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Retro Studios Calls Wii U A “Powerhouse” And Confirms New Game In Development

Retro Studios president and CEO Michael Kelbaugh says that developers shouldn’t ignore the Wii U and says it’s more than adequate to make great games on. Kelbaugh then went onto confirm that they are hard at work on a new game, but wouldn’t divulge anymore information.

“Unfortunately, the perception is that it’s not a very powerful machine,” Kelbaugh said about the Wii U. “That’s just not true. It’s a powerhouse. It’s more than adequate to make great games on.”

“It was really fun being able to crack that open for the first time and learning HD techniques; pixel shading, having a lot more horsepower and how that impacts the team. It was really fun to watch our artists just go crazy because now they didn’t really have to worry about polygons anymore. ‘Make as many as you want!'”

Also in our interview, veteran Nintendo producer Kensuke Tanabe confirmed that Retro Studios is working on a new game, but he would not say anything more than that. This game has been in development for a few months now, as Retro wrapped work on Tropical Freeze in November and hasn’t been sitting by idly, Kelbaugh assured us.

“We love working with Donkey Kong. It’s a great character. It’s a lot of fun. We love working with Metroid Prime, with Mario Kart; those are fun, fun games to work on. So, you know, you can’t lose,” he said. “Every one of those IPs have been a lot of fun to play with and work on and [we’d] love to come back to them sometime.”

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

326 thoughts on “Retro Studios Calls Wii U A “Powerhouse” And Confirms New Game In Development”

      But lets not get our hopes toooo high… we all know what happened the last time. :l
      And I’m pretty sure Nintendo/Retro doesn’t want to be _P_R_E_D_I_C_T_A_B_L_E_ about their new game but fans still should be heard and listened to infavore of being unpredictable.

      1. Oh im pretty sure its more than safe to bet its Metroid… i mean its not like theyll do ANOTHER dk game, thatd be ridiculous. If its returning ip: star fox, metroid, possibly F-Zero.

          1. Its not what everybody wants but what everyone should be expecting. I’m definitely expecting a 3rd DKC game from Retro at some piont but as far as the Wii U situation goes and the masses still cry for Metroid, Star Fox and even F-Zero, Nintendo should start considering catering their least for once.

    2. I recommend nobody should buy a wii u. wii u is the worst and only has upscaled 720p rehashes. I scamed into buy nsmbu for 55 dallors, that game was a quick cash grab and SMB3W was just sm3dl with cat suits and hd graphics. Nintendo love scaming their fans and giving them bullshit. notice how nsmbu is still 50-60 dallors since 2012. Nintendo is evil and greddy corperations. Nintendo dosent even care about gamers, all the care is about kids and parents money. Nintendo fanboys are deceiving people to buy the wii u. I was a fool into thinking wii u is next gen. am saving up for an xbox 360.

      1. The Wii U has 1080p games, and please, learn how to type in English to troll first, then I can understand the hateful and ignorant things you’re saying.

        1. You should learn the difference between “1080p” and “graphics details/settings”. In terms of graphics details, Wii U is not a powerhouse, so called: “HD graphics” (even though “HD” has nothing to do with “next gen graphics”) is something new to Retro Studios.

          If you know anything about computers, CPUs and GPUs in general…. you should know it.

            1. No. Still stuck at 720p. Prime example: Battlefield 4 and some other game I forgot the name but mentioned the same problem.

            2. You just dont know the difference. Any console can easily render a game in native 1080p and 60 FPS. The real question is, how much powerful is the GPU?

              If Wii U renders a game in native 1080p and 60 FPS, that means graphics details would be low-very low, Xbox One medium-high and PS4 high-very high. There is a big difference between low and medium etc.

          1. Tell that to the same fuckers like EA blindly calling the Wii U “crap” out of roid rage over Origin when they themselves never bothered to study and understand GPGPU which is mainly both GPU/CPU powers combined.

            Next time, look both ways before crossing a two way street.

      2. “I was a fool into thinking wii u is next gen. am saving up for an xbox 360.”

        That completely contradicts anything you said. So it would make no sense you keep talking about next gen but somehow still have not purchased a last gen system like the Xbox 360.

        What does the 360 have that is so great anyway, all the 360 has is a bunch of third party games and Titanfall. All the exclusives died off ages ago and now because of the X1 I wouldn’t expect much more from it, Microsoft said they would support the 360 better and look how that went last generation.

        Most the games on Xbox 360 are going to be 720p games or upscaled also.. Even if you are talking about the Xbox One, that is still the case on that system as most the games are upscaled as well, probably has the same amount of 1080p games the Wii U has or the Wii U actually probably has more native 1080p games than the Xbox One.

        So again it looks pretty stupid you keep ending your rants with “Am saving up for 360” or Xbox One if that is what you mean..

