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Gamasutra Claims Nintendo Has Banned Its Head Of Indie Relations From Twitter

Dan Adelman, who is the head of Nintendo’s indie initiative, is apparently no longer allowed to access popular social network, Twitter. The main issue is is that reaching Dan on Twitter was one of the main points of contact for fledging indie developers.  Developer and senior contributor Brandon Sheffield for Gamasutra says that contacting Nintendo from an indie’s point of view just got a whole lot harder. 

“Dan Adelman, the head of Nintendo’s indie initiative, was not allowed to speak with us. This is the sort of corporate policy that perpetuates the stereotype that Nintendo doesn’t work well with third parties, and is an emblem of Nintendo’s reluctance to change and become more open as markets shift. As an indie developer, this is very troubling to me.”

“I’ve received word from a reliable source that Adelman is no longer allowed access to Twitter. You’ll notice his last post was in October of last year. Apparently he wrote something along the lines of “I travel a lot, so I feel your pain,” in response to someone saying they didn’t like the region locking of the 3DS. This was viewed as unacceptable in Nintendo’s eyes, so there you go. All they had was that Twitter account, to talk to indie devs. There are no blogs, no casual podcasts, only corporate-created messaging from Nintendo Direct. No more public voice for indie development from within Nintendo. That’s it. It’s gone.”

229 thoughts on “Gamasutra Claims Nintendo Has Banned Its Head Of Indie Relations From Twitter”

  1. If his last post was in October, why are we whining now in April that he was banned? Has he been banned for 7 months? Because a hell of a lot of indie developers have been announcing games since October…

    1. Well maybe because Nintendo didn’t announce this officially and people found out by investigating, which took a long time. And also, a game doesn’t take 7 months to make, which means they were being made BEFORE October.

      In my personal opinion, Nintendo is the last place I would go to to enjoy third-party games. They are every bit of important as first-party titles and not having third-party developers on board is a huge turn-off for me as a gamer.

      Sony and Microsoft all the way baby.

      1. True but the majority of third party games are okay at best. So were not really missing out. Its only when good ones like Batman Arkham, maybe Destiny, and most of Rocksteady and Valve that are difficult to not play.

            1. you lying to your self if you think that fine. dragon age 3 is not even coming to wiiu. final fantasy 14 and 15 are way better than x.

                  1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                    Nope X is better than those borefests which will always be more superior on my PC than your underpowered VCR.

                  2. I know you’re a troll but all trolling aside Xenoblade was better than fallout or dragon age. If past games are anything to go by X should be better than the next dragon age or fallout. Whether or not it is remains to be seen.

                1. Square Enix is no longer leashed by Sony, so bring on the FF7 remake for Wii U. Since you know that it was originally planned for the N64, rumors about remakes since the PS2 and PS3 eras which cannot compare to graphics wise to Wii U. So instead of looking freakishly realistic, it’ll look as well as FF13-1, 2, and 3 on the Wii U. :D

              1. Final Fantasy XV is gonna fucking suck, and you know it. Gone is the Final Fantasy where you actually had to think.

              2. I laugh how ps4 and Xbox One as of now has no game worth playing from now until October and guys still want to hype up the 3rd parties. The 3rd parties make trash games that you are going to forget and not care about within a month. The Wii U is where it’s at now, if you are gamer! Wii U has games! What does those other two have? No games and just causal subscription fee services and non significant hardware features. Be proud that you spend $400 / $500 on a causal multimedia box! LOL! Wii U MAD?! Wii U = BEST LINE UP OF 2014! DKC Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2, X, Super Smash Bros.

              3. I already have a ton of Final Fantasy games for the PS2/PS3, so personally I’m fed up on those games. I want other RPGs with a bit different formula.

                Unless you play games 24/7, the game library on Wii U is nothing to complain over.

            2. No offense, but I’m tired of hearing game titles that should have been out already.

              We keep getting the same fucking carrot dangled in front of usm :(

            3. Oh, I didn’t know Mario Kart and Smash were third party! I also didn’t know the multi platform watch dogs was a Wii U exclusive!

