Bayonetta 2 Coming To Japan In The Summer

Platinum Games and Nintendo have announced that the long-awaited Bayonetta 2 will be coming to Japan in the summer. Nintendo of America and Nintendo Europe have simply stated that it’s coming to the west sometime this year. The company also released a new trailer which can be viewed, right here.



    1. Just no. Boring, slow, in imaginative, predictable and tedious. If that makes a great game for you then go enjoy yourself. Anyone else will look for games that are, you know, fun.


  1. Worst direct ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nintendo are a joke, the Wii U is really struggling so Nintendo decide to have a direct and then focus all their attention on the 3DS that is doing just fine?
    Nintendo did exactly the same in 2013 released awesome game after awesome game for the 3DS and utter crap after utter crap for the Wii U.
    Looks like 2014 will be more of the same, Nintendo are trying to make people buy a Wii U and then all their focus in the direct is on their handheld?
    Wii U is dead!!


    1. I like how you actually are butthurt enough to go onto the official Nintendo news site and rage like a little kid to everyone who even pretends to listen.

      Go home, kid, and grow up about a decade. Then, maybe, we can talk.


  2. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha Everything I said about the Weak U before it launched has come true


    And it’s lack of 3rd Party support is worse then Wii,Gamecube and M64 which all got support from EA

    Saw alot of Nintendorks and Nin10year olds crying about yesterdays lame NINTENDO DIRECT

    which showed that Nintendo care about the 3ds and it’s the main focus and that Weak U is getting another drought this year LMAO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Just only 2 first party games released within the next 6 months lol HOW PATHETIC

    NintenDOOMED. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Even on the Facebook page little Nintendorks wearing there diapers where crying after seeing a disappointing Nintendo direct lol

    RIP Wii U

    Say hi to VIRTUAL BOY

    Rot in pieces

    I’m back jerk offs

    Took a long hiatus been playing PS4 AND XBOX ONE where true gaming is at


    1. Hey fucktard, we don’t want your “expertise”. They did mention that this direct would be focused more on the games releasing in spring and all the 3ds games they did show were mostly eshop games. Do you think Nintendo can develop AAA games within 3-4 months. If your looking for new announcements wait for e3. But , I must ask are you so jobless to comment on every thread with you horrible grammar. Go help your mom take out the trash and while your at it , I suggest you bury yourself too.

      Nintendo is just a company which makes games that a lot of us enjoy. Pretty much anyone who grew up in the 90s will always have a soft spot for nintendo and even today in 2014 their games are fun to play.
      If you dont like their games .. heres some advice faggot “DONT PLAY EM AND DONT COME ON A NINTENDO CENTERED WEBSITE” sure;y you will have to mentally handicapped if you couldnt have thought of it yourself.


      1. Well said my friend. Nintendo well always be my favorite Gaming Company, and when I read comments on this site, all I see are these Nintendo haters ranting about how PS4/X-Box One is so much better.

        The better graphics on the PS4/X-Box One is great and all, but they have such bad games! Everytime I hear a new release for a Sony/Microsoft Console, it’s just a FPS exactly like the last.

        I could easily play better games on my Nintendo Consoles such as,

        The Legend of Zelda – NES

        Super Mario World – SNES

        Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie – N64

        Luigis Mansion – GC

        Super Smash Bros. Brawl – Wii

        Super Mario 3D World – Wii U

        At least Nintendo experiments with different Ideas.

        Look at the Wii for example, alot of people thought the Wii and there controllers were gonna be a Big failure. But it proved wrong, and turned out to be the best selling console ever! And it didn’t even need Killer Graphics like the PS3/X-Box 360 to achieve that.

        In conclusion, Nintendo is the best!


    2. Wait what games have you been playing? Neither of those consoles have anything on them that I would consider true gaming. They just have games that continue where last gen left off. I mean looking at the top selling games, they are always the same. COD (have on Wii U), Assassin’s Creed (on Wii U), Battlefield, GTA, Skylanders (on Wii U), NBA 2K14 (im still playing 2K13 so I’m not missing out on anything but graphics). You are not experiencing much more than I am, and when it comes to exclusives, I’ve got one for everyone you have, so that argument is lame


    3. So you are saying “true gaming” is centered around PSFail and Xbox Done?

      Hilarious, hilarious.