      3. Well I have to admit on some points, which is why I’m holding off on buying a Wii U, the fact that they are re-releasing virtual console games that where already on the wii, I am also skeptical their marketing strategies and lack of first party games.

        I still continue to hope that nintendo becomes successful, but I can’t see anything interesting at the moment.

        1. I dont like the wiiu because of the pad abd because of the lack of games (ive had it sice launch and i havemt seen SOOOO many must have) BUT its the only next gen console which is worthy ps4 and xbone games are fucking boring wiiu games are fun.
          Buy a pc or a wiiu or both or even a fucking wii if you havent played on one before but just ignore ps4 and bone they suck

      4. Based on how well you type, I’d say you’re full of shit. I have a Wii U and I love the hell out of it. I use it nearly everyday! Grow up, go do something you’re proud of, instead of wasting your time here, attempting to make a viable argument when you’re just going to get shut down.

      5. Sounds like another typical ploy of an angry Wii U gamer who in fact never bought the game and console anyway but repeating the same old shit I hear from every Xbox ass kissing drones in the internet.

        Nice try with the cliché troll talk.

    1. Hey, Pikmin was “dead” for a generation, and now we have Pikmin 3. Come to think of it, Starfox had also been “dead” after a 2006 DS game, until 64 was remade for the 3DS, and I think that was more a remake to sell 3DS units than a franchise revival. If you’re going to count Starfox in as viable for revival, you should count F-Zero in as well.

      1. Ultimately Pikmin 3 was gonna be a late Wii game until they decided to delay it for Wii U as at first a launch title then turned to 2013 summer game to improve much of it to serve the fan’s expectations.

            1. Uhh no. Adventures was a last minute coffin nail rush of a game when Rare sold its soul to the monopolistic devil known as Microsoft.

              Adventures was the shittiest Star Fox to date and in fact, it wasn’t even suppose to be Star Fox anyway.

              Assault did have some decent action and the old space/aerial dogfights is still present and used.

              Another Star Fox at Assualt’s caliber but improved with online play/features and new story relating to past tales and conflicts will be great.

        1. It was pretty good, (Tons of fun multiplayer) and I could see a 3rd person SF being really good, but I feel like so many hardcore fans would be so burned from previous 3rd person games that it wouldn’t matter.

        2. Assault was my favorite Starfox game. I’ve played them all. It could be a good online multiplayer game, dog fights in space, then fly inside the space station and on ground fights. Was amazing in Assault.

          1. StarFox has changed, a game ALL onrails isn’t the most fun you could be having with the SF team.
            Old school fans need to come to terms with that and grow..

            1. wtf are you talking about? That’s the whole point of starfox. If I want a 3rd person adventure I’ll play zelda. On rails is extremely fun. Trying to get the best run possible is only fun and challenging when you can’t go back. All air mode is fun but the on rails is essential. Star Fox 64 balanced everything out correctly.

              1. On rails is so 90s arcade crap. How many on rail games on consoles were actually prasied and demanded at this point? Not so much so its time to give the series a new direction that best fits the setting of both worlds.

                What would be a better idea is to offer both 3rd person gameplay and optional old school on rail dogfight missions. Truth be told is on rails is pretty much a dead gameplay reference that best stays as arcade machines.

                1. If on rails is dead then Star Fox is dead. Like I said go play zelda if you want 3rd person gameplay. 64 didnt have all on rails you could also do all air mode for some fights which was also cool. Kid Icarus on the 3DS was good but the land sections were pretty boring.

      1. Open world, 4 player co-op and without Krystal. I dont need that lovey dovey bullshit in a Starfox game.

        1. Too bad for you but Krystal is here to stay no matter how much you hate that whole “Twilight love story” BS.

          Her fan base is just too big for her to be rid of. Do you really want Nintendo to be like Capcom “Crapcom” when they senselessly killed the Megaman franchise?

        2. If treated right, the lovey dovey stuff would give more depth to a video game’s story. The Last Story, Xenoblade, & many Final Fantasy games say hello!

          1. In fact, I wish Nintendo would be more open to a love plot or love sub-plot in their video games’ story. Especially for games like Zelda & Metroid that could only improve the story & make us get more involved in the characters’ relationships with other characters.

    1. On the one hand, I want to know now!!!

      But Nintendo need a lot of big announcements for E3. And Metroid from Retro would be huge. Especially if they’re got footage to show.

      1. A new Metroid Prime or sequel trilogy with different title, new story and galactic threat to fight at full HD glory will destroy any chance Sony/M$ got. :3

      1. Key to Ninty destroying PS4 and XB1 at E3 (and that leads to long run):

        Zelda U to be shown (confirmed)
        Miyamotos New IP (undecided)
        Show off a New Metroid Prime, Starfox, New FPS, or even a Metroid x Star Fox game by Retro (undecided)

        1. No offense but PS4 will never be destroyed by wii u during this generation, should be blatantly obvious at this point.

