metroid other M 2,(but let Platinum Games do it,they did a Great Job on Metal Gear Rising ) and also let them create a Star Fox Game.

    (8) Nintendo should have had talks with Hideo Kojima and got Metal Gear Solid 5 on Wii U,the Gamepad would work perfectly with the Game,this issue of Wii U missing out on Multi format games like Fifa 14,GTA 5,NFS rivals,Metal Gear solid 5,Castlevania Lords of shadow 2 ect is hurting its reputation among the media and gamers
    Nintendo should also push the advertising and marketing of 3rd party games on their consoles especially exclusives titles.
    Wonderful 101 wasn’t. Marketed at all, and they should have made a Wii U bundle for the game

    (9) Nintendo should purchase more western studios and make them 1st party developers,and also purchase the most talented Japanese development studios
    They should have bought Atlus and Vigil games,when they were up for sale,Vigil games the creators of Darksiders have great experience with HD development to help Nintendo

    Nintendo should purchase

    Platinum Games
    Square Enix
    Next level Games

    And they should release more crossover games involving thier Franchises, and more 3rd party developed games with Nintendo characters like Hyrule Warriors

    Wii U needs 1st party games that the fans want to play,Nsmbu and SM3dworld wasn’t what the fans wanted to play,reason why the sales weren’t great
    They need games released regularly,They need more exclusive popular 3rd party games,more variety of games ,and finally real proper marketing.

    Then it will start selling like the 3ds

    Worked as a Nintendo brand Ambassador for 3 years promoting the brand and marketing it.

    So I’ve seen public perception of Wii U 1st hand

    1. 1) I agree they botched the name. They shouldve moved on from the Wii title completely. They were trying to capture recognition similar to the DS name recognition, but with the console it doesn’t translate well. I feel as though WiiU was always meant to be a stop-gap system, but who knows. If they release a v2.0 of wiiU in next 2 years, that will be confirmed.

      2) Agreed. Nintendo sucks at advertising. Sony has some amazing commercials and advertising, although they have relationships with advertisers from their studio holdings. I’m also surprised they havent released colored systems yet either. LE Luigi Green couldve been released when the NSMBU luigi expansion was released. SM3DW couldve had a red console. Hoping for a Jungle Green WiiU with the launch of DKCTF, if not its a hugely missed opportunity.

      3) I thought Nintendoland was actually GREAT! Aside from the crappy, cluttered interface, the games were actually quite solid. I would love to see a expanded follow up. The carnival type atmosphere with all the trophies is wayy to cluttered. They shoulve just stuck to a side scrolling selection for games with unique splash pages for each game in the background. The trophies clutter it up.

      4) Yes, Yes, and YES! Agreed to all.
      Also, WiiU HD Sports w/online should’ve been a launch title.

      5) Yea, not many people are going to rebuy a game that was available months prior to a wiiU port. Especially with the majority of these 3rd party titles gimped and not full games. Game studios should not be basing lackluster sales on these ports and/or gimped new releases as an accurate portrayal of support from consumers on Nintendo’s platform.

      6) You skipped 6!

      7) Yes to exclusive development, but then need to arrange it so if it is a homerun game, the developer cant just port the next game to a rival system and all costs of obtaining exclusivity is lost on only one game. Perhaps signing a franchise exclusivity agreement?

      8) Agreed. Each headline that says WiiU version dropped is hurting Nintendo. They need to bolster support for 3rd party to keep them on board. Advertising would help.

      9) I’m liking your entire list of studios that should be acquired. I agree with the crossover games as well. Multiplatform games should offer unique Nintendo content like they used to do. They always sold much better than the rest.

      This is a great analysis of what really needs to be done. I’m glad there are a few people on here who can see what needs to be done and isnt just drinking the koolaid one way or the other.

  9. Sega. Sega. Go buy Sega. I don’t care if it isn’t for sale. Fire Emblem vs Shining Force. Nintendo/Sega all stars racing. Virtua Fighter 6, panzer dragoon, Streets of Rage, vector man, open world shenmue 3. Nintendo would have all the developers and franchises it would ever need, and a library of games of which 90% were exclusive. Sega would gain the recognition for the still very good games they make. Oh and let Miyamoto-san make a sonic game. If anyone can fix it….

  10. I really think Nintendo should embrace their retro gaming heritage and concentrate on that – it is a MASSIVE market that people are getting in to by way of ROMs and emulators …why not put them officially back on the shelves with a Nintendo branded retro console, something that plays Super Nintendo and NES games only.

  11. I could think of three right now that shouldn’t cost so much. Next Level, Monster, and Renegade Kid. Also, if Capcom ends up going the way of THQ (which wouldn’t surprise me because of how bad they are doing financially) Nintendo should buy up all they can. Mega Man, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Monster Hunter etc. Nintendo would be virtually unstoppable if they had all these exclusives.

