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Check Out This Official Mario Kart Infographic

The Mario Kart series has been around for more than two decades. The first entry, Super Mario Kart, made its debut in 1992 on the SNES. To date, seven core Mario Kart titles have been released – with four being on home consoles and three for handhelds. The eighth installment, Mario Kart 8, is scheduled to launch May 30 on Wii U.


    1. Are you trying to refer the games as well?

      Because its not working out. Mario Kart is too good to be shit on by the likes of you jealous ass noobs.

      1. I’m not really sure how the anon referred to the games at all. They specifically said the infographic is shitty and really I have to agree.

        It might look ‘pretty’ but I’m honestly not getting any information from it other than years and game titles and that’s really useless to me without further information. I can see the systems, but pictures of them don’t do me any good without knowing what they are

    2. Mario Kart 8 is going to blow harder than Nintendo Commander Quadraxis Dad in a Japanese burkakke. P.S I made your mom pregnant.. Again..

  1. Inarguably the best and funnest racing game in the business. :) Mario Kart 8 will step it up once more.

    1. Hard to believe their are only 8 games (basicly) also if you look at the pattern they tend to come out ever 3 years from one another, looks like Mario kart 9 well be out around 2017? If the pattern continues (on handheld)

      1. It seems like once per console, but now that they switched to a number format, seeing a 9 or 10 this generation isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

  2. nintendo just needs to go all out and promote this game to the 40 million plus wii fans and new ones. i know this game can be a hit when people know theres a new mario kart.

    1. Your mom was shit though. Double dash is the best one you ugly motherfucker. Go play your shitty super mario kart as i’ll be playing DD.

  3. i hope nintendo re releases double dash in hd in a few years. i love mario kart but it eill get boring playing the same tracks until there next console

    1. Um. Lol not quite. Not exactly sure what day it is but I think it’s supposed to be May 30th. Just kinda… Backwards.

      1. It’s not backwards for a considerable part of the people in the Earth..

      2. dd/mm/yyyy makes sense because we go from the shortest unit of time displayed to the longest. mm/dd/yyyy feels very confused in comparison.

    2. The American way of organising dates is dumb, why would you go middle, small, big? The logical progression is either day, month, year or year, month, day.
      Month, day, year is unintuitive.

      1. The reason it makes sense (to me at least) is that the month will never go higher than 12, therefore when displayed as 12/13/14 makes sense because of the number never going past 12. When i see dates like 21/6/13, It looks funny, though I do see where you are coming from, It makes sense, but it doesn’t flow like mm/dd/yy

      2. My assumption can only be that mm/dd/yyyy is how we actually say it. We would say May 30th 2014 so we just write it how we say it. Numerically yes dd/mm/yyyy makes more sense but try telling that to most Americans and they will just look at you funny. Personally that makes more sense to me and I am an American.

  4. Mario Kart 8 is obviously going to be the best game in the series as well as one of the best Wii U games ever made.

  5. Wow, this is a hugely useless infographic that conveys almost no meaningful information. I thought it was just a banner for the actual (missing) article.

  6. the mk8 will be barebones as mk7. instead of nintendo making m rated game to compete with other console the decide to fuck wiiu owners like by just making kiddy games.what up with all these mario and zelda games…:'( i wish could have money an xbox360.

    1. I can understand you being butt hurt about another new super Mario Bros game, but one does not hate the awesomeness that’s named Mario Kart.

    2. Dam kid you make yourself look stupider and stupider with every coment . This kid is only 15 trying to make everyone believe he’s a big boy now

  7. hmmm another mario game meh i’ll pash i done buying mario games and zelda games. i saving money towards final fantasy xii 1 and 2 with cod black ops,witcher2,assassin creed2,hitman absolution,doa 5,battlefield 3 and naruto storm games.

      1. Damn boy. Your gonna get the death sentence with all these comments. Tell it to the judge loser.

  8. After Mario Kart is released Wii U sales will pick up and overtake PS4. I bet my life on it.

  9. Information presented in words and numbers with pictures added does not an infographic make.

  10. Does this mean we’ll get a new handheld system within the next three years? If you look at the pattern…

      1. I’m talking about the handheld system, not the game. But maybe the game too.

      1. 2005, Mario Kart DS is released; the sames year as the original DS came out. 6 years later, Mario Kart 7 comes out. It’s been three years since then. It could be more, it could be less, but I think that the next handheld system (not game, but maybe that too) will come out in the next 3 years. I estimate that it will be revealed E3 2016.

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