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Zelda: A Link To The Past Gets Wii U Virtual Console Trailer

Nintendo has released a new trailer for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past to coincide with the game’s arrival in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U. The action-adventure game originally launched in 1991 for the Super NES, and it can now be purchased through the Wii U Virtual Console service for $7.99. However, if you already own the title on Wii, you can transfer the game to Wii U and then purchase the updated title from the Wii U eShop for $1.50.


    1. Nintendo “the wiiu needs to sell, let’s give it exclusive virtual console games that people want so they can’t use the excuse ‘why buy a wiiu if I can play these games on my 3ds'”

      1. I skipped the Wii and seems the Wii U as well. They could at least take my $5 from a 3DS download. Virtual Console shouldn’t be what sells a console… that is just the gravy.

    2. A Link To The Past was a Super NES game. Not a handheld. So that’s why it’s on the Wii U Virtual Console and not the 3DS.

  1. AHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH!!!!!! Nintenpussies have so little games that they have to re release a wii vc game AGAIN!!!!! 2014 will be the comeback year for nintendo…. in your dreams bitch this is the darkness and nintendo cant survive in it. HOOOO HO HA HA HOOO HAHA WII U SUCKS AND IWATA STOLE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!


    1. while the psvita get’s ps1/ps2 releases/remakes every month, the VC has nothing to do with lack of games, the wiiu has more exclusives right now than the ps4, psvita, and xbox one

      1. TROLLS live under bridges i Llve in the darkness and I AM FACTUAL!!!! ive been right this whole time about wii u and NOBODY can deny it HAHAH HO HO HE EH HY HY HOO!!!!!!


  2. Hmmm not really into this game at this point…Tbh this game should have been released last year…

      1. TO BAD nintendo is mentally retarded. Here have these ds games and lets cater to the kiddies even more because our fans balls havn’t dropped just like iwata’s. JOIN SONY YOU WON’T HAVE TO DEAL WITH ALL THIS BABY SHIT AND DROUGHTS AND FAILS. the darkness is coming hard and its catching up with nintendo and its special fans who KNOW I WAS RIGHT ALL LONG ABOUT WIIDUSTFFERU HAHAHAAH HO HO HO HAHA HO!!


      2. The darkness is coming? I’m pretty sure it’s already here. For many of the reasons you mentioned. I’m going to give Nintendo through 2014.

    1. I want it too but what I want the most are games for the Wii U with ultimate Gamepad use…

  3. For those in the US.
    I bought this on the Wii.
    If you buy it on the WiiU (having owned the Wii version) it’s only $1.50 – hell yeah! Sold!

    1. It plays well in Wii mode, why would someone want to update? Is it merely for the gamepad support or is there more to it?

      1. You can play it on the game pad with mapped buttons, unlike the Wii version. You also don’t have to boot to the Wii menus. The VC on WiiU is also better.

    2. When you pay the money to upgrade, do you lose the wii version, too? or do you keep both the Wii AND the wii u version. I do enjoy playing games with my GCN controller.

      1. You keep both. You are not trading your Wii version, you are getting a discount on the WiiU version. So for $1.50, you can play it on your WiiU, or the Wii Menu.

  4. Well this sucks! Lucario was confirmed as a character … I means cool to have him back not complaining but probably less of a chance of another pokemon type fighter coming back .. Everyone though he was gonna be replaced! He looks awesome though that HD! And maybe hell mega evolve when he gets a smash ball lol! That would be Aerosme!

    1. To be fair, Sakurai said he’s only in the game because the “brawl team” chucked him in towards the end and he “couldn’t of done it without them”. I know it’s stupid, but I’d love if they threw in a last minute Dr. Mario, I always loved playing with him.

      1. That was never confirmed by Sakurai. There’s a big chance, yes, but ‘no matter what’ is incorrect. They’ve only had 2 chances to actually kick people so far, and the original 12 all had relevance, still, except earthbound. Infact, Sakurai tried to get rid of Ness in both Melee and Brawl to completely replace him with Lucas.

      2. i know is not confirmed, but the point all the original characters of the original SMB64 appear in all future Smash games makes the possibility almost 100%

  5. That fight at 0:24. That freaking fight. I remember it well.
    aLttP was much harder than aLBW. In my opinion, it was better, too. I loved that game. I’ll be getting it on the Virtual Console.

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