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Tomodachi Collection Stage Shown For Smash Bros On Nintendo 3DS

Smash Bros director Masahiro Sakurai has shared what seems to be a Tomodachi Collection stage in Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo 3DS. The game was previously leaked to be coming to the west at an undisclosed date and Sakurai’s write up seems to confirm this.

“Looks like someone’s enjoying the bachelor life in this pad,” the picture looks a lot like one of the oddball import’s living spaces – which is nice enough itself, but could it spell more exciting things for the future? A Mii character in the roster, or a Western release of the game, perhaps?

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    1. It’s not as easy as it sounds. It takes work to add online to a game that was not built around it. Have to rewrite most of the code.

      1. No, you don’t. You just need NetPlay functionality where the games are synchronized at launch and inputs are streamed from one player to the other. Voice chat would be the same: just creating it as part of the already existing VC wrapping application.

      2. What games do you guys have in mind though? Wouldn’t you rather have the next game in the franchise in HD, with online multiplayer and voice chat?

      3. This is true. I was talking more like have an online battle option in the menu in Smash 64 or Mario Kart. Tricking the game into thinking you’re playing locally would work but with Smash 64 for example, as far as the records, who’s copy of the game do they save on? I assume netPlay treats it like it’s just one game running correct?

    2. LOL! That’s simply, too complex to Nintendo developers. They’re even having a hard time of bringing VC to wii-u. They are not under Microsoft , otherwise we would have those features already, in the name of Microsoft!

      1. It’s not that it’s too complex for Nintendo. They can do it but they prefer investing in something else. Why add online multiplayer to an old game when we can make a new game and give it multiplayer? Bigger audience. Gotta think like a company.

    3. It would be great, but aren’t the games on the VC just emulated, with little to no alteration to the games themselves?

    4. Look it’s a cool idea, but if ninty won’t even add voice chat and online to the recent Pikmin donkey kong or mario..you ain’t really got a chance here.

  1. I seriously hope miis don’t get involved. Their voices are horrible and the whole miis don’t fit the nintendo iconic characters mold.

    1. Im with you but i can see why they would put them in with the insane wii sports numbers and consoles they sold.

      1. Funny you mention homosexuals. In the game that this stage comes from, Tomodachi Collection or something like that, two males could have a relationship at launch but Nintendo quickly removed the feature with a patch calling it a glitch in the code.

    2. Really? Because Miis are the iconic representation of the Wii brand! Wii Fit Trainer only represents the Wii FIT brand so we need another character to represent Wii as a whole.

      1. Nah, they’re avatars, and Nintendo tries too hard to get them in every game, I even think Wii Fit trainer is 10x better than them.

      2. Okay… so they are Avatars. Doesn’t mean that they don’t represent the Wii brand the best. You said it yourself they are represented in like every game. Whether you like them or not is irrelevant. They are a HUGE part of Nintendo now.

      3. We already have the Village from Animal Crossing, I don’t think we need anymore. I’m sorry, miis are just a no, I don’t know what would be the best explanation but they are just a no.

      4. Last thing Nintendo needs is too keep associating the Wii U with the Wii. Keep the Mii’s out, they arent even interesting.

    3. I on the other hand, would love miis in smash! There is even a Find Mii Stage confirmed for 3DS, so it just raises my hope :)

    4. I actually hope we get miis, I would loove to play as myself beataing up yoshi ot samus. I really hope Sakurai confirms miis when this comes out, which I think is sometime this year for America.

    1. No it’s definitely not from animal crossing. You can tell just by the artstyle.

      1. Friend Collection wasn’t localized to us. You can’t blame them. But I played it and I know the potential of the series.

  2. Thank you, Nintendo News. I was confused about this stage, disappointed by it since Yoshi should have been revealed in its place instead.

  3. First people want customization, now people want their Mii in the game. So that you can what, take an original character’s moves and put it on your Mii? Because “oh man it’d be so fuckin radical to use Hitler and make him have Ganon’s moveset!!”

    I fuckin hate these requests for characters that you know aren’t going to get in.

    1. No, perhaps you could take different moves from a bunch of characters and assign them to your Mii’s moveslots. Like Naru’s Love from Zelda and Mario’s Fire Ball and Diddy’s Peanut Popgun, etc,etc. That would be awesome!

      Then maybe you can unlock moves that aren’t from any other character that you can use exclusively on your Miis!!!

      1. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO get miis in…….with ONLY AESTHETIC CHANGES.

        getting mosvest is a NO. especially if they STEAL from OTHER Characters.