              LMAO. Bad trolling.

                  1. Keep clinging to Gamespot which has shown a bias toward Nintendo games like it’s the holy grail of game reviewer sites. Besides, your precious Gamespot has actually helped give DKCTF a very high overall internet score.

                  2. Clinging to only one reviewer when looking to how good a game is, isn’t the best you can do. You’re much better off comparing different reviewers, which is why metacritic is helpful.

          1. more respect for indies. if you work on an indie game in the future, because noone knows what will happen tomorrow, hope you deep troath your fucking words. faggot

        1. You’re lying to yourself. The majority of games PERIOD are third-party, much less the good ones. Is this what Nintendo fans actually think?

      2. A lot of indie games are just ported over to Nintendo from iOS and Android, so the fact that MANY developers have announced Wii U/3DS ports since October means that this is really much ado about nothing.

        I just find it bullsh*t that the article says, “It just got a lot harder for indies to contact Nintendo” when Dan Adelman’s last post was in October. Really? We’re going to make a clickbait article about it /now/?

      3. it’s not like this would in any way hamper indie development

        he’s just annoyed that it’s not easy to reach a nintendo representative anymore other than by formal means

      4. Yeah, 3rd parties used to make exclusives & released multiplats that fit the Nintendo culture on the Wii back, but come the Wii U & many 3rd-party franchises were shelved (Burnout [in the 6th gen], Red Steel [in the 7th gen]), or flat-out ruined (Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Castlevania, Final Fantasy); I think Prince of Persia is the only one resurrected & has a good chance of embodying what makes it great).

        I guess finances prevented 3rd parties from catering to Wii U, & shareholders who call the shots didn’t realize the Nintendo culture is different than the twins (SEGA being its closest counterpart). But even Sony changed after PS2. Oh, but nobody seems to have noticed or they just don’t care because MS’ philosophy is the way to go. The 360 changed the industry, while the Wii kept gaming alive for one more gen. Even if Wii U’s sales numbers soar, I fear its hardware is too powerful, too tempting to not treat it like a triplet, so it’ll get nothing but multiplats designed w/ the twins in mind. Will Western 3rd parties ever figure it out? They barely dev for the 3DS, which is a haven for certain genres that fit the Nintendo culture.

        ZombiU, Rayman Legends, & of course Sonic Lost World (maybe Ninja Gaiden 3 if it’s controls were more polished) are currently the only 3rd party games that seem to embody the Nintendo culture. But genres like arcade racers, fighters w/ solid single-player modes & unlockables, JRPGs, turn-based SRPGs…they seem to have died. If I need another platform for 3rd partied, when my Wii U & 3DS aren’t cutting it, I’ll get a PS2.

        But thankfully there are indies & the 3DS. Maybe I’m jaded, but it’s a fact that 3rd parties have changed, & whether their titles are on a Nintendo console or elsewhere, I don’t like what I see: hardcore audiovisuals @ the expense of gameplay & optimal porting (even X1 struggles); photo-realism @ the expense of inspired æsthetics; multiplatting @ the expense of hardware brand recognition; FPSes & sandboxes @ the expense of more focused & varied genres… Enough. Just how did gamers let it get so bad? Come on crash.

        1. Tomb Raider ruined? New Tomb Raider was awesome. No more shitty camera, bad controls, shooting and jumping around enemies with autoaim, etc.. I gave up playing Tomb Raider: Underworld so it was good to see that they made lots of necessary changes for a new game.

          1. I played the original (on Saturn). I very much liked the concept of Tomb Raider. But when isolation, crumbling tombs, silence, puzzles, the occasional predators, & raiding largely vanished, I felt the series had lost its way. But, unlike RE 4 (which was fun but not really a Survival Horror game), I wouldn’t even care about the newer Tomb Raiders’ gameplay if it were reskinned & rebranded (after all, it’s not the same game anymore); I’m just turned off in whatever incarnation.

