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New Tomodachi Life Trailer Adds To Quirky Appeal By Shooting Your Mii Into Space

Nintendo has uploaded a new trailer for Tomodachi Life which shows off more of the game’s unique quirky appeal. Though it’s not quite on the same scale as the wacky Nintendo Direct or other trailers, the game does give more information on the range of activities on offer to your Miis, asking the pertinent question: what will happen in your Tomodachi Life?

Whether it’s creating a love triangle, marrying your selected sweetheart, or collecting really odd costumes, Tomodachi Life has it all. Plus, just to throw in a touch of the bizarre, the trailer shoots your Mii into space, slow-mo style, with a laughter-inducing gormless expression. Tomodachi Life is due for release on the Nintendo 3DS in both North America and Europe on June 6.


    1. Well, of course. It’s from Japan! The same place where a plumber jumps on mushrooms, animal creatures with supernatural powers you must catch with pokeballs. grown men have battles by pullimg out cards and monsters magically come out of the card, and where realistic cartoons featuring big chested women that live their lives surprisingly without back pain. XD

    2. I know! I feel like Nintendo is really banking on New-Leaf type sales. It’s ashame it’s received so much Negative press of late!

  1. they better shot Iwata To the Space #NintendoMad#HAHAHAH#HASHTAGZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    1. Someday I want to meet one of our Lords…

      When that happens, my true power will take shape…

      1. Yes, please- It’s been 12 years since F-Zero GX and we’ve been waiting too long for another one. Do you know how that makes me feel?


      2. Haha please tell me that is ghirahim’s speech from ss or I’m going crazy

      3. It is. I think he says that part in his monologue before you fight him the second time.

  2. They’re just making this game look more and more interesting- I’m sold. I’ll be downloading this on launch if possible.

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