Disney Has No Current Plans To Feature Star Wars Characters In Disney Infinity

star_wars_modelDisney and Marvel have recently joined forces to present a united front under the Disney Infinity franchise – which will be officially unveiled in a press conference on April 30 – but the company has no current plans to feature any Star Wars characters.

Rumours had been floating across the virtual spectrum that characters from the Star Wars universe may find their way into Disney Infinity, and it was further escalated when the Disney Store posted a Darth Vader figure – pictured above – onto their official Facebook page.

However, the company has since clarified to a social network user that plans to incorporate the franchise are not in motion “at this moment in time.” Patience is a virtue, as they say. Here’s what Disney said in full:

“Whilst there are no plans for Star Wars to join Disney Infinity at this moment in time, Laura, please do continue to check back for more exciting updates to our Star Wars collection!”


  1. It’s pretty obvious why they aren’t yet. Though they have the rights, their movie for it’s coming out until next year. The reason Disney and Marvel are so well is because of course Disney owns Marvel. So saying “disney and marvel recently joined” doesn’t make sense since disney bought marvel years ago.

    1. Disney could make a full blown kiddy mario movie so the wiiu sells better oh wait its to late ;)

    2. Marvel’s inclusion in Disney Infinity was recent news, that’s why it’s linked to the past article in the sentence. :)
      I’m well aware that Disney owns Marvel.

  2. No Star Wars characters in Disney Infinity? Seems like a wasted opportunity but it’s Disney’s property so they can do what they want with it, doesn’t really affect me anyway, never bought the first Infinity, not planning on buying the second

  3. Nintendo will end up like Disney, just throwing there money everywhere and lose more respect.

  4. I’m waiting for Disney to use some charaters from Hyperion books (Their publishing compuny, SP). So it would be cool to see Percy Jackson in DI (Disney most likely will never cause they think his books are too scary for little kids,)

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