Hyrule Warriors Will Feature Traditional Zelda Voice Acting

The official Hyrule Warriors Twitter account has revealed that the action packed title won’t feature voice acting. Instead, the game will feature Zelda’s traditional voice acting that we all know and love. Here’s what the official Hyrule Warriors account had to say on the matter.

“Each character’s voice is modeled after the Zelda universe. It will have that ‘Hey! Listen!’ kind of feeling.”

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  1. I wouldn’t mind them adding voice acting, because it’s a spin-off, but I’m glad they decided to stick to traditional text.

    The lip-syncing would have sucked anyway.

      1. This is true. As long as Link stays as the silent protagonist, then there’s nothing wrong with it. Even then the next console Zelda is coming out in 2014-15, so there should be no excuse for no voice acting when Star Fox games have it (starting in 1997).

        1. Well, voice acting has been a standard for at least a decade. What’s to stop Zelda from keeping this silent tradition? Aonouma wasn’t talking about voice acting when he referred to breaking away from Zelda traditions.

          1. Have any of you baggots realized that Zelda has a created language. That would become pointless if voice acting was introduced. You baggots need to remember Zelda was one persons idea….it would be the same if you watched a movie in subtiles….it becomes more realistic in its native tounge,,,,……

    1. I agree with all of this 100%.

      If they ever introduce voice acting, it had better be in a main console game and it had better be the best voice acting in a video game. Ever.

      1. I think that adding voice acting to a Zelda game would also beget a change in scenery. Possibly something in which Link is an actual character than an embodiment of the player. However, if Nintendo can continue to give us Skyward Sword quality cutscenes with just text, I’m content

        1. That’s why some suggest having every character speak besides Link, so you can maintain the “embodiment of the player” feel to it.

          If they do go with voice acting, they’re making Link into his own individual character. It’ll change EVERYTHING, and once they go do voice acting, they won’t be able to go back.

          1. That isn’t necessarily true. Since each game has its own Link, they can mess with the way the story is built sometimes around, just like how they’re able to change gameplay mechanics alot. Essentially because each incarnation of Link is “a different person” they could have one talk, but not the others. It’s all about presentation.

            1. The ironic thing is if you believe that the Hero’s Spirit from Twilight Princess IS the Hero of Time, Link has actually spoken before in a Zelda game. Link is kept silent only when we play as him, since we know he does in fact talk. If Link ever appeared in another Zelda game as not the main character, I can actually see him talking.

              1. We actually do know he can talk, in skyward sword you can see him explaining what happened to Zelda to her father. You just don’t hear his voice.

                1. Exactly. Too many people think that just because he’s a silent hero that it means that he can’t talk & is a mute. That’s just not the case at all. I use Golden Sun as an example. The main character for each Golden Sun had them silent when in fact they talked in every other game that they weren’t the main character. When Golden Sun 4 comes and Isaac’s son is not the main character but appears in the game, he’ll most likely be talking while the new main character is silent.

        1. I’m not so sure about that. Nintendo isn’t one to destroy their own franchise, let alone their best and most respected one. They’re careful with Zelda and know the risks behind voice acting. They even said they would only do it if it was just right.

          If they DO do voice acting, they’re either selling out or have the right people.

          1. Lets hope it’s with the right people! Still, I feel like it would loose some of it’s Zelda Charm.

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    3. i would have appreciated voice acting, but only voice acting in a fictional language, similar to what star fox adventures did. i think it’s about time nintendo gets bold and risky with zelda. nintendo has created the best masterpieces by being bold and risky. Link doesn’t need to talk, but the rest of the characters should. reading text doesn’t bother me, but i would love to feel more emotionally connected to these characters by hearing them express in more complex ways.

      1. It’d be awesome if Nintendo created a spoken version of Hylian for the Zelda series, so they can have voice acting in the series. Peter Jackson did it with the Elven Language for his Lord of the Rings trilogy, reusing it for The Hobbit.

    4. I want Link voice in traditional Zelda games. Anyway, When I think of Link having any kind of voice acting, all I can hear in my head is, “Well excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me Princess! lol

    5. Voice acting would ruin the game, the characters dont speak in any of the original series.

      1. None of us know that for sure. And no, the CD-i games & the cartoon don’t count because Nintendo themselves didn’t even develop those games or that cartoon.

  2. Good. A Zelda with voice acting would feel wrong. (On the other hand, we never got Tetra’s Trackers, so I don’t know what it’s like.)

  3. It would be nice if Zelda could evolve into voice acting, but that has to be executed flawlessly. Given Nintendo’s current track record, I’m ecstatic they kept it traditional.
    Can’t wait to give this game a try!

