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Pokemon Battle Trozei-Themed Nintendo 3DS XL Revealed For Japan


A new special edition Pokemon Nintendo 3DS XL has been revealed for Japan. The Pokemon Battle Trozei-themed system is currently only available to winners of a competition on the Pokemon Daisuki Club website. The white-colored handheld is emblazoned with icons of multiple Pokemon, including ones that debuted in Pokemon X and Y. Known as Pokemon Link Battle! in Europe, Pokemon Battle Trozei will be available March 20 in North America on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS.


    1. The cotton candy, the perfume, the keys, arceus, the fifth one one the first row, espurr and the other 2 cats (useless animals in real life too), oshawott, tepug, croakie, goomy and the thing after the cotton candy make up the bad list, but none of those are anywhere near as retarded as mudkip. I am convinced a blind person designed mudkip and its evolutions. The rest actually look good so I retract my previous statement, they chose the better looking post Gen II pokemon.

      1. forgot jirachi and possibly the thing before it. Can’t tell what it is.

      2. Cats are not useless because they don’t obey apes…

        Cats are superior and I shall help them regain their lost power!

      3. and they dont learn tricks so …. they are atleast smarter than humans XD

      4. Cats are literally the worst animals on the planet. You know they don’t even care about you? They just stick around because you’re a food dispenser.

      5. That’s what I love about them, and they do love you, only idiots don’t know when a cat loves you…

        And I love everything that hasn’t been totally enslaved by humans…

      6. Well not my cat. She sits on my lap without calling her or wakes me up to play or just sleeps next to my bed.

      7. If you’re trying to make it look like you don’t like Pokemon after gen 2, you could do a lot better.

      8. Someone is clearly and can’t see that a series needs to evolve and change these are all great pokemon that many people love even the cotton candy and keys who are great in competetive batting. You need to except it. Plus gen 2’s pokemon are mostly useless trash

      9. So liking better designs is nostalgia? That makes absolutely no sense. Btw I could use stupid terms like you too. Maybe the reason you prefer post Gen II pokemon is because you’re a hipster.

      10. I don’t care if the cotton candy is good in battle, it looks like shit. I never said the games were better, I said the pokemon designs were better and most would agree.

      11. Feel free to complain about the designs as much as you want, but everyone who’s playing X and Y don’t care since we’re having a lot of fun. You should join us sometime.

      12. I have both X and Y, what’s your point? Not complaining, I am ridiculing, there’s a huge difference.

    1. Not gonna happen. Be realistic. This is Nintendo, where most are inexperience and mainly focusing on business.

  1. Honestly, this seems excessive. I love Pokemon, we all do, but really? An eShop title that is, sadly, bound for obscurity? Oh well.

  2. They need to just have us be able to order a 3ds xl wit whatever skin we want. Like if we want a 3dsxl with the smash logo, why cant we get an official one from nintendo? They would sell out way before the game came out

    Plus ppl wouldnt hav to wait until they obvoiusly reveal the smash bros edition wii u/3ds to buy one. Wait too long, and theyll get a ps4/xb1

    Nintendo should get more advisors or sumthin

    1. I’ll gladly accept the job as an adviser to lead our empire to even higher victories!

  3. i got gta 4 for xbox 360 but i dont have the system. wooo nintendo really, wasting money on stupid irreavelent theme 3ds.

  4. Wow xD they’re not even trying. Just a mere ‘sticker’ on top of handheld and poor consumers are foolish enough to buy it again.

      1. Genius. Its crazy how a cheap eshop title is getting a limited edition

    1. I was about to call you a fag for liking Lucario that much but noticed your username. Now I know you’re just trolling.

      1. What’s wrong with lucario? It had a solid design and it really good in battle.

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