          1. Except for the fact Sony is hemoragging money…. They just announced yesterday that they have to sell their global hq now, even though they sold their manhattan us hq a year ago for over 1 billion $$$. How does a company burn through over a billion in cash if it is “blatantly obvious” they can’t be beaten? Over 1 billion in losses last fiscal. Unless they spin off their gaming into a seperate entity, that’s really the only way to save it. Really the only potentially profitable, in the long term, division Sony has at this point.

          2. Again, PS4 was only sold through high specs hype BS. No games enticed any graphical loving moron to buy it other than technical powers.

            So its hype and sales shouldn’t count for shit until a real PS4 killer app lands like Uncharted 4 or Kingdom Hearts 3.

      1. Fanboys, PS360 have less “power” than the Wii U and yet no one complained about those systems not having enough “power”. X1 can’t even do 1080p in 2014.

        1. I just LoL’d I don’t agree with what he said. I just typed it to humor him is all

          and developers did complain that the PS360 didn’t have enough power and I QUOTE “kept them from innovating”.

        2. hahahahaha you obiviously dont know what you are talking about.

          Xbox360 was released in 2005, PS3 in 2006 and Wii U in 2012. PS3/60 consoles WERE high end in 2005/06 and thats a well-known FACT!!!! Wii U was low end in 2012.

          CMON!!!!. Finally, learn the f*** difference between “1080p” aka “resolution” and “graphics details/settings”.

          Easy example, Imagine a multiplatform game for PS4, X1 and Wii U (60 FPS and 1080p on all platforms). Are you telling me that the game will look the same on all platforms? You are very naive if you think that would be the case. Thats simply because you dont know the REAL difference between “resolution” and “graphics details/settings” or should i say, so called “next gen graphics” or “new/modern shaders” etc. Modern games are demanding (soon, games will be even more demanding), that means they need powerful GPUs and CPUs. A good engine and good optimisations are also very important to archive beautiful games, not only beautiful games but also games with good physics, AI etc. So, that can help but you cant transform a “low end hardware” into an “high end hardware”.

          Last…. NOOOO!

          Im not a fanboy (i own almost all Nintendo and Sony consoles, i had many PCs since early 90s etc). You need to educate yourself, its never too late. Advice, never talk about something you know nothing about.

          1. to me it seems like you have discovered the settings menu for the first time. why do you keep posting your arguments all over this comments section?
            have you ever written a single line of code for the wii u?
            for another console? like real production code? like real deep assembly to get the most out of the system? if no, then stfu.

            1. If PS4/X are jokes, what is Wii U then?

              Do you know the difference beetwen “resolution” and “graphics details/settings/effects”?

              Ofcourse, you obiviously dont know.

          1. Also, the only 1080p60 game I can think of is Rayman Legends, which is 1080p60 across all platforms. The only other game on the Wii U that is 1080p is Wind Waker HD (which is an updated version of a Gamecube game), but runs at 30fps.

                1. In term of Graphic card. PS4/ONE are equal/Same and they’re way better than PS3/360. HOWEVER, in term of RAM, Wii U dominated this gen :). This is also the reason why PS4 have more 1080p games than ONE because it have larger and faster RAM + people can manually upgraded by replaced the HDD with SSD. If you’re a customize and build PC gamer you would know this …
                  Just saying bros :P

                  1. Huh ? The WiiU has 2GB DDR RAM while the other have 8GB each… So I’m not sure how the WiiU dominated anything in terms of RAM, other than dominating the last place.

                    1. haha

                      Dealing with fanboys is a hard job. Nintendo and Sony fanboys are the worst ones. My Nintendo news = bunch of Nintendo fanboys. N4G = bunch of Sony fanboys

          2. Uh, no. There are several games on PS4 running on 1080p + 60fps. Don’t act like all WiiU games have 1080p and 60fps, because they don’t. Besides, some of the games that do have that resolution and framerate on the WiiU, aren’t as complex as some of the games that run equally well on the PS4. It’s just the beginning, for both consoles. The visual quality of games will improve as time passes. Though, it is a fact that the PS4’s hardware is better than the WiiU’s, so if we were to speak of the same game on both consoles, with the full potential of both consoles used, it would look better on PS4.

            1. Yep….. 1080p and 60 means nothing. That says nothing about visual quality because the much more important thing is “GRAPHICS DETAILS/SETTINGS” just like on PC.

              So, you can run a game in 1080p and 60 FPS easy on pretty much any PC hardware (even low end) BUT graphics details/settings will be at very low – low and the game will look ugly overall.

        1. and besides that’s the developer that are able to utilize the system but I expect theirs a trade off somewhere and yes I am a fan of metal gear always have been I do hope it turns out great

      1. haha you dont know the diffference between “resolution” and “graphics details/settings”, ha???

