Watch Super Bowl 2014 With Wii U For Chance To Win Nintendo Football Jersey

nintendo_football_jerseyNintendo has announced an incentive for its fans to watch Super Bowl 2014. Those who spectate the upcoming NFL championship game with Nintendo TVii on Wii U will be able to enter for a chance to win a limited edition Nintendo Football jersey, which apparently has an approximate retail value of $120. Nintendo TVii users will also be able to make predictions about the game in real time, and compete with other viewers to earn their place on a leaderboard.


      1. Wow, I don’t understand how you guys can hate football so hard. Maybe I was just born and raised in NA, but… Soccer sucks ass!
        Way too much running, way to little action. If you Europeans got good games like rune factory 4, you wouldn’t have to waste time watching such a boring sport… Too far?

      2. I’m in NA, own Rune Factory 4, And yet I love soccer !!!
        I think Football has less action than soccer, so many stops in the play.

        But here is the kicker, I was born and raised in Europe so there you go.

      3. Please don’t be so fucking ignorant football is the best sport in the world!!! And I don’t even know why you guys called football Soccer??? Why??? American football is so boring… If the ball touches the ground the game stops!!! What The Fuck is that??? You guys play that stupid sport with your hands … You don’t even kick the ball that much… Ignorant piece of shit.

      4. Soccer. Association football. Using Oxford slang, adding -er and abbreviating association. You get “soccer”.

        You across the pond came up with it.

      5. There’s a thing called “localization” and when it comes to telling the difference between these two “football” sports is to have a different set of rules and gameplay setup.

        Stop being such fandorks and enjoy sports for what it is. You like soccor because it “has more action” and the other likes football because of its appeal. You wanna know which sport is the most boring? Either Golf or Hockey..actually nobody gives a fuck about hockey anymore so there you have it. Hockey is the top snoozefest Sport and the only interesting part about Hockey is the fights which doesn’t happen often anyway.

      6. “Please don’t be fucking ignorant”, proceeds in being ignorant as fuck.

      7. Also if you consider hunting a sport then I enjoy watching that sport too. I need to go hunting someday.

      8. Soccer is what makes the world go round. Not even joking it’s been scientifically proven.

      9. Don’t worry about it man, there’s no way in hell the US is making it past the first round. You wont be hearing much about the world cup this year, the US is getting eliminated right at the beginning.

      10. Actually, I don’t like ANY sport. But in my opinion, football always looked the most boring. Wouldn’t mind playing golf though. But not WATCHING golf.

      11. If golf isn’t a sport, then what the HECK is it? And why is the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series by EA Sports? Hmm……..

      12. Dude, its a sport no matter how you see it. It takes practice, aiming, dedication and concentration like any sport.

      13. Sport – an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

        Yes golf is a sport. Have you ever played it? I’ve never experienced the pain I had after going to the driving range in any other sport I have played.

        To all the Football haters, when you look at the game as a physical game of chess it breathes new life into your thought process. The only Sport I don’t care for is baseball

      14. You must be grossly out of shape. I like fishing, I like shooting and I’m sure I would like hunting but those aren’t sports in my eyes. Neither is golf. You ride a damn cart from location to location and when you don’t, you walk of all things. I was pretty sore after digging at rock like soil to install sprinklers, that doesn’t make digging a sport. As for american football I can’t watch it, there’s too much stopping. Playing it would be fine but for me it’s boring to watch. Basketball is fun to play but it’s a pain to watch too, mainly because there isn’t a big moment like in other sports such as a touchdown, a goal, a ko, etc… I agree with you on baseball, one I got tickets for an angels game. I after like 30 mins.

      15. Your most likley a middle east grass fairy football and hockey best sport of all time ok.

    1. I sear, I went shopping today (my birthday), and Wal-Mart was so crowded that it felt like Christmas season all over again. I had to park so far out that I felt like I was walking in a marathon just getting to the entrance. I was talking to my mom on the phone (totally frustrated) because I couldn’t even do my freakin’ shopping because so many people were getting in my way. Even she couldn’t figure out why there was so many people out. Then my brother said (in the background) that it was Super Bowl weekend. Talk about a face-palming moment. You mean that all of those crazy people (who ruined my birthday) was there because of a retarded FOOTBALL GAME? INSANE!!!!!! What has this world come to?

      1. You really need to stop acting like ice……. he’s gone and we still have to somewhat deal with him.

    2. I love American football. It’s actually highly strategic. I don’t have anything against soccer football, but I definitely like American football more. There’s definitely room for both in the world. The annual London game is getting so popular that they’re going to have 3 games there next season. Kotaku did a very interesting article in which they broke it down into its components and categorized them in gaming terminology. You should check it out!

    3. Basically its my negro is better than your negro

  1. If its 120 i wonder if they will sell it as well. Idk what mario strikers has to do with american football. I wouldnt mind a new strikers as well as a madden alternate with mario cause the wii u is lacking with sport titles

  2. Football (soccer) is a game for gentlemen played by thugs

    Rugby is a game for thugs played by gentlemen.

    Football/soccer are all pussies playing the sport diving at the slightest thing “ref. REF he looked at me wrong free kick”

    Need to cut the amount of money players recieve then maybe itll go back to normality. All of the hooliganism that goes along with the sport is ridiculous.

    You dont see rugby or American football players doing tgat they brush themselves off and get back in the game unless the injury is legit.

  3. Why is it that they use their foot so little in football? And in soccer that’s the only thing they use ? :)

  4. Hockey is for the elite, Football is for the strong, Baseball is for the athlete. Soccer is for the prancing fairy’s.


    Soccer s such a boring, candy-ass sport. I can’t figure out why people wtch it. Fucking pansies though, even curling produces tuffer athletes. Golfers appear as gladiators when standing next to a soccer prancer err player. Babies take candy from Soccer prancers…

  5. American football is a bit boring but super bowl is the only way to watch it in France. Too bad we don’t have TVii and too bad it starts at midnight… Just before Monday …

  6. Soccer is the worst sport of all! All they do is run around kicking a ball. Also, how can you have a final score of 0-0? YOU ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING!!! At least hockey has fights. Yes soccer has fights… in the stands in Europe. Freaking savages!

  7. The image got me excited at the prospect of a new Mario Strikers…Mario Strikers Charged is an underrated classic on Wii.

  8. i’d love to play a football match (the proper one, not american one) vs those who say its a pansy sport. you’d be changing your veiw VERY quickly. you keep wearing pads and only playing for a few seconds before needing a break.
    oh, and we need a new strikers charged for wiiu please nintendo!!

  9. LOL Soccer/futbol. Such a silly game. Soccer players for sure get more grass stains off the field than on it.

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