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Tengami Will Be Coming To Wii U eShop In June

Tengami developer Nyamyam has confirmed that the game will be arriving on the Wii U eShop in June. The game launches on iOS today and is apparently well worth checking out. Tengami’s soundtrack has been composed by legendary composer David Wise who is best known for the Donkey Kong Country soundtrack.

Thanks,  WiiUMasterRace

17 thoughts on “Tengami Will Be Coming To Wii U eShop In June”

  1. Almost every time I finally hear about a new game coming to Wii U, it’s always an eShop game. Where are the REAL games?

    1. Smaller Indie games can be as valued and fun if its the right one. These games are meants to serve as a short term solution to provide some entertainment before the big guns launch. I’m looking at both PS4 and Xbox One and where are their real games? Same shit as Wii U so ya people needs to stop seeing and treating it as such. The fucking new gen just started to pick up steam. Let it run its course. You expect the best shit to happen so soon? This is a typical way next gen starts. Relax.

    2. By “real” I guess you mean retail, AAA games. It’s basically a trade-off: You either wait 3 years and pay $60 for a AAA game, or you wait a fraction of this time and pay $10-$20 for an eShop game.
      AAA games have the advantage of being bigger in scope, but are usually not interesting in experimenting in new gameplay ideas and prefer sequels to established IPs.
      Indie games don’t have the means to support a massive scope, so they usually try to refine a basic gameplay idea. On the other hand, indies are far more experiment-friendly, creating lots of new IPs and gameplay mechanics.
      Indies bring something fresh on the table. AAA games increase the scope and the quantity of what’s there. And gaming needs both of them.

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  3. This looks just wonderful. It’s been some time since we got a game that allows us to relax. Although not in the same league yet, it reminds me of thatgamecompany’s games (Flow, Flower, Journey). The graphics, the music and of course the original gameplay are most welcome.

    1. Well many people are not interested in Indie games on the wii u we want nintendo first party AAA titles…its sort of the only reason most have a wii u cause it certainly wasnt for third party…look at the sales (on rare occasions family friendly games do pretty well on wii u ) but donkey kong country (which is okay but not really a game I want from nintendo)……then nothing till may 30.

  4. If I get this game, it will be for the soundtrack alone. The gameplay doesn’t look like a big selling factor to me. Or maybe this video is just showing one aspect of the gameplay.

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