        Obiviously NO!

        Learn it already. 1080p and 60FPS is easy to archieve on ALL platforms but the problem is, what about graphics details? Wii U wont have beautiful looking games like X1 and PS4 simply because they are way more powerful than Wii U. Accept the truth already and like i said, learn the damn difference finally between “resolution/HD/1080 etc” and “graphics details/settings, new shaders etc”.

        1. Shut up already! I’m tired of you talking about the difference between 1080p resolution and details. You just sound like a butthurted fanboy trying to have an excuse why x1 and ps4 aren’t able to reach 1080p and 60 frames yet. Trying to “educate” other people you only show your own ignorance. Butthurted prick… you know nothing about CPUs or GPUs…

          1. Im not a fanboy…. i own/owned almost all systems (especially Nintendo and Sony consoles) and ofc a PC since early 90s, I also have some programming skills and a studiey 3D design. Also, im a big movie fan etc.

            I need to talk about it over and over because you need to learn the f*** difference. So, ofc I do know what a CPU/GPU is. Speaking about Wii U, Wii Us GPU and CPU are low end compared to a PC GPU and CPU.

    1. The Wii U is powerful, you obviously don’t know your technical know how. I could take the time to explain it, but you be lost. But if you want, you can TRY to understand.

              1. Chil out fanboy. FACT is PS4 and X1 (especially PS4 or PC in general) are just miles ahead of Wii U

                Your point?

                    1. Calls me a “fanboy” without circumstantial evidence. Not going to bother explaining at why its on par with them because only a fanboy would call someone else a fanboy, because y’know “Takes one to know one.”

        1. That logic makes no sense, I mean it stands but it makes no sense. The reason this was done because THEY chose it because there was ALOT of unused ideas from DKCR that they didn’t used

        1. Ever heard of how long ago that was? I’m not trying to start a “fight” but it’s been forever since then. I’d like a new DK64 type DK game but obviously not right away.

          1. I agree entirely. DK64 is awesome. And it has been a while since a game like that, but I think Retro should work on something else… and leave a DK642 to Nintendo’s EAD.

                1. A Metroid 2 remake in the same vein as Zero Mission… but in 3D! I’d buy that for… more than a dollar! lol

    1. Maybe as a small downloadable title but there’s no way that a fully fledged 2D metroid game would get greenlit. That era is passée.

        1. Agreed, it’d have to be a pretty long 2D title, though. I have Super Metroid for the SNES, original cart and boy is it amazing.

    2. I’d like a new 2-D Metroid. For 3DS and Wii U. With crossplay. Wii U version has upgraded visuals of course.

      But you don’t need Retro for that. Nintendo has other dev teams that could do that.

      Retro’s time would be better spent on a new FPS/A Metroid.

  1. I REALLY hope it’s Metroid, but that last comment makes me think it might be something new they haven’t worked on before.

    1. if there team is big enough……which it isn’t……..which it should(3 at once….= 1 release a year) then it would. im sure it will be Metroid NO DOUBT!

  2. Powerhouse compared to Wii and Gamecube

    The only consoles they’ve worked on in the past

    But compared to the mighty high selling PS4 which I designed, it’s a extremely underpowered outdated tech

    Wii U cannot run or handle KNACK which has amazing attention to detail and intricate physics.

        1. not really gamespot gave DKCTF a 6 and I still bought it and found they just suck at hard games. I played knack and just couldn’t get into it so I made up my own mind.

        2. Its another beat em up free roam pretending to be legos in a sense. The game itself wasn’t as positively received by fans either so don’t blindly defend a game that’s as cliché as Legos which it was trying to be.

          1. I’m not defending anything. I just don’t like it when people just look at a number and just assume things based off of it.

            And considering the amount of subpar games that Nintendo kids tend to play, I don’t think they have a right to insult a game that’s “cliche, and trying to be something else.”

    1. Have you studied your tech? Do you even know what’s in both systems? It is powerful. I can explain if you want, but your brain might explode, at least when it explodes, your hair won’t mess up.

      1. Because the WiiU had soooo many games at the beginning, right? You shouldn’t criticize other consoles for things the WiiU hasn’t done any better, if you’re actually trying to defend it.

        1. At least its not Glitchfield 4, EA Sports 25 years of boring ass rehashes and Ryse: Another 300 wannabe garbage no one likes but Xbots.

          Talk about Wii U not having many games? *Looks at PS4* I can clearly see where you’re coming from. Next time, wait for a new console to get better games before buying.

      1. No, and no.
        It is better than ps3/xbox360, but not as much that you could call it a powerhouse in comparison.
        And on par with ps4/xbox one is kinda farfetched, no? And there is no such thing as “on par right now” or “later”. It’s not like the hardware is going to change. The WiiU is weaker than both PS4 and Xbox One, always been like that, always will be like that.