  4. Yes!!! Miis better be playable in SSB4!!! I’ve wanted them since the Wii was announced! :D They could be customize able characters who can take any move from any existing Smash Bros character and mash them all up onto a single character.

      1. no……

        u don’t understand what wouldl be good if miisjoined and that shouldn’t happen.

    1. they WILL.

      prob reveald at e3…..since it would be perfect time to explain them.
      I mean there are 3 stages revealed already where they are the main characters !!!!!!!= confirmed.

  5. Mii’S on smash would suck so bad. I already hate the idea of the wii fit character. They really don’t fit into smash bros at all and it just ruins the feel of the game IMO. There’s plenty more amazing characters they can use instead of a freaking gym girl where’s the fun in that

    1. WFT and Miis actually fit in the game perfectly. Smash Bros is about getting a bunch of characters regardless of their fighting backgrounds and mashing them together in a brawl. In that regard it is actually best to add characters that have had no prior fighting experience, like WFT, Miis, Villager, etc.

      1. Wft seems like a filler to me nothing to get excited about. The announcement of that character didnt bring any type of hype to me at all. I just think its a way to market the fit games and nothing more. Maybe for you it did bring some excitement but I don’t think it makes smash bros any better with the inclusion of that character.

      2. well I think it makes smash bros much much much better.

        only character with that style PLUS its the best “joke” character ever which is part of a very popular series.

  6. 3DS version is SUCH A WASTE OF TIME AND ENERGY!!!!
    SB should only be a console game. All the resources should be poured into making the console game the best it can be… even if the 3DS team only worked on DLC it would be a better use of their time. Smash is a system game as well as a system seller. Making it for both system and handheld is inevitably going to hurt the brand bc 3DS is going to get the “gimped” version. Screen grabs look terrible, Nintendo better have a flawless ONLINE multiplayer for this game too. They should embrass the modding community as well and allow people to create stages, ect and submit them to the community.

    1. We get more stages out of it, plus the games are not going to be the same. There will be some sort of connectivity between the two that we still don’t know about yet.

      I don’t think you can really complain about the 3DS version, because I doubt the Wii U version is suffering from it. Whatever they were planning to get done on the Wii U version is undoubtedly going to get done. Nothing more and nothing less.

      Plus, we always have the possibility to get DLC…

      1. I agree with MightyNo9. Mario Kart is on both console and handheld. Same with Mario and Zelda. There were only a few best-selling franchises unique to each platform. Smash was always console exclusive. The equivalent of Smash would be something like Pokemon. So there should be a main series Pokemon game on the Wii U!

      2. We don’t get more stages. Sakurai wastes time making stages for the 3DS that he could have used to make current stages better, more characters, polishing online.

        The 3DS version is the gimped version, have you seen the stages? They’re low quality and bland. The Nintendogs room? Just a flat fucking stage with a few blocks on the floor. The ACNL stage looks like garbage and now we’re getting another flat stage that’s just a bloody Mii’s room? No thank you.

        There isn’t going to be /any/ connectivity, the only stages the games will share is the boxing ring and maybe the battlefield.

      3. Ok. First off, the 3DS version and the Wii U version are not the same thing. They have the same characters, but are almost completely different games. How is the 3DS version going to be “gimped” if it isn’t even the same thing? Also, Smash has NEVER been on a handheld before. This is a new and great opportunity to put it on the 3DS. And how do you know how the Wii U version will sell? This isn’t a gimped 3rd party game or an HD remake. This is Smash Bros. And don’t you know how freaking HUGE the 3DS fanbase is? A ton of them, in ADDITION to new people, will most likely buy a Wii U just for this game. And Mario Kart 8 is sure to raise a crap load of new users as well. 3DS and Wii U are like family. Together they will dominate and you can never take them apart! 3DS+Wii U FTW!

      4. They aren’t “wasting time” on the 3DS version. Whatever was planned for the Wii U version is what we’ll get. If they weren’t making a 3DS version we would still hve the same game we are getting now minus the 3DS version.

        They added more people to the team in order to do the 3DS version. If they were doing Wii U only they would not have added more people and the scheduled time of completion would be the same as it is now anyways.

        We wouldn’t have any more stages and more characters or anything else extra if they only developed a Wii U version.

        Basically the 3DS version is a bonus game with bonus material we never would have seen if they just developed one version.

  7. I’ll only accept Miis in Smash if they use material from Streetpass games like Monster Manor and Find Mii. If not, I disagree with the idea completely.

  8. Hoping miis are confirmed soon as well as a possible release window for Friends Collection,

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