            If you play Anniversary, you might understand where I’m coming from.

        1. I find it funny he said Sony & Microsoft all the way when they both get roughly the same games with barely any 3rd party exclusives & even less 1st party titles to their own name.

      5. False, Microsoft for PC’s there is no point to having the Xbox One. Almost every game you can play on it, you can play on PS4 or PC. It’s shit. You want 3rd party go either PC or PS4.

        1. Actually this moment PS4 has less non-PC exclusives than Xbox One.

          Why would anyone want to buy PS4 over PC or One when there is only one pretty good exclusive PS4 game this far?

      6. As long as 3rd party continues and intentionally offer half baked, gimped or delayed crap on Wii U, there isn’t gonna be any 3rd party support left and I could care less now that the 3rd party has gotten lazy, selfish and even stupid.

      1. I wouldn’t consider Child of Light an indie title as it was devved by Ubisoft Montréal, unless you were being sarcastic.

        What about:
        *Wooden Sen’sey?
        *Stick It to the Man?
        *Ittle Dew?
        *Ballpoint Universe?
        *Hyper Light Drifter?
        *Pier Solar?
        *Citizens of Earth?
        *Project Cider?
        *The ’90s Arcade Racer?
        *Two Brothers?
        *Cult County?
        *Upside-Down Dimension?
        *Mighty No. 9?
        *Star Beast?
        *Master Reboot?
        *Forgotten Memories?
        *Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty &/or Stranger’s Wrath (ports, yes, but…)?
        *Super Toy Cars?
        *Project Aguraki?
        *Forgotten Memories?

        Exclusive or multiplat, firm releases or TBA, cancelled…those titles are on my list for my Wii U library. I’ve found lots to chose from.

        1. Ubisoft is publishing Child Of light, its made by an Indie Dev. Oh and sorry there are two Child of Light and Shovel Knight. I don’t give a shit about the rest.

          1. Child of Light might not be a big-budget extravaganza, but most of its team consists of Far Cry 3 devs. & Patrick Plourde, the creative director for Child of Light, has worked for Ubisoft Montréal for over 10 yrs. I’ve yet to see an indie company or an actual freelancer’s name attached to its development. So far, @ least to me, it appears to be a 3rd party game.

            Welp, w/ so many indie games & genres to choose from, it’s a shame only 2 interest you. I feel they’re making the games that most 3rd parties won’t anymore.

            1. The previous post timestamped APRIL 28, 2014 AT 2:44 AM is mine. My deets weren’t automatically entered as it usually is, & I’ve grown complacent. I’ve also attempted to post this correction multiple times, so something’s glitchy.

  2. Contact using twitter? How bout calling the guy or teleconferencing. Twitter is not really the apprpriate avenue to discuss concerns…Geez!

    1. You would be surprised. I’ve had Microsoft provide fantastic support via their Twitter support team. Businesses are using it more and more.

    2. It’s definitely not a good place to get a hold of Nintendo if you don’t want to give anyone any hints to what kind of game you are releasing or if you want to keep your identity a secret for the sake of surprising people later if you have a very good game you want to keep secret till close to release.

    3. Heh, I never got answer to my private messages from 2K’s and Warner Bros’s facebook sites so there must be something going also.

      I’m with Fuzzword in this thing.

      Big companies have real homepages with contact information for reason so it’s propably better use those and not to give too much credit for facebook or twitter pages.

      1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

        I can already see the bawfest your having when the steambox crushes your xbox, which it already does.

      2. …this is obviously not damage control dumbass. What I define “damage control” is what Microsoft has been doing since Xbox One Reveal DRM’s shitstorm. That’s damage control for you if you were even that smart in the first place.

        1. everyone has seen it…its all over youtube, and the web…xbox one fails just as hard as the 360 as of now.

          How’s that for damage control? Its not true right? Well some of it, most of it is true…wii u is out doing the 360 but the one is in second place and soon to fall again.

