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Plenty Of Yoshi’s New Island Footage

Prolific video game blogger NintenDaan has uploaded a ton of footage from the forthcoming Yoshi’s New Island for the Nintendo 3DS. The video embargo has dropped so he’s been able to showcase numerous levels from various worlds. Yoshi’s New Island is due to be released on March 14th.


    1. high command recruiting high troops. wwwwwwaaaaaaayyyy a lot of them. sikcr should post that soon.

      1. ahhh ur interested. probbakly for QOL or android though. hopefuylly for other stuff. lots of IT and web and technicinas in there…..
        monolith soft retro and hal labs should be able to do 3 big rpojects at a time.
        = 1 game a year each from them. can u tell high command to make that happen now too????

      2. I’m only a Commander…

        By our empire’s standards that’s pretty low rank…

        There are like at least 10 tanks above me…

      3. yeah yeha yeah yeah yeah yeha . more like 58 lol.
        also ur just the consumer, calling himself a commander.

  1. You know what’s cool about this game there’s no time limit you dont need to rush through the levels you can take your time and explore for stuff

    1. The music is an artificial time limit. No human being can endure more than 90 seconds of that garbage without going insane.

  2. they better announce a Yoshi new island stage ( even though im not a fan of that artslye at all for this game) for the ssb4 3ds version ALONG WITH Yoshi in 12 days!!!!

  3. Way off topic, but can does anyone else have problems using Yahoo! on their Wii U? My email doesn’t open half my emails, whenever I click on a sports article it takes me to an article with Jay Cutler that is like two months old, and overall it just pisses me off. Any fix actions would be appreciated.

      1. u know the wii?

        well the wii u is a COMPLETELY NEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWW(like ps3 changes to ps4) stystem capable of AMAZING 1080p games at 60fps.
        has a tablet style controller with FREE internet play and awesome eshop digital games and old ones too. 120+ uindies for it for this year.
        a more normal PRO controller is available too + ONLY System backwards compatible with the previous games + controllers. also the cheapest but very very good value.

        notable amazing games released already: donkey kong trpical freeze, (recent)pikmin 3, Mario 3d world, rayman legends, assasicns creed 4, zombie u, windwaker hd.

        HUGE games coming soon : Zelda U, smash bros 4, Mario kart 8, bayonetta 2 (great series + exclusive) , X (from the critically accalemed xenoblade) , FE x SMT and yarn Yoshi.

        now please go buy one soon UR MISSING OUT!

  4. My favourite game is yoshis island. Yoshis iskand 2 for the nds was a pretty cool game too but this looks so easy. I dont wanna judge it before playing it but all the footage i have seen seems to easy and im sad about that yoshis island is the bes mario spin off of the world.

  5. “Plenty of Yoshi’s New Island” when did 1 minute and 30 seconds of footage count as “plenty” 20 minutes would be plenty but 1 minute and 30 seconds is a mere glare.

    1. I guess the time is reversed within our empire…

      1 Nintendo minute is about 8-9 minutes while 1-2 minutes is plenty of time…

      1. It should considering we created the Nintendo elite known as Albert Einstein…

        We applied his research theories to our own time table…

      2. stfu Atari was pathetic and im surpised its still alive.
        sega was a hard one but once we got our ip’s………..easy, it was just a matter of time until people tried ninty.
        sega had sonic and to a extent that super monkey ball. thast it that was absolutely great.

        now the Xbone is the biggest enemy. PS can stay there, for now. well they are going down first anyway, though soon they are going down. just recently they sold a building in Tokyo/somewhere and a week ago closed lost of sony stores in NA…….

        amazon and apple (lol) and Samsung may join the battle soon enough.
        what do u think QOL may be? so many health and fitness stuff going on in the new things, even in the galaxy s5 lol.
        ninty spies must have spotted something……..(whatever is in the blue ocean. is it anatacrica? LOL)

        by the way, sometime this year is nintys 125 year anniversary! (I want Nintendo land full scale….-_-.)

      3. STFU?…


      4. stfu……..wait does that mean shut the f up? LOL SO SORRY .

        I meant it like er…er……er. blah or meh kind of thing.

        also..why do I enjoy killing ubisfoft?

      5. Yes…

        Well considering how much they screwed our people, who doesn’t…

  6. I think if used right right Nintendo’s quality of life strategy has the potential to to help alot of people. Nintendo needs to partner with the police to conduct surveillance in each adult Nintendo owners residence. Your bound to save some children from being a exhaled abused or kidnapped.

  7. This looks like a game for very young kids, ZERO interest in this. Waitin on Mario Golf and Kirby!!

  8. I’m excited about it, no idea why everyone is being so negative about it, the art style is great and it continues the formula of the previous two installments, whats not to love. Day 1 purchase for me (along with the limited edition Yoshi 3DSxl)

  9. Does anyone else find the game WAY to slow paced. I’m going to get it either way, but it seems a bit down graded for a younger more relaxed audience. Who knows though, this could be the first world, and that’s the reason for it being so slowed down.

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