      1. I really liked the voice acting in Icarus. However, Zelda has had waaaay more titles and so the traditional feel has embedded itself into gamers’ minds. Even if it is the perfect voice, it will still sound weird for everyone. Also, can you imagine trying to find the perfect voice for all of the other languages the game will be in? It’s one thing to find the perfect English and Japanese VA, but Spanish, French, German? Not likely.

        1. the problem is fixed if the characters talk in a fictional language. nintendo has touched the waters here by allowing zelda to sing with her own voice in skyward sword, midna to talk with her own voice, and the villain from a link between worlds to also sing. i think nintendo can go further. not necessarily full voice acting, but greater emotions via voice acting. if zelda singed and midna talked, i think nintendo will do greater things in the next main zelda.

          1. If I remember correctly, it was actually stated that Midna was speaking gibberish. Same for Fi when she spoke & the number of other characters that spoke in previous games. Barely voice acting, to be honest.

      2. It worked for that game in that the dialogue was suppose to be corny/cheesy. Even though the Zelda series can also be quite goofy for some character traits, it’s a little more serious in dialogue. I don’t see Nintendo doing a great job of getting good voice actors to approach the series’ tone in a respectable way. If there’s going to be voice acting, like Fallout I want the main character to remain silent.

      3. Yes. THAT’S what I’m talking about. Kid Icarus caliber voice acting. That was just a golden game in every way.

  4. They said they were using this game to break away from Zelda traditions. What happened? Not that this game needs a lot of dialog, but still.

    1. But that was Philips. I sometimes wonder if they gave the games bad voice acting out of a bit of a resentment for Nintendo calling off their partnership to try to mar the series. And if Philips trying to screw over Wii U sales by claiming it infringed on it’s copyright is false & they don’t have any solid proof or evidence that Nintendo was in the wrong, this act will prove to me that Philips does indeed have some resentment towards Nintendo for calling off the partnership.

  5. I was really hoping this would be a voice acting experiment for them. Cast voices (except for Link) and if people like them, great, use them in Zelda U. If not, either recast them for that game or write voice acting off as an experiment.

    I think Zelda U needs it, so this worries me…

    1. I agree. I really wanted this game to have voice acting for all of the characters, except for Link, as an experiment to see if people liked it.

  6. I really don’t know how I would feel about voice acting in Zelda. They need it but at the same time it would be so awkward

  7. Someone needs to tell Nintendo that its 2014. If they want Link to remain a silent protagonist then thats fine, but the other characters should at least have a voice. The Zelda universe would be fleshed out to a whole new level if Nintendo would just let the game be different. Take some risks for once!

    1. I agree 100%. Link can stay silent for all I care, but there’s no issue giving the others a voice. Nintendo needs to ditch some of these archaic “traditions”.

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  9. Good. It will feel more like a real Zelda game.

    I’m beyond excited for Hyrule Warriors.

  10. A shame. I was hoping they would experiment with voice acting in a Zelda spin-off game to see how people like it. If the voice acting was bad & everyone called it crap, then no voice acting for future Zelda titles. Oh well. I still can’t wait for this game & will get it on day one. Or I’ll preorder it if it comes with a preorder bonus.

  11. That’s cool but the main series Wii U Zelda game should have full voice acting. It’s about time for that change.

    1. I’d prefer if they tried voice acting for Hyrule Warriors, a Zelda spin-off, before putting it in a main Zelda game to test the waters for it. If it’s badly received, we don’t have to worry about it doing too much damage to the main series. If only Sakamoto had done something similar before making Other M to see how people reacted to a scared Samus Aran.

  12. >“Each character’s voice is modeled after the Zelda universe. It will have that ‘Hey! Listen!’ kind of feeling.”

    >Hey! Listen!


    1. What they mean by that, my young padawan, is they will say one or two words every time they speak. Which is basically what Navi did. In Navi’s defense, it was easy to ignore her “hey!”, “listen!”, & “watch out!” as long as you stayed on the set path or just didn’t respond to her.

      1. I know, I was purposely overreacting because I’m sure that’s what everybody else who thought Navi was annoying did.

        1. xD True, true. The ones, some if not most, that think Navi is annoying probably did react that way.

  13. I don’t mind voice acting as long as they are British (not US) or Nippon or Spanish or Italian or French in game but Zelda is the exception…. well in fact the same goes for Chrono trigger and Seiken Densetsu series. Voice acting is expensive have to be done in several language and most of the time they are not great. This may explain why some games are expensives.

  14. hum, i was expecting some voice acting for this game, even for Link, I’d like some voice acting for the characters, it would be a whole new experience for Zelda series.. Imagine to deeply know the feelings of each characters, with gestures and voice acting it is more possible I think.

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