          1. “xbox one fails just as hard as the 360 as of now.”
            This doesn’t even make any sense. The Xbox 360 was really successful, and has sold over 80 million units, barely behind the PS3.
            If you’re comparing consoles sold weekly as of now, don’t forget that both the PS3 / Xbox 360 are at the end of their life-span.
            All 7th gen consoles were successful, nothing to discuss about that.

            The Xbox One however, you’re right that it doesn’t fare as well. But seeing as it’s not really doing any worse than the Wii U, you’d be kicking yourself in the balls by making fun of the Xbox One.

      1. lol Some of the games releasing to Nintendo systems over there in Japan would shock you to your little core. Games that are for mature audiences & falcon punch all the “Nintendo is kiddy” people right in the stomach. So are you absolutely sure you want Nintendo to get rid of region locking?

  3. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    High Command probably got a bit tired of some of the garbage games that have entered our sacred machine…

    1. This could be the reason imo. I mean there is good indie games but honestly 90% of them are just crappily made 2d games.

  4. So Twitter is suddenly a networking tool?
    How about he gets off his lazy ass and calls the guy’s secretary for a fucking meeting? Is that too hard?

    1. Have you read the article? The guy tried to meet with him and couldn’t. He was surprised that he didn’t even have Twitter anymore on top of not being available for interviews.

      1. he tried to meet for an interview for their column and was denied that interview

        nowhere in this article does it say that he can’t be reached anymore in general

  5. This can’t be good… Nintendo has some of the best games that are, but as a busines, they’re really flawed…

    1. All businesses are flawed but of course, you people’s dumbass negativity is focued on Nintendo.

      What about Sony losing money or Microsoft playing monopoly by conning idiots with their DRM lie, stupidly designed OS like Vista/8 or how about shoving failed gimmick techs like Kinect when nobody cared nor liked it years ago?

      1. Did you just call me stupid because I said Nintendo is a flawed company? Okay…

        Anyways, this is a Nintendo page, of course people are focusing on Nintendo. As I, at the moment, only own Nintendo consoles, I could not care less about how flawed other companies are.

  6. Nintendo is so fucking weird. I hope they’ll have a hard time in sales with their two consoles, I think that’s the only way to vanish that close minded and awful communication with other developers.

    1. I guess, just like fans of Xbox and Playstation would defend their respective brands. What was the point of your comment?

    2. And blind Xbot will buy any crap his favorite company MicrosoftDick will shove up his tight little ass that can’t run 1080p, con $60 for free online features and even shove a spy camera that epicly failed years ago.

  7. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    And I find it a lot hard to believe in this story considering we get at least 2 indie games announced every damn day…

    I bet his is just an former Nintendo employe with a grudge because he got fired for his lack of loyalty…

    1. It’s nothing new to hear that Nintendo isn’t as supportive to indie developers as others are. So this is isn’t hard to believe in any way. I’ve been a supporter of Nintendo for nearly 2 decades now, but their business strategies sometimes seem very flawed. Honestly, they even seem a little arrogant to me, thinking too high of themselves and acting like they’re too good for other developers. And recent news and stuff are just supporting that impression, really.

          1. Because those are the only 3rd-party titles, am I right? Casually ignores all the (unique) fantastic 3rd-party titles and names the most common ones to make a point. Seems legit. /s

            1. Yeah and everything else SURE sells as much as these games! They SURE are as famous in the mainstream market as COD, FIFA etc. huh?

              Point fail drone

          2. he knos a lot of blowjobs, for that reason he talks about “milking” (get it?) sosori knows alot about it.

        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

          Now you care about 3rd party games again? Make up your mind.
          Oh wait your too stupid to even do that. Sorry.

        2. Yeah. 10 COD in 6 years, Battlefield being a glitchfest like Skyrim, Watchdogs being another GTA knockoff, annual EA Sports games that looks EXACTLY THE SAME and ripoff season passes and DLCs?

          Dumb troll is obvious.

