Blok Drop U Launches March 6th On Wii U

RCMADIAX has confirmed that Blok Drop U will be released March 6th. The Wii U-exclusive puzzle game will be available on the Nintendo eShop for $1.99. Following the title’s release, it will receive additional content for players to download without charge. The developer previously revealed it has several Wii U projects in the works.


  1. It’s funny how this site frequently omits to post news when it’s affecting somewhere else than the UK like say, North America. But whenever the news concerns Europe and the UK, you’re always sure to see it here. Mynintendonews, I’m very disappointed…

    1. I think my nintendo news is based in the uk actually….

      i’ve seen articles about north america here before. don’t be hatin’, yo!

  2. another casual shit game.
    it could be good, but i dont play these stuff.
    i dont have a problem when this games come, i have a problem because there is no game for me since zombie u.
    the u is the first nintendo console i should never bought.
    the weii had some good games (zack and wicky, madworld etc.).

    1. ZombiU was amazing. You should give Mass Effect 3 a try also. It’s a launch game, so you should be able to find it cheap.

      1. i have it here… player 2 houres.
        mode, rpg… im not a shooter fan (im bad in that) only metroid prime was made for me.
        but first i finish lego city undercover.
        the game has great humor for adults.
        when youre born in the 70’s or beginn of the 80’s :-)

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