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Here’s The Mario Golf: World Tour UK TV Advert

Nintendo has uploaded a new television advert for Mario Golf: World Tour’s upcoming release. The advert showcases some of the interesting and unique character shots from various trailers, some exposure for the Castle Club, as well as the local and online multiplayer modes for all your extra golfing needs.

Yesterday, Nintendo confirmed the title would receive DLC, as well as a Season Pass offer and an exclusive Gold Mario playable character. Mario Golf: World Tour is set for release for the Nintendo 3DS on May 2 in both North America and Europe.


  1. Mario Golf! Yay! -_- I hope Nintendo starts focusing on it’s other franchises and give Mario and the spin off games a 5 year paid vacation.

    1. You are saying that like this is the same like SM3DW, SNMBU or MK8, lol! This is not ONE IP, it is lots of different ones. There’s only four NSMB games, only 6 3D Mario Games, only 8 Mario Kart games, for 8 different consoles.

      1. Still way different games…

        It’s not like Mario Kart 8 is comparable to Mario tennis…

        It’s like saying CoD is comparable to Metroid which it isn’t…

      2. What company doesn’t? To me, its normal…like Capcom: street fighter or Mega man (RIP mega man…I hope SSB4 can get you back into games again), Namco: Pacman, DC comics: Superman or Batman, Sega: Sonic, Hudson: Bomberman (RIP Hudson, best Mario party games was from you), Hal laboratory who is owned by Nintendo still: Kirby, etc.

        Its all normal really.

      3. Still, I would like our empire to advertise their other games as much as they do with every single Mario game they create…

      4. Sure, but differen genres. But a purple mouse in Mario Galaxy instead of Mario, and it is still the same game. Sure, it would not sell as well…

        I guess I can agree on him being overused, though, in games. Mario Kart, 3D Mario, NSMB, and maybe Mario Party, I do not mind. Mario Golf looks good, but when I heard about all the Mario sports game, I was kind of shocked. Don’t mind them now, as long as none of them suck as much as Mario vs. Donkey Kong Minis on the move did!

    2. Mario golf’s has not been seen since the gamecube. Mario is just a money maker, his games can be fun and pretty creative in terms of design. We just Zelda a few months ago the wii u one will either come this year or next. Plus this is the first time I’ve ever hold any interest in Mario golf game

    3. I agree somewhat. Mario is unique in a sense that he can be used as a default character in many types of games and is recognizable, even if dressed differently. Sports games aren’t really the place where new IP can be brought in easily, though they can create new characters just for that game anyway which could end up carrying over to other games. They can create totally new characters like Hot Shots Golf. But with Mario on the cover it sells more. It also allows them to use familiar settings from the Mario universe. People aren’t buying this game because they want a golf game, they’re buying it because they was a golf game where the course is shaped like yoshi or DK,etc.

      without these characters it’s just another golf game, which would still be good, but may not have as much pull. Mario is the face of Nintendo so he’ll always be front and center. Link Golf just doesn’t have the same ring to it, though “Hit the links!” could be a fun catch phrase. Link kart, or Donkey Kart just seem odd too.

      But I agree some new IP or interesting twists might help shake things up.

  2. I’ve got some fun memories of playing Mario Golf on the N64 with my friend during my childhood, and this game looks to be living up to that so far.

    Hopefully I’ll still have money after getting Kirby: Triple Deluxe.

    1. Not a fan of golf, sorry, I may when the rosalina DLC comes out, I just love her and she looks awesome in this game

  3. That avert was pretty standard, I wish they would do something more fun and crazy and weird

    1. They’ll pull Brian blessed back to do one maybe. “Golfing! Underwater!? Hit the barrel for extra distance! Don’t hit the tree! Out of bounds! Golf!”

  4. Finally multiplayer, i’m going to buy this. I played last week mario party tour. I dont feel nothing from that game that im playing a boardgame. And no online -.- The best party game is marioparty DS for me, it has a story.

    Well golf here i come. I was good in lets play golf 3D, from the eshop.

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