      1. I guess Nintendo is still weary of another industry crash. Most of their policies were born in the 80’s right after the 1st crash to help prevent another one.

          1. Excuse me? But in Google Play, I mostly see nothing but freemium crap and its store selection is far worse than Microsoft’s Marketplace and 10000x worse than Apple App Store and Amazon combined.

      2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        1000 Indie Tribes state that they were interested and were highly likely to put their games on the Wii U according to some report last year…

        I get that the relationship with the bigger forces out there are basically non-existant but Indie Tribes have been no problem this time around…

  8. this sounds so ridiculous that even the dumbest trolls out there should realize that twitter isnt exactly the way business relations and contracts are realized, twitter is just some sort of news channel. if developers really want games on eshop they of course have to contact nintendo directly and start a business relationship with them! the kind of irational and stupid bashing against nintendo seems to have no boundaries anymore nowadays.

    1. nintendo is the worst busines to work with.. even the ouya team are better than nintendont. ouya emulation> wiiu vc scam.

      1. I’ve seen like 5 comments made by you in the last 3 minutes. Are you out of games to play or something?

        1. I love my Wii U & Nintendo but he only has a Wii U right now & apparently refuses to do indie games and hates most, if not all, of Nintendo’s 1st party titles. Need I say more?

  9. This is such bullshit, this will be easily resolved within a day. This is just more pointless hate towards Nintendo.

  10. Nintendo thinks games that were popular 20 years ago are still goingt to appeal to people who play video games today. Donkey kong and mario dont appeal to gamers today.

        1. do not worry about him, he is a coward, he deleted the link to his facebook profile from his youtube profile because he is scared. “he” is a xmas tree, he only has ornament balls

    1. hey somebody has got to go back and sell the old school games because ms and sony have none I love old games I still buy game carts from all consoles fuck this newage aaa brown shit

    2. Alas, it does seem true: hardcore gameplay (or the option of casual built right into Mario’s design), colorful æsthetics, E ratings…they have no more room in the industry anymore. I mean, New SM U only sold 2.15 million copies as of January 2014. & DK: TF only sold about 130,000 copies in its 1st 8 days of release in North America.

      Yeah, those games are so unappealing.

    3. Really? Donkey Kong barely gets games & Mario games still sell at least 1-2 million games. So you’re point is null & void.

  11. Have people forgotten about telephones? To me, contacting someone you don’t know in such a fashion as Twitter to try and start a business relationship, is very unprofessional.

  12. 5 million shipped hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahajajajajajajajajajahshsheheie I fu r ywhwbwb ed hudydhe hahahahahaj 5 million Shipped just 5 not sold just shipped fuckin 5

  13. poor people who can’t afford new consoles and have to save money to buy a console that’s like 7 years old shouldn’t fuckin play games fuck all you broken cunts

      1. that’s your best answer?
        and you always talk about butthurts…now i see why you talk about it a lot, you practice you know what with a ps move.

      2. You are a weak troll, sasori. You like to do it to others but can’t take the heat yourself. Don’t dish out what you can’t take.

      1. Omgg u racist prick. I ain’t even white & I own a fucking Wii U. It’s freakin childish tho. Still gonna get MK8 so fuck u fanboy

      1. Oh stfu fanboy. I like Nintendo too but I’m man enough to state my own opinions. Grow up man, they’re consoles are childish/gay… Who still uses Miis?

    1. Damn! You win! You got my attention, troll! Are you full now? Do you need to be fed more? How much more do you want before you go back to your bridge?

    2. Let’s see..never bought a console from Nintendo before because 1. Born so late in the gaming market 2. So vulnerable to peer preesure that when he heard about other hating asshats originally bashed Nintendo JUST because their games are cartoon styled so the little troll to be went for a big ass Xbox aka Gimped PC in a black nutshell.

      So you’ll never buy another Nintendo console again…since when your lying tightass ever had one?

      1. I have a Wii U… I bet yo poor ass don’t have one. I’ve owned pretty much all of their consoles. You have no idea how much I love their exclusives. But their consoles do suck. Admit.

