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Peach And Yoshi Wii Remote Plus Coming To Europe



Nintendo has revealed via its online store that the lovely Yoshi and Peach Wii Remote Plus controllers are coming to Europe. These special edition Wii Remote Plus controllers cost the same amount as regular Wii Remote Plus. They will go on sale on May 30th.

Thanks, Notsobob

43 thoughts on “Peach And Yoshi Wii Remote Plus Coming To Europe”

      1. Hmmmm wow if ppl are still using them then Nintendo is smart to keep making special edition versions to make a profit. I kinda figured most ppl moved on to the Wii U pro controller

  1. The reason they keep pushing these stupid controllers is the MONSTROUS profit margin on each unit. Selling half a controller with no analog for $40 is something only an evil genius could come up with.

  2. I would so be getting all four, but I already have three black ones, and the Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword 25th anniversary Gold Edition Wiimote.

  3. i wish they brought these out when the wii was on fire. i guess these are just for collectors. ill pick up yoshi and peach if they make it to amaerica

    1. This, they should also make more pro controller editions etc. If they can’t sell consoles with a profit, sell the controllers with a huge one, and sell thousands of those thanks to special editions.

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