          1. Nope, they are not (most of them). Just look at any comparison, Wii U version looks more like the PS3/360 version (in some case scenarios, the Wii U version looks even worse).

            Games for PS4/X1 are looking way better…

      1. Depends on the PC specs. PC = 1000000000000 different components. Any console in general = same specs.

        For example, Xbox360 and PS3 were high end in 2005/06

    2. I’d say that Knack has pretty average graphics. Decent enough, sure, but the Wii U probably could run that game. That game definitely is far from using all of the PS4’s relatively powerful hardware.

  3. I think there is foul play among developers even valve and alienware say that when they release their steam machine they forsee 3rd party developers not designing for it making valve do all the work. it will be way stronger than the BS4 and xcrap 1 so I wonder what the excuses will be this time. besides I bought the wii u cuz its the only system known to combine 1080p with 60fps. any1 yet try thief 3? on the BS4 and xcrap one it does a whole 720p and fps sometimes dip to 15 to 20fps but on the pc it runs nice and smooth. still kind of boring though not as good as thief 1 and 2.

  4. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    “Unfortunately, the perception is that it’s not a very powerful MachinE,” Kelbaugh said about the Wii U. “T-hat’s just not tRue. It’s a pOwerhouse. I-t’s more than aDequate to make great games on.”


          1. no it should be as is…………….definitely not overrated! actually undertaed due to not reaching 4 mil sales.( I think……if it then then it should have reached 6!)

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            I had zero issues with the controls…

            The same goes for Kid Icarus Uprising, it’s just lazy ones that do not adapt to the controls…

            1. That’s stupid reasoning. By that logic, gaming companies should all make games with bad button placement and terrible controls, so that we can all “adapt.”

              Yes, let’s make a console shooter where the fire button is on the face of the controller. That’s smart.

        1. Well, who’s to say it isn’t? I’m not exactly a DK fan myself but I think the sales clearly show which series reaches a broader market. I like Metroid, but even I have to admit that it’s not a big selling franchise. Last I checked, no Metroid game has even breached 2 million units. Even the Kirby games outsell them most of the time.

  5. HAHAHA. Of course they going to talk well about the Baby U, they living Nintendo’s smells like baby poo armpits now. What a shame that Retro has been turned into another baby games studio. The one western studio Nintendo has left, all it does now are baby games. The Baby U is such a “powerhouse” lol, that their lame 2D side scrolling game that came out of the 90’s named “Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze” runs at 720p. This pathetic baby toy excuse of an underpowered console can’t do any better. Nintendo’s launch 2D Mario game was also running at 720p. And this game came out one year after, it should be a 2nd generation Baby U game, yet it still couldn’t do any better than 720p. The baby console can’t even run a 2D game at 1080p!!!! LOLOLOLOL! What a joke. Who cares what Retro is doing, probably another baby game ordered by Mr. Iwata himself. Only the loyal baby Nintendo fanboys do, or should I say fanbabies. Or maybe it’s one of Mr. Iwata’s new “non wearable devices” games LOLOLOLOL!

    1. look the nobody’s back. your opinion counts for exactly 0% in this world dickless if we want lip from u we will scrape it off your boyfriend’s crotch.

        1. He never ever ever comments back. He makes the same rant every time. He loves the word “baby” and uses it around 10 times in every post

  6. Sorry, but of course they’re going to praise the WiiU. They’re exclusively developing for Nintendo, so it would be a little weird for them to say anything negative about the WiiU, or Nintendo in general. I don’t know, personally, I don’t take comments like that from developers who make games exclusively for one company very seriously. It hardly can be an objective comment, can it?

    1. If your untrained eyes would wake up for once, you notice the generation graphical bump (PS3/PS4) is hardly any different compare to the last two generations so what’s that about PS4/XBetamax DOne being more powerful when Knack is not a prime technical achievement of PS4 or XBetamax having trouble running games at 1080p while still being stuck at 720p?

      Your so called “powerful” consoles still isn’t ready to show off what it doesn’t have and allow me to break this old news to you: They’re still no better than a 2007 laptop when it comes to technical/graphical power. Just buy and enjoy consoles for what its worth because if you only buy/defend consoles over specs, you’re clearly an idiot.

  7. Metroid . please pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease

  8. You shouldn’t really expect anything for quite some time. Games don’t develop themselves. Zelda Wii U, a similarly big project done by a BIGGER team comes to mind and how long is it in development now…….

    Besides that, they are 1st party developers, they have no other choice as to praise the system when they’re asked about its capabilities. At this point, seeing how such comments turned out later there’s no other way as to wait until the consoles active life is coming to an end to answer this question.

