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Pokemon Bank Now Available In North America

Nintendo has rolled out Pokémon Bank for North America today. The cloud storage app – which allows you to deposit, store and manage up to 3,000 Pokémon – was released yesterday for Europe and earlier this month for Asian territories. You can download Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter straight from the 3DS eShop for around 500 blocks on your SD card – a 30-day free trial is also currently available. Those who download the app by September 30 can receive the adorable Celebi as a free gift.

64 thoughts on “Pokemon Bank Now Available In North America”


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      1. I decided to buy Mario Kart 7 instead, I should be getting it on friday so prepare for trouble and make it double!

        1. hehe
          Im at work, if only they made eshop online
          Pokemon Bank(x)
          DK( )
          Bravely Default( )

          also, Pokemon bank is free for some time, you should get it to transfer what you need

      2. Start up bank two times, then your pokemon game. At the main menu select link( the 3rd option ). Then your celebi will be delivered to your pc! c:

      1. You must first deposit a Pokemon from X and Y into the bank before you can receive the Celebi. When you fire up the game next time Brigette will give you Celebi – I think she’s the same person who gives you Torchic from the previous X and Y event. Hope this helps! :)

    1. OOOHHHHHHH!!!!!! IM BACK NINTENPUSSIES!!!!! Fuck you sickrjar (thats a retarded nickname and not cool by the way) nobody can get RID OF MEEE OH HA HA OOHH HA HAHAH!!!! So it seems FLOP U isnt selling and is a fail like ive been saying the whole time!! oh well its still the no. one dust machine….. even after 2 years. dirt >>>>>>>>wiidust4u.

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    3. Meh. I was going to buy it, but with Nintendo having a rocky release I think I wil pass. Download to transfer and I will delete it after.

        1. Because I am entitled to an opinion and I am remarking how this “Gaming News Article” made me feel. You care because?

    4. Nintendo failed again in banning illegal pokémon, I just had a battle with 5 SHINY legendaries and a shiny scizor. althoug this is theoretically achieveable, it’s very unlikely.

      I guess we’ll have to wait another generation for fair online battles…

        1. Yes, i know but shiny mewtwo, kyurem, deoxys and mew. It seems very unlikely. But then again i didn’t really expect that nintendo would do something about hacked pokemon

      1. Judt heads up, they have a system for telling whether a pokemons legit or not now, so that gets rid of the gts trading issue.

      2. As you said, they are theoretically achieveable. But I’m sure a legendary with Wonder Guard wouldn’t pass (I hope)

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