    1. Mega Man and Monster Hunter for sure. Mega Man a perfect fit for Nintendo, and Monster Huntrr since it already having a huge success with 3ds.

  12. Buy 1. Platinum for cheep only because they haven’t made HIT games but that doesn’t mean their game are bad. Actually their games are AMAZING

    Look into GREAT small independent studios like 2. Two Tribes
    3. Shin’en, 4. Ripstone and have them operate the same way but only create slightly bigger budget games for Wii U and 3DS.

    5. This is the big one, acquire a western or a European studio to create western and UK games.. Yes “NEW IP” FPS and open world immature/”mature” games alike.. You know those games that seem good but aren’t that have a great story and poor gameplay mechanics. BUT because nintendo is over looking them the gameplay would actually be good and have great mechanics. This area is very much lacking in Nintendo’s great gaming library.

    6. Two or Three studios JUST TO WORK ON PORTING 3rd party games to Nintendo platforms.. Not all 3rd party games just the big ones….

  13. Buy Platinum so they can finally make star fox; in addition, they need to buy an esteemed racing developer to make F-zero (EA Criterion possibly, but I know that’s not going to happen).

  14. Nintendo should buy one of this studios:

    1.- Capcom for 1 billion dollars
    2.- Squere Enix for 1.5 billion dollars
    3.- Ubisoft for 2 billion dollars
    4.- EA for 6 billion dollars
    5.- Sega for 6 billion dollars.

      1. Those are the average price of each company, Capcom, to me, seem to be the better choise, they have a rich and wide history of IP of them all and thanks to their recent F*up they are the cheapest of the big ones.

        I should have put Ubisoft in second place, but SE only need to be alittle bit more moderate with the budget for their games to actually turn alot of profit, and Nintendo is good at moderating budget.

        Ubisoft may not have the most stellar or popular (sales number speaking) Ip of them all but they have a lot of thing that Nintendo could use a lot. 1st: Developers that can bring new and/or creative things to the table (Ubisoft in 3 games have made a better use of the gamepad that Nintendo) and 2nd: Ubisoft is everywhere, they have office in almost every country, Nintendo could use that to be in touch with their fanbese and make their games more accessibles. Nintendo will only need to teach them how to finish a game before give it them a release date (If you know what i’m saying)

        Wether we want it or not, EA is a juggernaut in the industry, a lot of studios, a lot of AAA games under their belt, some theorists blame them for the sink of Sega during the DreamCast era, and again, wether we want it of not, Nintendo lacking their support is bad really BAD. If Nintendo buy them they will have the biggest 3rd party publisher out there, that is alot of power; and just like with Capcom, Nintendo will only be in the needs of cutting the heads of those executives that have been taking those awful and anti consumer decisions. If done right Nintendo could use EA to publish games of other companies licenses (sport and movies) in other platforms.

        Sega is in last place because I do not know if for Nintendo to own SEGA, the videogame titan, they would need to buy their parent corporation: Sega Sammy Holdings, that is the one that worth the 6 billions, or they could buy only SEGA, the videogame publisher. If it is the 1st, then 6 billions is a lot, if it is the 2nd, I will say 4 billions more or less would be a more accurate price for SEGA.

        And while it seem to much, remembering that Nintendo worth 17 billions dollars, lets remember that Nintendo is a hoarder and that Nintendo have almost 32 Billion dollars in the Bank, they could buy all the videogame industry if they want.

      1. The last time I check, those are, more or less, the values of each company, and if Nintendo want to buy them, chances are they would have to pay even more.

    1. Well they can only buy companies and IP’s that are for sale…. Microsoft won’t just “sell” rare. It’s an asset to them.

  15. Buy up Platinum, Capcom, SEGA (and Atlus :P) and maybe some small, but talented indie developers. I’m sure they can buy up a whole bunch of those with little to no money at all.

    They should also look into buying a lot of Western developers so they can start expanding their horizon beyond “just Japan.” They don’t “get” us over here. Buying western developers and leaving them to do their thing, maybe make new IP’s ect. would be in Nintendo’s best interest.

    1. I dont see Nintendo buyin just Sonic from Sega, because Sega would never sell their biggest ip away, the only option would be to buy the whole Sega and get their devs and ips(would be better anyway than buyin just Sonic).


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            1. But maybe the intelligent people wont converse with you? After all you arent intelligent anyway(maybe thats the reason you wanna converse with them to feel like you are one), your welcome by the way.

  17. I think its safe to say that Sega and Platinum Games are atleast considered to be bought, Sega would make sense because of their ips like Sonic,Phantasy Star and all that other great shit they dont have sequels like Skies of Arcadia(imagine Skies of Arcadia game developed by Monolith Soft) they also would get Atlus on the same deal. Platinum Games has very good relationship with Nintendo it would make total sense to get them now, because of their talent.