    What one thinks about something as powerful doesn’t mean that others do as well. Look at the PC community, there are guys who are happy when the game runs stable and doesn’t look like a 4 year old 360 title.
    There are ones that set 60fps, Vsync and 1280×720 to 1920×1080 as a standard and adjust the settings to fit that criteria.
    And then there are the over the top people with 1440p times 3, max AA, ultra and at least 120fps Vsynced.

    Do you see where I’m coming from.

  9. Well that’s cool and all but any studio or dev that belongs to a console maker is always going to say that about the console they are working with. It also makes sense that Retro says the Wii U is a powerhouse since they’ve been working with the GCN/Wii for years now. But who cares about that, Retro just said they are working on a new game and that is probably the best piece of news in that article.

  10. I feel like it’s not metroid, since they said they’d like to come back to it someday, it seems like wouldn’t say that if they were working on it. Could be a star fox, and thats one reason they haven’t been working on one at nintendo, since they could’ve been waiting for Retro to finish up DK so they could give Starfox a go. But that’s just my theory.

    1. Do you remember peteriuss and aeolus maybe ? They were from the rather early days of MNN, would be cool if you’re a fellow veteran who has witnessed their comments too. (:

      1. Ah yes, them too. peteriuss rarely commented here and i even remembered that guy from the UK with a Gamecube avatar. Looks like Nintendo Commander is still here i see.

    2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      They all got destroyed by me, N-Dub Nation and Nintedward…

      I specially destroyed the CPU Soldier Bill…

  11. Oh man, a new Retro Studios game <3
    Retro Studios have really proven themselves during the last years. Great great developpers, definitely one of Nintendo's bestest at the moment.

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    1. Microsoft owns Rare now, who in turn owns the Kremlings. This, unfortunately, means not only that Retro will not include them in their hypothetical third DKC entry, but also the Kremlings will not be coming back under ANY circumstances, unless one thing leads to another and Nintendo purchases Rare again.

      1. Then why were the Kremlings and King K Rool in Mario Super Sluggers? Nintendo owns everything DK-related, so there’s nothing keeping them from using them.

      2. Nintendo owns everything in the DK universe, they created diddy and dixie and funky, tiny, lanky, chunk and all the other kongs yet nintendo has the right to use retro just decided not to for whatever reason

      3. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Study the history of our empire and you’ll understand the errors of your typed words…

      4. No. I believe whatever Rare created for Nintendo’s franchise should belong to them since Kremlings is in their universe. Games like Conker and Banjo however is theirs and goes with Microsoft.

        The whole thing about Rare/Nintendo now that got DKC trilogy removed from VC store is about the royalties (money) from its resale not about the characters because if K. Rool made appearance in Mario Super Sluggers which came long after Rare sold itself, then Kremlings are still Nintendo’s property.

        The royalties argument was because Rare was still credited for the game’s creation and thus they think they still deserve the cut of the sales. But a funny story about how royalties works is when there’s a business partnership active, all associated companies gets their piece of the pie. But since Rare decided stupidly to leave Nintendo, they shouldn’t deserve a dime from them. All of that I bet was because their games, their reputation is shot and decided to go after Nintendo over their old work to cash in.

        Man Rare thinks they’re cute enough to think they can pull this shit off but we all know the Rare we use to know and love is long gone and that this shell of itself don’t deserve shit after they sold Nintendo out.

  13. A powerhouse that takes 20 seconds to load a platforming level? The Sega CD must’ve been a POWERHOUSE too.

    1. That has to do with reading speed, not system performance. The Dreamcast was fairly powerful for its time, but that didn’t stop Soldier of Fortune from having some of the longest loading times I’ve seen to this day.

      1. Nothing a simple update can fix.

        Besides, long loading times can involve in any software in any hardware no matter how powerful or weak.

        And speaking of loading times and issues, how is the Xbox One doing when it blows up trying to run all of that unnecessary BS features like “TV” and NSA Kinect at once?

        Come back to me about loading issues when you get a better comeback and no, Wii U excuses is not gonna cut it anymore.

        1. I’m not really sure why you’re mad at me, I just tried to give an explanation to the guy that commented before me.

  14. I recommend nobody should buy a wii u. wii u is the worst and only has upscaled 720p rehashes. I scamed into buy nsmbu for 55 dallors, that game was a quick cash grab and SMB3W was just sm3dl with cat suits and hd graphics. Nintendo love scaming their fans and giving them bullshit. notice how nsmbu is still 50-60 dallors since 2012. Nintendo is evil and greddy corperations. Nintendo dosent even care about gamers, all the care is about kids and parents money. Nintendo fanboys are deceiving people to buy the wii u. I was a fool into thinking wii u is next gen. am saving up for an xbox 360.

    1. Again with your hypocrisy! If Nintendo is greedy, and milks every last bit of market value out of their ip’s (which is an argument that may hold an ounce of weight, and I mean an ounce), you’ve no business suggesting Microsoft is the alternative.