      1. Well it’s not “man enough” they’re all cheaply built. Designed for kids/families. The GameCube was pretty sick. But then again the colour was pretty ummm fruity.

        1. I’m sorry but you’re not a real man if you really need a “mature” video game to make you feel like a man.

          1. Calm down fanboy. Look at the PS4 & X1. Most of the gamers want one of those not a Wii U. They have mature/realistic titles unlike the Wii U. I still play Mario, but just wish Nintendo can have realistic graphics/mature games for once.

  14. The dude wasn’t trying to reach them as an indie developer. He was working on a story a journalist and by the sounds of it is really butthurt he was denied. Enough to spin this into Nintendo not being indie friendly. Too bad the word is out that they are extremely indie friendly. To the point that trolls and detractors claim the Wii U gets nothing but indie games. Non story

  15. Who cares if nintendo indie games are a little behind in sales but that’s going to change when shovel knight moon chronicles treasurenauts cult country striker gun volt shantae pirates curse iron fall grinsia megamanxtream get released the sales for indie games on Nintendo eshop will sky rocket so this guy doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about

  16. Dear keyboard warriors,

    Nintendo fans, Sony fans, and Microsoft fans…Do you realize your brand loyalty doesn’t mean anything? You don’t get rewarded for defending these giant companies that don’t care about you. I understand you feel as if one of these companies reflects who you are or defines you, but in reality you’re not doing anything for yourself or these companies by arguing with people on the internet. If you’re a gamer that is ignorant enough to ignore other major gaming companies, then you’re missing out. One last thing before I go, though. If you’re sitting at home refreshing this page over and over again because you’re a keyboard warrior that wants to duke it out on the internet, get a fucking life. You need to find something better to do. That’s all I have to say about this website in general, or any gaming comments on YouTube really…Let the idiotic hate comments continue underneath me. I’m sure one day you’ll say something meaningful…


    1. Lol I dont give a fuck about the people of sony or xbox or Nintendo I just care about there talent because they make good games I know they only care about the money but so dose every company which means they need us the customers with out us they wouldn’t be makeing any money every busines is like that

    2. “You need to get something better to do”
      Like bitch at people whose actions do not affect me, for example?

      1. What a stupid fuck you are. Shut your shit spewing mouth if nobody should be affected by anything. By your logic you’re a hypocritical cunt. You god damn moron…Think before you talk, or better yet kill yourself so nobody has to listen.

  17. it’s funny how he brags himself saying that sony and microsoft support his works, while nintendo recused to speak with him, lol
    these people only want to fuck nintendo’s image, he wrote a whole article just to say nintendo didnt accept to take an interview with him, lol. This article just generalize with all indies that came to Nintendo, indies are selling good at nintendo eshop.

    1. “But how did we find out about it? Nintendo never announced it properly. It was soft-announced through indie developer Brian Provinciano, who simply wanted people to know. ”

      Maybe you could find out by…reading Gamasutra!

      (I have to credit Neogaf for spotting this! Thanks Neogaf!

      What you claim happened is that Nintendo never bothered to tell you that Unity was free. What actually happened is that Nintendo told you and you promptly forgot or just didn’t care.

      I mean, that piece is credited to Christian Nutt, who is posting in these comments!

      1. Well they could have went to the GDC (and other conferences), that talked about how as indie developer using the Nintendo Framework and Unity. They mentioned there and on the video streams on the web that went with it.

        I found out about it out of pure curiosity.

  18. Pingback: Nintendo's head of Indie Relation alllegedly banned from Twitter

  19. What the hell Iwata? Did someone knock him on the head to hard and now he forgot how to run a company? Well we haven’t seen Iwata in a few months so maybe he did get bonked on the head and has been making even worse decisions…seriously Nintendo, while you aren’t “Doomed” as a company due to your money, you are doomed to keep fucking up.

