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Here’s The Launch Trailer For Mario Golf: World Tour

Nintendo has released a launch trailer for Mario Golf: World Tour. The new video highlights the golf title’s online multiplayer matches, which allow up to four players from around the world to play together. Players can also participate in online tournaments hosted by Nintendo. Consumers can expand their experience with the game via three packs of downloadable content that can be purchased individually at $5.99 or simultaneously at $14.99. Mario Golf: World Tour is now available in stores and on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS.


  1. I bought it and got the season pass. Toadette was definitely worth it. Although 18 holes can drag on for a really long time, but hey, at least I’m getting my money’s worth. XD

    1. You do since you’re here smartass.

      Both an idiot and a pussy acting big at a computer screen.

  2. new nintendo hardware was show in the nintendo briefieing that happened this januery

  3. meh i skipped out on many other mario games on the 3ds soo i guess i’ll skip out on this game.

  4. there will be a third installment of the supermariogalaxy series to be released this holiday for the wiiu as part of there plan

      1. You know you love it Brockback since you do the exact same shit everyday.

  5. satru iwata is going to be talking about this june in a vidio about the legend of zelda shrimpshield that is being codevelpt by GREEZO

  6. i know that nintendo is makeing supermariogalaxy3 i have seen the game early 2010

  7. i have seen the original next mario game for wiiu it is going to be called supermariogalaxy3

  8. and the supermariogalaxy3 official logo is bright colorful more and is fantasic

  9. i am not spamming and i am not lieing nintendo really is makeing supermariogalaxy3

  10. you people who dont think supermariogalaxy3 is real are spamming can you stop spamming when i am talking about a real game i should just be anomus and tell you to kill your self i think i will do that

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