      1. If Nintendo is really like that, they might as well become another Crapcom, Microsoft and/or EA. In fact, team up with them monopolistic motherfuckers just to nail their own coffins for an early burial.

        As for that fucker hating on Nintendo for the same reason he’s going for Microsoft, let him be a fucking idiot all he wants and let him waste his money on online features that are free everywhere else and getting DRM restrictions shoved so far his ass which I bet he loves it.

    2. Yes because microsoft actually cares about gamers, remember what they tried to pull before with the Xbone but the fans basically forced them to change their policies, at least nintendo actually gives fun games that are actually worth a shit. And 3D land with cat suits, you clearly haven’t played it, ignore the multiplayer , ignore all the powerup options, ignore multiple playable characters, unique levels designs etc

    3. Nintendo are scammers and rehashes…

      So let me get this hypocrite BS of yours straight: You hate Nintendo for the same reason you’re going for Xbox which their polices, partnerships and business practices is even worse and equal to EA which is why they’re hated ATM and you’re still going for that?

      …You sir are the biggest fucking hypocrite moron in the internet to date.

    4. I recommend you to never come to this site again since you hate Nintendo so much. Go to your Xbox fanboy websites and leave this one, so we don’t have to read your lies, your ignorant comments, and your stupidity!

  15. As I have said since November, they are doing Metroid now, whether its Prime 4 or a new Metroid we will wait and see. But don’t expect it at E3. Remember we went 3 years before finding out about DKC TF.

      1. Yeah I didn’t suggest that Retro work on a 2d Metroid. I just don’t want them to do another fps type Metroid. Maybe they should make a 2d/3d Metroid like Other M but with a better storyline.

    1. If I had to pick one series for them to work on next, it would definitely be Star Fox. Time to bring it back!

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


        I would even be happy with F-Zero or Ice-Climbers…

        That’s why they are called Retro after all…

  16. HELLO KIDS!!!!

    Learn the difference between “HD/1080p/720p” etc. or simply “resolution” AND “graphics details/settings” or “new/modern shaders” or so called: “next gen graphics”. CMON!!!!

    With that said, Wii U has a low end GPU.

  17. Well done Katamari well

    Let the truth be told,because the truth makes these babies mad and start throwing tantrums

    Ps3 is more powerful them Weak U

    Weak U cannot run GOD OF WAR ASCENSION

    By the way I heard Zorbo is actually Nintendo Gay commanders tyranny girlfriend

    And they been poking each other in the ass with Mario and Luigi Wii Motes

    1. um god of war ascension is such a bad example of a crappy ass game I sold it same day I got it what a joke of a game and the graphics are not as good as u think they were. technical details remained low in order to keep a smooth framerate educate yourself dickless.

    2. It’s called Wii U, not Weak U. It’s not less powerful than the PS3. If he is gay who the FUCK does he have a girlfriend?

      Seriously, I’m not mad, it’s just funny how much non-sense you type in here to try to troll and have a laugh.

  18. sure the wiiu is a powerful machine, but this whole situation just shows that most developers are just plain stupid (like their games are often too). they believe in the media hype rather than go there and try it. this says nothing good about the industry. but it’salso nintendo fault, cause they should have released some powerful game that shows the advance of the machine very early – maybe with a brandnew adult ip.

  19. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    1. Can everybody, Nintendites and Nintendo haters alike please stop saying -METROID PRIME-?…

    The story arc is over, there will never be a game called PRIME again!

    2. Whatever it is, it will be highly successful and blow away all other games by 3:1…

    3. Aeolus Clone, I cannot be gay and straight at the same time…

  20. its a shame…
    retro works for nintendo… retro is almost nintendo.
    they must say, that the u is powerfull,
    otherwise…. hadouken… finish them.

    woahhgg suprisd there are working ona new game.
    i did that not see that comming.

    retro studios are working on two games:
    1st game:
    hd remake, crisis: days of disaster.
    2nd game:
    Donkey kong country…..

        1. That’s just and out of the box lie to troll hard and make people mad. Tried hard enough already? The GameCube can’t be stronger than the Wii U, it doesn’t have HD. You troll really go far with your hate to say anything you want just to make people mad and then laugh at the angry fans here. That’s just sad!

      1. im just talking bullsgit.
        because the news is no news.
        its just logical.
        crisis from monolith was f… bad.

        i only hope they make an adult game.
        i have enough now grom, wonderfull, pikmin, mario, dk, and other kiddie (im not mean it bad) games.
        know i wonna know what the u realy can.
        my problem is, i dont catch jrpg like X,
        and bayonetta is overhyped and rated. so… wich game is next for me…

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      I’m dealing with it, that’s why I’m not buying a Wii U and not feeling screwe dlike you do…

      Owned, exposed and ouclassed by every means…

    2. What the fuck is a tyranny baby? HAHAHA! XD

      Pay no attention to him Commander, you are more valuable in our empire that this scum.