      So you are saying that a system that overheats after about 3-4 hours of gaming and a system that was rushed and has the highest system failure rate is where “true gaming” is.

      Man, I sure am glad I’m not a “true gamer”, because being a “true gamer” sounds pretty terrible to me.


  3. Oh and Bayonneta 2 looks worse then Bayonneta 1 on Xbox 360

    Bayonneta 2 on Baby Weak U looks like Bayonneta on Ps3

    Bleached out colours

    Frame rate drops
    Sceen tearing


    Poor weak U can’t even outperform a 8 year old console lol

    Couldn’t outsell ps3 and xbox 360 on a month to month basis

    How the heck you think you will stand . Chance with ps4 and Xbox1


    1. I take it that you’ve played the entire game right ? Well your right it doesnt have the same “art and super hd graphics” like crimson dragon and knack. Retard


    2. You do realize that that is the developer’s fault, right?

      Any of those problems are due to the laziness and lack of optimization on the developer’s part, not the system.

      Ever see Zombie U? Looks pretty realistic, doesn’t it?

      Ever see RE: Revelations?

      Yeah. your point just became invalid. Please go get informed or go home.


  4. A sound Direct in every way. Bayo2 looks amazing, Mario Kart looking better and better, X shows huge promise – really glad I bought the Wii U. Just have to finish Wonderful 101, Injustice, Splinter Cell, Deus EX HR, Wind Waker and AC: Black Flag. And then there’s DKR:TF. Oh, and Pikmin 3, wich I never got around to picking up.


    1. LOL hilarious how the Nintendo guzzlers try and say the direct was good!!LMFAO!!
      The direct was for games before Spring game and then 2 of the biggest shown come out later in the year!!LOL.
      It was all about the 3DS, the 3DS is doing just fine and does NOT need any help so Nintendo have a direct to shift more people from the Wii U to their handheld?
      The Wii U is dead and even Nintendo think so!!


      1. The only hilarious thing over here is your grammar. Cmon say something else.. its fun to laugh at you. ( pokes you with a stick )


      2. Did you have another name up above? Some other person said the same thing, lol. Either you pretty much repeated what they were talking about or you are that same person. Either way you made me laugh, #MICROSHIT #MYXBOXISSOFT Anyone else agree these hash tag things are retarded?


      3. Please state just exactly where Nintendo said “The Wii U is dead.”

        Oh wait, you don’t have a quote from them?

        Or any links?

        Or any solid evidence whatsoever?

        Please, do continue. *pulls up chair* This should be classic.


  5. The mouth moves with the Japanese words and not with the english ones. It will be annoying when it comes to how the story is told (like wonderful 101). That said, i loved 101 because of the gameplay but the story wasnt as fun to follow as it otherwise could have been. I guess thesame will apply here


  6. Exactly Hahahahahaha these little babies are trying to do damage control lol did you see how crappy Bayonneta 2 looked lol

    That’s why they had to cut her hair short for the Weak U because Nintendo’s baby console couldn’t handle the additional graphics needed to animate the hair lol


    1. Have you heard of the word, “Evidence”?


      Well, evidence is this little thing where you actually research the topic you are trying to prove, and show your results by means of either links online, quotes with viable sources, and other such things.

      Evidence is the only way to prove your point, so make sure you have lots of it!

      Oh wait, you don’t have a single shred of viable evidence?

      Well, there goes your credibility. Have fun being ignored, butthurt troll.


  7. Hopefully all the trolls on this site get a bit more creative and elaborate.
    Trolling can be somehow entertaining, so please put a bit more effort into your art.
    The subtle troll will rule the world from under his bridge.

    On topic: end of summer, early autumn is a good timeframe for Bayonetta 2 i think. Later all the usual suspects will enter the spotlight.
    WiiU needs to use the times without the other big AAA titles to get some press.


      1. It is being published by Nintendo, not produced. And to all the trolls: even if the game flop s commercially, it won’t be ported to any other systems because Nintendo owns the exclusive rights to the game.


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