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Japan: Comparing Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze Sales With Donkey Kong Country Returns

As you will know from the Japanese sales charts yesterday Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze didn’t do too well in Japan. The game only managed to shift 35,717 units while the Wii U sold 8,782 units. Donkey Kong Country Returns on the Wii sold an impressive 163,310 copies in its first week and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D sold 104,569 copies in its first week.

Thanks,  Iceazeama

111 thoughts on “Japan: Comparing Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze Sales With Donkey Kong Country Returns”

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  1. U need to put the intall base differences. wii had 12-13 million, 3ds had a massive install base, wii u has like 1.5-1.6 million. So is kinda pointless to compare. If metroid was release people would be doing the same thing. prime 1 only sold 100,000 in japan total, it still pushed over 2 million. I was not expecting Dk to do well in japan, america might have better results, but don’t expect the same number as Dk wii, do to install base differences

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  3. I’m kinda happy nintendo is getting there asses kicked. As a huge fan of nintendo I hate the name wiiU so I know its safe to say the next nintendo console won’t be called wii. Second this may force nintendo to go back to the core of there business. So maybe this gen will be a wake up call.

      1. Calm down bro, this is not the first time that nintendo are struggling with consoles sales (and not the last one). If they will find a way to boost the sales that will be good, but if not, it will be a good lesson for their next attempt.

        1. Of course they ignore this fact… you know those kind of company like M$ and zony use what we call today censorship u__u

      2. You are such a silly person, were not clowns, clowns are for children neanderthals like you, and and us “NintendoClowns” don’t plan on entertaining children neanderthals.

    1. Nope, doesn’t include digital sales or mention of the fact that physical was the only means of purchasing DKC Returns for Wii or the compared install base. Pointless comparison without those facts.

      1. If digital sales were even remotely half of physical sales then nintendo would make sure to announce it.

        Like they did with Fire Emblem. Remember when they immediately told us that one third of the quarter million sales were digital?

  4. And again this is bias, the game launch on a Thursday, so this is not for a week but two days. I don’t understand why they keep doibg this, next week we gonna see how many it realy sell, and what about digital sails?

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  5. Lol Poor Kiddy console the Pii U

    Was speaking to a Nintendo rep in my country asked him where can I get Weak U games because I can’t find any,and he told me “dont worry Pii U isn’t discontinued it’s just that Retailers don’t want to stock games for it because people don’t want to support it they think it’s a Wii with a gamepad, and they don’t realise it’s a new HD console more powerful then Wii and does the same graphics as ps4 and Xbox1. ”

    Man i couldn’t stop laughing when i heard that lol

    1. WEAK U R.

      Get better insults for wii u. It doesn’t help your cause if you’re so unoriginal and childish with name-calling.
      Seriously “Pii U”, what, did the Wii U piss on you? Should’ve guess.

  6. It’s a shame really, I think in terms of games nintendo’s at the the top of theyre game moreso then most of the wii years, 3d world, 101, pikmin 3 and this, on the game front I think they’re giving it there all but it’s pretty much proof that games need marketing to sell even for nintendo.
    It baffles me really why is the marketing for the wii u this bad, the wii sold BECAUSE of it’s marketing alot of it was cheesy yes but you could’nt put on the tv for 5 minutes without seeing a wii ad and thats what gave it all it’s publicity and sales.
    The ps3 also had a bad start like the wii u but they marketed it fine during that time so bad press did’nt grow as much around it.
    While the wii u has problems I think some of the bad press is unwarranted but without marketing to prove it wrong it just grows into a huge snowball effect of negativity for what imo is actually a very well put together console.

    I’m not writing the wii u off, nintendo is a smart company, moreso then most give them credit for they have’nt stuck around this long via luck, worst case scenario wii u does’nt recover and nintendo learn from it,
    I just hope it grows a gamecube like following afterwards and people actually see in retrospect just how many good games where on the console.

    1. Your right, advertising on the Wii U has absent these days. The only time I saw advertisement on Wii u was during launch day.

  7. 3 days worth of sales plus a snowstorm that blew across Japan not to mention DKCR was released around christmas and the Wii U install base is shit. DKC TF just had a bad time. Metroid would have been at 3K in sales due to this, lol. INB4 excuses

  8. Now here’s an idea. Take those stats and make them relevant to the number of owners of the console at the time they were sold. Seeing the percentage of how many console owners bought the game would give some fresh insight.