      Aeolus is very interested in gay sense because he is aroused by it, that’s why he CANNOT STOP TALKING ABOUT IT!

  21. Me? SCREWED? by what Swedish Whore?

    Please explain to me how am I screwed owning a Ps4 and a Xbox One?

    You the one who is screwed for being a douchebag old hag

    And also for being Swedish you pale monkey

    The only human who came from a Monkey

    1. Yes, you are screwed. Because you own an Xbox One and PS4 and come to a Nintendo news site every day to troll and insult people. That’s just sad, pathetic, and I guess you don’t get much attention in the real world!

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Maybe you should try learning to reply to the person in question before you insult others…

      And I’m not a part of any country anyway so you can close the book on that one, point dexter…

    2. You are a loser, I am a goddess, any questions? No? Now Have fun with Purgatorystation and Hellbox then you silly non-believer.

  22. More powerful compared to what though ?

    The WiiU’s architecture is very different to the PS4/X1 so the games cannot be ported across easily & it’s not worth making a WiiU only game because the small user-base the numbers don’t add up.

    ““It was really fun being able to crack that open for the first time and learning HD techniques; pixel shading, having a lot more horsepower and how that impacts the team. It was really fun to watch our artists just go crazy because now they didn’t really have to worry about polygons anymore. ‘Make as many as you want!’””

    Dev’s said this of the X360/PS3 years ago & Retro have only just worked it out. *roll eyes*

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      So you call me -Faggot- and you still want to engage in a homosexual act with me?…

      Today’s kids really are stupid…

    2. You wish he was faggot, but he was created to be much more superior than you, so I wouldn’t argue if I were you because you head is very, very naturally far up your ass. The god of Xbox must have a sense of humor, however, when hasn’t he?

    3. If you want to put your foot inside his ass, then that makes you into a faggot? No? I guess you want to do fisting to him but with your foot. And I thought other people here were the gay ones! HAHAHA! XD

    1. Knack wasn’t even FUN… it was boring and I’ve already played a lot of games like it before then. Knack is basically Mega Man but bigger, with a 3D enviornment, and with HD graphics. The game’s story doesn’t even make sense! For starters, it’s not entirely clear who you’re fighting or why. Goblins are attacking human cities and looking for Relics—little blocks recovered from a mysterious ancient civilization. The Relics power all modern technology, including the kindly old inventor’s signature creation/discovery, Knack. Once the Goblins start showing up with tanks and guns instead of axes, the inventor positions Knack as a defensive force and a more versatile alternative to the soldier robots made by an ambitious technologist named Viktor.

      That’s not a bad setup—except for the fact that Relics, the precious resource sought by the nasty goblin invaders, aren’t especially scarce. In fact, they’re all over the place, littering all of the game’s narrow paths through dull caves, jungles, barren castle factories, and empty city streets. Why is anyone fighting over this seemingly ubiquitous resource? Why the heck does Viktor want the giant relics hidden away in sealed ruins when stacking all the tiny relics together gives you seemingly infinite power?

    2. Funny, ’cause it’s the Sonyans and Xbots that are here being childish and putting troll hateful anti-Nintendo comments. Not the other way around.

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  24. Of course they’d call it a “powerhouse”.. They’ve never worked with a HD console before. So, coming from working with a Wii they’d say that.

    1. I was actually thinking the same thing. I’m not saying the Wii U isn’t powerful. While not the pinnacle, it’s a very capable machine.

      Still, considering their background, of course it would seem to be a powerhouse.

  25. People who try and force people to change their opinions are fools who believe they have the power and control over everyone. Yes i have a Wii U. It was an investment i felt was worth making. I really dont actually care whatsoever if someone says the wii U sucks or is weak or whatever they say, because i am happy with my console and it is producing great games for me to play. All i want is to feel satisfied and happy with the console i have purchased because that’s why video games were made in the first place. So to those who think that the wii U is weak and stupid i have 3 words to say to you
    I dont care :3

    1. I can’t like, yeah, or thumbs up your post, so this will have to do: I 100% agree. (Although, I do sometimes give in to my inner fanboy at times. lol)

  26. Retro needs to make a game called Metroid Fusion EXile that takes place after fusion where after the events in fusion they try to extract the x parasite from samus but the procedure would result in her death so a sympathetic scientist/military officer smuggled her into a ship sending her off to EXile in a frozen hyper sleep into deep space hoping the future will hold a cure for her but something interrupts her cryosleep and she discovers the metroids true origins are more terrifying than anyone expected

  27. Everyone wants Nintendo to make a newer version of an older game, but all I want is a completely new game with a new story,characters and everything!!. I want a game that is as good as the other but new and fresh .

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