    Another devs i could think of gettin bought are Mistwalker and Capcom. Mistwalker has said they would like to develop for WiiU and TLS did well for Wii, but they need fundin for these bigger projects but they are capable of doing them so buyin them would be good for bothe companies. Buyin Capcom would be good for same reasons as it would be to buy Sega.

    Its harder to predict what western devs they could be considering. Things are gettin very interesting at Nintendo, hopefully they will acquire dev that is capable of producin 1-2 quality games per year like old good Rare did, it would minimalize the need of 3rd party titles by a big amount imo.

  18. Capcom is in SERIOUS need of cash… with all the money they have lost they could have acquired them … there is still chance…just imagine…. if Capcom didn’t want to publish Ultra Street Fighter 4 on WiiU… let’s make the Arcade Version exclusive post Capcom purchase…

  19. Nintendo have acquired game companies in the past, naturally. Look at how they handle HAL Labs, Game Freak and Monolith Soft just to name three. They’ve recently built a new building for Intelligent Systems after all these years of making excellent contributions, and now the aggressive nature of looking into M&A’s to further improve their standing? “We’re not done yet” is an understatement, especially if they deliver on this.

    I’d love to see Nintendo buy Sega. All that massive back-catalogue of IPs Sega have would be a second-coming for Nintendo. I can definitely see Nintendo acquiring Platinum Studios, and who knows, seeing as Sony Studio Liverpool (the old Psygnosis building) is defunct, perhaps rekindle that spark and try and get the old WipEouT team back together, and give them free-reigns to F-Zero to fill that niche.

    I’ll believe it when I see it, but that would be a huge rude awakening to those that truly believe Nintendo is doomed. I’d also laugh if they acquired a big third-party Western publisher too.

  20. Combine with Gurren Lagann.

    “The hopes of my friends are etched upon its body; turning the infinite darkness into light. Unmatched in heaven and earth. One soul, one body. Nintendo Galaxy Gurren Lagann! I’ll show you… the power of the human race!”

  21. Yes finally!, I’ve always said ninty should buy more company’s hopefully some of them will make mature games for the console, nintendo games are awesome but you can’t have them appeal to everyone and if ninty made a mature game themselves it’d probbly just come of as forced because they most likely don’t want to make one. getting more second party studios is the way they should have gone to begin with, now hopefully they’ll buy platinum.
    I hope they buy capcom it’s a very big long shot but not only does capcom have alot of classics under there belt like megaman and street fighter but they also have alot of mature ips like dmc, but while capcom is dying I doubt they’re that desperate yet to be bought out(or even if they were the higher ups are too stupid to see the damage they’re still doing to the company).

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  23. i don’t think it’s the right time for Nintendo to buy. But if they have to buy studio, they should buy 3 studio where 2 are specialised in mobile gaming and one studio who has lot of experience to make HD game (western developer who take more risks than eastern developer as shigeru-san said)

  24. One amazing move would be for Nintendo to acquire the rights to Banjo-Kazooie. Not even saying they need to buy back the entirety of Rare’s ips. Banjo alone would be a nice addition.

  25. Ninty should just guy Banjo-Kazooie from Rare. Not even the whole company or all of its ips. BK alone would be good enough. Rare is doing literally nothing with it. The BK website doesn’t even exist anymore.

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  27. With the online play dead on the wii u I think that they should push more Rpg’s if they could do a compilation of the Elder Scrolls that would bring some of the hardcore gamers. Unless they change the online drastically like being able to connect with local gamers, or getting a popular mmo no one cares about games they can’t play with they’re friends(that’s why the gamecube was terrific). They definitely need to fix they’re system menu as well. Let me connect wireless to my Nas Server to stream videos, even the xbox could connect to my laptop and that’s last gen. Lastly other then Rare cause I’ve been saying that since Donkey Kong Barrel Blast was cancelled, is get working on an Endless Ocean 3 title with the new gamepad I can imagine it being amazing.

  28. Buy Sega, Tecmo, Namco, Konami, Capcom, Square Enix, and Platinum Games. They all have great IP, new graphics engines, and Namco has diverse subsideries. Lots of development teams. Also buy Toshiba.

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  33. I’m not going to jump to conclusions but I hope for the best because it has been a rough 2 years for Nintendo, Additionally, I hope Mr. Iwata has the decency to step down.

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  35. People are thinking too big here. Most of those companies are publishers and have several development studios and IP’s under their umbrellas. In addition, none of them are looking to be acquired and are heavily involved in supporting multiplatforms.

    If Nintendo would venture out to acquire anyone at this point, it would be a development studio that is fairly consistent in making games for their systems; or purchasing IP’s and studios that are in extreme danger of closing or being stuck in limbo.

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  37. Capcom, Square Enix, Konami, merge with Nintendo. A new era of good video games begin as Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, and GTA fade out of existence….

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