  9. Which just proves people are getting sick and tired of Nintendo releasing games that nobody wants!!
    That is Nintendo’s MAIN problem..they look at what sold well on previous systems add HD and a few mew things and act like it is a brand new game and automatically think fans will rush out and buy it!!
    Super Mario 3D Land on the 3DS sold 11 Million, Nintendo keeping the same formula then release Super Mario 3D World for Wii U and expected it sell bucket loads when in fact it sold utter shit!!
    They did the same with DKTF looked at past Donkey Kong hits and thought hey ho lets release a game NO ONE asked for in HD, lets take away the Gamepad and then think people will rush out and buy it for $60!!
    Consumers are now saying F U to Nintendo telling them stop releasing crap games NOBODY asked for and show us something brand new!!

      1. Erm it was released in Japan on the 13th FEB you fucking IDIOT!!!
        That is 6 DAYS SALES!!!!
        Hilarious how you Ninty guzzlers try and come up with BULLSHIT excuses!!!
        Next week in Japan the PS4 launches and will OBLITERATE the Wii U and will send DKTSHIT way down in the charts!!

    1. Nobody asks for a lot of things but we still get it. I guess your hatred for this game must be because you couldn’t beat it. This game isn’t for you kid. Go play your casual games while we enjoy our hardcore games.

    2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      At least our people actually enjoys the games they buy and replays them many times unlike you Sonyans that buys a game, praise it and after you’ve finished it, you sell it or trade it for something else…

      Yes you REALLY love your mediocre non replay valued games…

    3. Sorry but I think you’re dead wrong, I fucking hate HATE 3d land, I think it’s the worst mario game in a long time but 3d world was absolutely fantastic and added alot to the series while paying homage to the originals, Dk tropical freeze is a bit more of a direct sequel but they still added stuff and released a very good game, not to mention if releasing games people wanted was the problem, why did pikmin 3 sell like shit, everyones been wanting a new pikmin for ages and it sold like shit despite being a fantastic sequel, meanwhile new super mario bros an actual rehash sold more then both pikmin 3 and 3d world.
      I really do hands down think it’s the marketing, nintendo seems to have taken note of that but i’m not sure if they’re doing the right things to fix it.

      Saying that though a properly marketed f-zero and metroid game could probbly help out the system alot, the previous games have’nt sold bucketloads but released to alot of aclaim, if they can just figure out how to generate hype then ninty will be alot better off.
      Just look at titanfal the game itself looks okay imo, its got some interesting mechanics but everyone is calling it the next big thing because it’s been marketed as such.

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      1. Aww just as your hero Nintendo have failed with the Gimmick U the shittest console ever!!
        5.6 Million in 15 months…the Wii sold 16 Million in its first 15 months!!

        1. So what you mean to say is a a brain is a gimmick because your stupid that you think your intelligent? That’s good, I don’t know why you think that way but good for you, but no one plans to be as stupid as you.

          Your making this my most whimsical journey of yet my brainless friend.

    5. HAHA yea only nintendo does that uh huh sure someone never heard of COD or battlefield or gears of war or stupid repititive zombie games cough the last of us cough or uncharted which became stale so quickly after the second one LOL! plz the twins reuse ideas way more than nintendo does but at least nintendo makes something new to the game while keeping it classic at the same time now go play your crashstation 4 and xbox done

  10. The Wii was a console EVERYONE wanted as at the time it was the COOLEST console out of all 3, introduced us to motion control gaming that the other 2 rivals did not get for 3 years after Wii launch, was $300 cheaper than its rivals and launched with Zelda Twilight Princess!!!
    The Gimmick U is a console NO ONE wanted to begin with!!Going in to the tablet controller market was a disgrace and has backfired big time on Nintendo.
    They should have made a prototype Gamepad, and sent it to fans for feedback and input on what needs changing.
    The fact that Nintendo just came right out wit the Gamepad which shocked everyone and then with the name instantly killed it.
    Sony and Microsoft have kept the same controllers for 3 generations with MINOR tweaks and done amazingly well.
    Yes we all know Nintendo loves to innovate but this time they got is so badly wrong!!
    Iwata bragged in 2010 that the Wii successor cannot just have HD to work when in fact he was 100 percent WRONG!!
    It should have been called Wii2, ditched the crappy Gamepad and added a Blu ray player, 500gb and an all new Wii Mote with awesome new features not rushed it out a year earlier and then launched at $249 with Mario World,Pikmin 3 and Zelda ad it would have been a smash hit!!
    But now it is to little to late as consumers focus is now on the next gen and the Wii U will never recover ever!!