  20. “But how did we find out about it? Nintendo never announced it properly. It was soft-announced through indie developer Brian Provinciano, who simply wanted people to know. ”

    Maybe you could find out by…reading Gamasutra!

    (I have to credit Neogaf for spotting this! Thanks Neogaf!

    What you claim happened is that Nintendo never bothered to tell you that Unity was free. What actually happened is that Nintendo told you and you promptly forgot or just didn’t care.

    I mean, that piece is credited to Christian Nutt, who is posting in these comments!

  21. This article can mean a few things: 1. Either this guy, who is banned from TWITTER and apparently the only indie dev banned from Nintendo communications, is talking twisted stories out of his ass to get back at Nintendo

    2. This story could be misinformed or ill-interpreted in a sense to confuse Nintendo haters to think that they’re neglecting Indies as well as 3rd parties when that’s not even halfway remotely true.

    3. This story sounds bit too fishy to believe. If this guy who made a comment about 3DS Region Locking and upset Nintendo to cut off communications is the same person now, WTF the ban was never mentioned before or why not mention the REAL reason for his ban now? All this interview said was “I’m an indie developer and I got banned from TWITTER thanks to Nintendo and I’m here to tell you that they’re no good and willing to neglect any studio regardless of what we do or say that’s clearly against their partnership policies like talking against their product openly under contract agreement”

    Seriously, you gotta be a damn fool to swallow this BS bait of an article up to believe Nintendo just disowns devs left and right without reason. I’m not defending Nintendo one bit. I’m keeping an open mind and want to hear both sides of a story before judgement unlike some other really fucked idiot..Sasori.

  22. I am trying to see the “flaw point” of this whole article, but considering how Nintendo deals with the western market and third party companies, it’s not so hard to believe this story….

    To me, this is the only flaw Nintendo has: it still does products thinking only about their Japanese consumers. Hence why the StreetPass was created, and the constant reluctance on making online multiplayer, as opposed to local multiplayer (seriously Japan is a very small country with a dense population, it’s a lot easier to find real life friends to play with there, rather than penfriends).

    I wonder if Nintendo is the only one that still has its head turned just for Japan, or if other companies are also like that (excluding SONY, because I think they’re the rare exception)

    1. I remember hearing awhile back that Nintendo was going to pay more attention to what western audiences wanted, like online multiplayer, from their video games. They even did a survey on Club Nintendo asking us a lot of questions about how we feel about online multiplayer.

  23. I just read more of this article. Apparently he’s an Indie game and communication manager of Nintendo or some company related to Nintendo based on license and according to this story, he made a past “3DS Region Lock” Twitter post from October, upset Nintendo in a way and being banned thus mentioned now, so thats saying Nintendo may have banned him long ago and his ban is written publically now or he said something else openly at somepoint today that’s clearly against their licensing agreement (just like any other form of business and associated partners that keeps negativity of their own products closed) and they lay a ban hammer just like that and he’s talking out of blind frustration plus given that fact that he’s the only indie related personnel that gets banned from Nintendo communications and made a public statement about it.

    See? With a little research and common sense, you can find out the truth fairly easy and not look/sound like a misjudging dumbass.

  24. So, serious conversation, I knew this yesterday. Also, this shows that as a worldwide organization, nintendo is too nationalistic and needs to let the other branches work. Reggies body is ready, Iwata.

  25. The current Executives at Nintendo Need to be Fired. I’m very disappointing in the options and the rate of which games come to Wii U. Look at Ps4 they get a bunch of New Indie and Third party games each Year. On Wii U we get a bunch of old as VC games, a few Indie games far between and a good retail game months apart from each other. Its a disgrace. Once I got Smash, Kart and Zelda I’m done with this shit.

    They can’t even reward me with a few free older games for my loyal support or even discount the games they’ve had on the store for over a year. Not to Mention the online services need major Improvements.

    Why do I have to go to Miiverse to send messages to a friend. Why have video chat and messaging linked to the friends list application. Why can’t I notify a friend outside a game to boot up the game.


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