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Check Out The Kirby: Triple Deluxe – Oh Dedede, You’re So Dashing Trailer

Nintendo of America has once again uploaded a brand new video for Kirby’s forthcoming adventure Kirby: Triple Deluxe on the Nintendo 3DS. Those of you who are considering purchasing the game may find it helpful to know that Amazon are currently selling the game for $29.96. Kirby: Triple Deluxe launches in North America on May 2nd.


      1. He is angry because his parents put him on on the furniture as shovelware…

  1. Pre ordered this game about a week ago. I’m definitely gonna be busy with this and Mario Golf World Tour May 2nd.

    1. Kind of irrelevant, but a few weeks ago, Gamestop had an Xbox One layaway deal. And my mom said she was gonna get it. She said she checked back and then it was gone. Thank god. XD We need a PS4 instead.

      1. Teach your mother some manners…


        My mom hates Xboxes…

      2. My mom said she wanted it for the Kinect (e_O) and for Killer Instinct. I really really want a PS4 to sit next to my Wii U, but honestly I guess I wouldn’t care for an Xbone either at this point. I just need some more third party to go with my Nintendo games.

      3. right now the xbox one has more fun games then the ps4 but that will change over time

      4. KI looks awesome. Forza looks great as well, but I think The Crew is going to be better. I don’t usually play zombie games, but DR3 is interesting. Titanfall looks way better than Call of Duty and it definitely impressed me. Ryse… eh. Nah. Pass.

      5. Those are not exclusive though so they are rendered invalid as arguments for the Xbox Done…

  2. but I’d like a game like this for WiiU not for 3DS, almost like the crystal shards was for N64

  3. WTF is going on with their marketing dept.? Do they really think all North Americans are brain damaged?!??

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