      1. Genius?LMFAO!!Yeah so GENIUS that Nintendo told retro not to use this GENIUS Gamepad in DKTF!!LMFAO!!
        The Gamepad is the EXACT opposite of genius and why developers have tuned away as it is a steaming pile of turd!!
        So GENIUS that in over 15 months Nintendo still have NOT made a game that fully utilizes it and makes gaming so much better!!
        The Gamepad is the reason the Wii U is selling like shit, it does NOTHING to make gameplay that much better.

        1. False. No software months into launch is why it’s selling like shit.
          The gamepad has nothing to do with it, and without it, without off screen play, the WiiU would be selling worse.

          1. Off TV Play?LMFAO!!
            WORST idea ever!!When the Wii U has off TV play it just essentially becomes a large 3DS!! and the 3DS has much BETTER games and are also in 3D!!!
            Off TV play is a gimmick just like the the Wii U.
            In 15 months on the market not ONE SINGLE article about how awesome off TV play is…….because it is SHIT and NO ONE cares about it!!

        2. Also, I know who you are. Nice disguise. You just need some bulky glasses and a mustache, then no one could tell it’s you. ;D

  11. Significant change happens from within. Since Nintendo can’t (or doesn’t know how) to change, the fans will start taking the reigns by using the only power we really have over Nintendo. Our wallet. I’m not buying this game because I want something besides another platformer from Nintendo. Nintendo needs to develop something besides a platformer… They made a few, but castrated online, so they limited some of WiiU’s big titles, which was very sad. D:

          1. an watch it fail LOL! even mk8 is outselling it LOL! that’s an embarrassment a big console being outselled by a game LOL! stupid sony fanboy go to your sony website unless they have one LOL!

  12. Not a fair comparison, Returns hit the market for a Wii console that had out for four years with numerous blockbuster games that had been released prior to that. Plus Returns was as a holiday season release. Not even fair to compare the two.

  13. Well, it’s logical that they outsold the new one. That being said, Tropical Freeze did all right and it’ll keep on selling for a while. Slow and steady does win the race in the long run.

  14. dktf has the same problem like mario.
    wrong timing.
    there are just platformers for the wii u.
    in the last 3 years there was to much mario and dk on wii and wii u.
    in the past there was nintendo with the kiddie games (not a bad meaning) and rare with almost just addult games.
    there is no rare anymore.
    im going so fare that mk8 also dosent sell well, to much mk (ds, 3ds, wii, wii u)
    no starfox, f zero, no kid icarus… oh there is one sorry, no eternal darkness,
    no wave race, no 10880, no excite bike etc. nintendo have different genres… but only platformer comes.

  15. ummm did anyone take into account that by the time part 1 was released the original wii was released 3 years and had an installed base of around 50 mio units?

    1. wii know, but big nthought it would be a system seller.
      a system seller game is a AAA title.
      it must be a wooow effect.
      there is now game on the U that give u this effect. only if the zelda, comes like the Wiiu demo zelda, or mgs5.

  16. Wow, this post was just only made to talk crap about the Wii U and prove how it is failing.

    And the worst thing is “Thanks, Iceazeama”. A troll in this site and he gets news from the troll and the news he got from him is one dissing the Wii U and TF poor sales.

    Which proves Sickr is friends with the trolls and they do these kind of articles just for click bait and then he and other people troll in the comments just to laugh all day.

    By the way, the Wii was a success so obviously it was going to have more sells. The Wii U has a very low instal base SO OF COURSE TF WILL SELL LOWER THAN THE PREVIOUS TWO GAMES!

    But again, a troll helps another troll put a dissing article about the Wii U so they can have views and a laugh in the comments section. This just proves this site is going downhill!

  17. What did I say…DKCR sold well cause DK was gone for a long time. 2 back to back would NOT have replicated the sales numbers. If Starfox or F-Zero came out they would have that big explosion of sales numbers that DKCR had since they have been gone for 9 years.

    1. DKCR came at the end of the wii with a good install base, DKCTF is coming at the beggining of the wiiu… Please understand!

  18. No one wants more of the same. Make new Star Tropic reboot or threquel, make Earthbound reboot or sequel, make new Metroid Prime U, make a 3D open world Donkey Kong Planet and it will sell. But we are sick of 2D Pltformers.

  19. Hoping the Wii U dies a quick death. Fire Iwata. Fire Reggie.

    Make a real gaming system for core gamers and stop fucking around

  20. im officialy done with this website i thought i can discuss nintendo gaming with other nintendo gamers but this website is filled with no life trolls that don’t have anything to do but bash nintendo in every article in here seriously u guys do realize its just a gaming console the console war isn’t actually a war u know if u don’t like Wii U ok cools nobody cares but that doesn’t mean u can just bash everyone who has one , good day to all of ya’ll

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