Atlus Reveals Persona Q: Shadow Of The Labyrinth Will Head To North America This Fall

Atlus USA has unveiled that Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth will be heading to North America later this year. The dungeon-crawler was revealed for the Japanese Nintendo 3DS last November, and will be the first Persona title on a Nintendo handheld.

For those familiar with the Persona titles, you’ll find characters from Persona 3 and 4 featured within the gameplay style of Etrian Odyssey. Make sure you check out the trailer above to get reacquainted with the franchise. Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth will launch in North America this Autumn.


  1. i must pre-order or i may get the digital if there isnt a collectors edition, either way im happy we get persona for nintendo since the nes days whick i think we had one, or did nintendo not have any?

    1. Persona has always been a PlayStation exclusive, but the series it stemmed from, Shin Megami Tensei, had its installments first on NES or SNES before receiving remakes on PlayStation, until Nocturne on PS2 and IV on 3DS.

      1. Also you can’t forget strange journey, that was considered a part of the main smt story and a sequel to nocturne.

    1. You kids really don’t know the meaning of the word “gay”…

      Either meanings…

  2. phsyched :) love persona. whoever says gay is probably covering up for their own sexual short comings. ill have this day 1 when the give a definitive date ill preorder. nice of atlus to show some Nintendo love or I should say sega since they own it. good call sega bravely default did amazing here in the west and square has no regrets so u will see this do just as well.

    1. Atlus only has publishing offices in Japan and the U.S, If you want the game, you’ll have to wait for some european publisher to do it, Ghostlight is the company that usually does it

  3. Fall 2014? That’s actually a pretty fast localization for a JRPG!

    Can’t wait to wreck shadows with my Kanji-Chie-Junpei-Aigis team !

  4. Fall 2014? Surprisingly fast localization for a JRPG!

    Can’t wait to wreck shadows with my Kanji+Chie+Aigis+Junpei team!

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