Destructoid Says Sonic Boom Is Looking A Lot Like Ratchet & Clank


Online gaming publication Destructoid says from what they’ve seen, Sonic Boom looks a lot like the Ratchet and Clank franchise on the PlayStation family of systems. The site says that the Wii U version of the game has massive worlds, and projectile combat seems to be the order of the day. Another interesting fact is that the Wii U version of the game is running on CryEngine 3. Sega of America president and COO John Chen told the publication that “Sonic Boom will not be replacing the original franchise.” The Wii U game is developed by Big Red Button and the 3DS version be developed by Sanzaru Games who developed the new Sly Cooper.


    1. Some of the developers at Big Red Button is ex-Naughty Dog devs, so that doesn’t suprise me too much. Looks pretty cool so far, just needs to fix up Sonic’s and Knuckles’s models IMO.

      1. That doeant make any sense R&C is from Insomniac not from Naughty dog. . .
        I find this sonic and R&C similar too but what you have said has nothing to do with that.

      2. Insomniac and Naughty dog have (had) a very close working-relationship. They were at one point in opposite offices in the same building. Ratchet and Clank and Jack and Daxter were released at roughly the same time, and were included as demos on each-others games. It’s safe to say that some inspiration from the R&C series has bled through to naughty dog, and vice versa.

      3. It does! The companies are really together. Also, I can say it`s not like Ratchet! It`s just like Ratchet and clank all 4 one, But I prefer Ratchet.

  1. This game sounds awesome. Looks like the gameplay will be like Shadow The Hedgehog. I’m definitely all for that kind of action! Sonic Boom could be a great TV show after all. With its own game at the ready, this may be the start of a big franchise within a franchise

  2. Hopefully this ends up better than most are predicting. We need a good sonic game, and plus it’s exclusive (so far) on Nintendo platforms.

  3. to be honest, the game’s atmosphere is what I like the most
    also, this game is for the idiots that say the WiiU cannot run HD gfx comparable to the Ps4/X-One

      1. That looks… lame. Why computer animated? When will producers and networks learn that TV shows will never have the budget to pull off CG shows well? It looks so cheap. Just do it as a standard cartoon.

  4. Considering the trailer was an early work in progress, and used no CG, utilizing Cry Engine 3, this game has the potential to really look amazing. It already looks fantastic, love that scene of Sonic running on water. If it’s got some Ratchet and Clank style to it, that’s cool, heard that was a decent series of games, though didn’t really see anybody shooting other than Tails. Although there were scenes with everybody running pretty fast, it seems like each character will have different abilities, and that bodes well for this game.

    Lost World was pretty good and had some interesting mechanics, but felt a little empty at times. This looks closer to an “Adventure” Sonic game, with multiplayer and much better looking mechanics and control. This probably gets said a lot, but I honestly feel like this will be the best 3D Sonic game yet.

    1. no one ever said that

      EA said that it couldn’t handle the frostbite engine.. but that is probably just a cheap lie considering the frostbite engine also runs on tablets..

      1. They actually went back on their word, saying that it could run on it, but it is not their top priority.

  5. The environments look a lot more detailed and expansive than what we saw in Sonic Lost World. I’m looking forward to this.

    1. sonic losts worlds visuals were disappointing to say the least.. i think everyone knew the wii u could handle a lot more than that

      if only the gameplay had been decent.. but the game managed to disappoint in that respect aswell
      i don’t know what it is about sonic games being so hard to handle…
      let’s hope this one doesn’t only end up having great visuals but great gameplay aswell :)

      1. I don’t think Lost World’s gameplay was bad, but it just seemed like they focused a little bit more on platforming gimmicks. That’s okay with Mario, because he’s made for that, just it’s not the best route for Sonic. Plus, they kind of made the controls a little complicated.

        But if this game can bring back the control simplicity of the Adventure and Heroes games, then I’ll be more than happy.

      2. i have to admit that i didn’t buy sonic lost world

        i just read quite a few reviews and they weren’t thrilled
        also tried the demo on the eshop and i wasn’t impressed either

        not “bad” gameplay per se.. just not up to scratch.. not after so many botched sonic games

      3. This game is not even being made by the same teacm who did Lost World (the Sonic Team), it is being made by Big Red Button who, so far, have yet to be tested.

        Just remember, Rocksteady was also untested before coming out with Batman.

        This could be THE game to bring Sonic back to the forefront.

      4. never said it couldn’t be

        but i’ve seen too many failed sonic games to be easily convinced

        the first glimpses look promising but they’re nothing more than glimpses…

  6. Hi Nintendouches

    Mark here,just wanted to notify you dummies INSOMNIAC GAMES are the creators of RATCHET AND CLANK not NAUGHTY DOG.

    Judging from this game I can see SONIC is trying real hard to be as cool as KNACK and trust me he can never be like THAT because he’s WACK

    1. Wait, where did it say anything about Naughty Dog?
      As long as we’re spouting unrelated facts, did you know that the square opposite the right angle on a right angle triangle is the sum of the squares o the other two sides?
      Who else has one?

      1. pi is exactly three

        and as it happens pi also equals e (euler’s number)
        these slight alterations make remembering them sooo much easier :)

      2. somewhere on this planet a puppy probably died for the comment i just made

        i feel bad about it

      3. Lizalfos, the main director behind Sonic Boom is Bob Rafi who was probably the most important member of Naughty Dog who worked on Crash Bandicoot, Uncharted and Jak and Dexter…

        So there’s why Sonic Boom is related to Naughty Dog, it’s practically being designed by the guy who made Naughty Dog games!!!!


    minus the Chao Garden… I wonder/hope they have a chao garden lol!

    It is a good day to own a Wii U :D

    1. I don’t remember the last time I visited my Chao garden on SA2B. Let’s see if this game can make me play sonic games again

  8. I like the new look of the characters. I like that it makes their personalities very distinct from each other. Mayhap I pick this up? Well, I’ve said that for some other Wii U games, and I still haven’t found an overly manic reason to get the Wii U yet.

  9. sonic boom…. hadouken…. sonic boom hadouken… shorouken :-)
    i like the clip, its funy.
    wrong advertisment LOL… remember me of Nintendo calling the console wrong with the name Wii U (thats wrong advertisment soni ;-) )

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